Reciprocation in relationship in simple terms means, the display of feelings towards a person, who feels the same way about you. Love and affection are the two most beautiful feelings in the world. When you find your loved ones reciprocating their feelings towards you, you feel like you are in cloud 9. We always expect our loved ones to express their love and affection for us, making us feel special, be it a small gesture of love. 

The Reality of Reciprocation in Relationships

Unfortunately, we seldom get what we want, and it is the ugly truth. Nothing turns out in life like we expect to, but we always try to look on the brighter side, which is a good thing.  The same is the case with the expectations of reciprocation in relationships with our loved ones. 

We all know that when we form a relationship with someone and get comfortable with each other, we rarely think of expressing our affections out loud. Some may think of this as an unnecessary gesture, but there is no harm in doing so. 

For instance, how often do we express our affection for our parents? There are very few who try doing small things as a gesture of love for them randomly. Parents are such people who never ask us for any reciprocation, but despite that, we should still show them that we love them as much as they do. 

This is applicable to the spouses as well. Many say that once you are married, spouses take each other for granted, mostly the husband in this case. As a result, such couples start to feel disconnected from each other emotionally. The world is moving at a quick pace, and so are we, trying to do something worthwhile in our lives. It is true that most of us may not find the time to show our affection for our loved ones.

The thing is, it is not necessary that you have to do something huge to reciprocate your feelings. It is the little things in life that you do for your loved ones that can also make them feel blessed and delighted.

Start doing small things as a gesture

Many people have the misconception that the usual things that they do for their family and loved ones are their way to reciprocate their feelings, and they don’t feel the necessity to show any other gesture of love. But there is no harm in expressing your love, is there? 

  • In the case of your parents

You can take them out once or twice in a month to their favorite eatery for dinner or lunch. You can cook their favorite homemade food for them. If your parents are retired from work, you can surprise them with a sudden plan like taking them to a long vacation, a short trip to their favorite destination. Call your parents every now and then if they stay away from you.

  • In the case of the spouse

Spend quality time with your spouse. Keep all your distractions aside, and spend some good times together. Surprise with a sudden plan that you two have been planning for a while. Listen to your spouse. Listen as in, when he or she speaks to you about his or her day, pay attention, and show interest. Exchange short kisses on the lips or cheeks whenever you can. This is an age-old gesture of love and we women love it. Send a sweet text out of the blue even if you stay together.

Life is too short to stay swarmed with stress

Life is and always will be a bumpy ride full of hurdles and stressful times. It is never like in the movies. Movies do give us hope to live a life where we can live happily ever after but we cannot expect our lives to end up exactly like in the movies. 

Reciprocation In Relationships A Small Gesture Of Love Is All That Matters
Life is too short to stay swarmed with stress

Real-life is indeed stressful, and we have to fight each and every day to live our lives. Many people get sucked into their work and forget to live their life happily. We work to survive and live our lives just the way we want to. Never let your work make you a slave. Life is too short, and we get only one chance at life. So, my suggestion is to love yourself and shower your family with love and affection and work hard too to achieve your milestones in your career as well.

For all those who find it hard to reciprocate their feelings

No two people are alike in terms of their behavior and personality. So, there are some who love to display their affection towards the person they love, and there are some who are reluctant to do the same.

The issue arises when two polar opposite people come into a relationship. It is human nature to have expectations from the people we care for, and when two people have different opinions when it comes to reciprocation, the development of understanding issues may appear. 

So, individuals who find it hard to reciprocate your feelings for your loved ones, what you should first do is think about your loved one. If your small act of love brings a smile to your partner’s or family’s face, then do it. It doesn’t have to be always extravagant to show our feelings. Little things in life matter a lot more than we can ever imagine.

Start with a small gesture of love, take baby steps if you need to. Another important thing that you can do is talk to your partner about your hesitation to reciprocate.

Bottom Line

Life is temporary and we never know what is in it for us in the future. Along with planning logically for a safe and secure future, never forget to live in the present moment. It is normal to stumble upon hardships making you feel negative, and you may shut yourself from your loved ones and the outside world. Never let your work stress affect your relationships with people who care for you.  

The people who care for us always have good thoughts for us, so reciprocating their affection helps build the relationship stronger than ever. It is said that real relationships don’t require reciprocation. But there is nothing wrong with reciprocation in relationship that is, reciprocating our feelings to let our loved ones know that we feel the same. Reciprocate with all your heart!

Take care♥

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