Breast cancer treatment takes a toll on your mind and body as well! Many physical changes take place after you have breast cancer surgery. When a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, she imagines all the huge ways her life would change but some small things like picking a good bra that provides you with enough comfort and convenience are also important. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer you can look out for some of the best bras for breast cancer patients so that the pain and discomfort are minimized post-surgery. Read on to discover some of the best bras for breast cancer patients. 

What to Expect after Breast Cancer Surgery? 

Several changes take place after having breast cancer surgery. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, the usual next step is mastectomy which is a surgery that removes all the breast tissues from the breast to prevent breast cancer from growing. Getting one of your breasts removed could be one of the worst nightmares for a woman. Physical and mental changes that can be placed on your body are huge. Here are some changes you can expect after having breast cancer surgery: 

  • Numbness followed by mastectomy is possible. You will experience numbness around certain areas of your chest and are most likely to remain permanently.
  • When cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, you might also experience some swelling in your underarms.
  • The size and shape of the breast may change after surgery which results in asymmetry.
  • After mastectomy, post-surgical drains are settled in a place to remove the fluid which is collected during healing.

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Just like physical changes, there are also mental changes that may take a toll on your body. It is important to take care of your mental health after your breast cancer surgery. Mental health therapists and support groups can be helpful during these times. Here are some mental changes that breast cancer patients should be aware of: 

  • Throw out the old bras that you used to wear before your surgery.
  • Check if your clothes fit you the same way as before.
  • Accept your scars, they tell you how strong you are!
  • Manage the asymmetry in your breasts.
  • Have your sense of style and femininity that you love.
  • Make buying yourself the right bra a priority and not a chore.
  • Know that self-care and self-love are essential. It’s what you need and deserve.

What to Look for in a Bra after Breast Cancer Surgery? 

Choosing a bra after breast cancer surgery depends on what kind of therapy or surgery you had. Women who had reconstruction may have implants or liposuction done. Some may have lymph nodes removed and some may have radiation which causes skin burns. All of these variables determine what kind of solution is needed for them. The major components of a bra should be looked at carefully for accommodating your breasts after the surgery: 

  • Bands 

Bands are essential in bra construction as they provide most of the support. Choose wide bands with strong elasticity and bands with a customized fit so that it fits throughout the recovery. 

  • Cups 

The cups of the bra you pick should fit your breast without any discomfort. If there is a spillage, the cup might be too small and if it’s not filling out of the cup, it’s too large. 

  • Pocketing 

Some brands which specialize in post-surgery bras may include pocketing for your prosthesis.

  • Wires and closures 

You should avoid wires in your bra after the surgery. Because of numbness, you might not feel if the wires are cutting into your scars. If drainage tubes are placed, there should be a special consideration regarding closures. 

  • Fabric 

Choose soft, breathable, and luxurious fabrics that feel like a second skin. 

  • Straps 

Choose broad, adjustable, and elastic straps that are comfortable so that they do not cut into your shoulders. 

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Best Bras for Breast Cancer Patients to Buy from Amazon 

We’ve picked some of the best bras for breast cancer patients just for you! Have a look: 

Bras for Breast Cancer Patients
Bras for Breast Cancer Patients

1. BenCom Women’s Cotton Padded Mastectomy Bra

BenCom mastectomy bra comes with cotton pads inside of it and is made of 100℅ cotton which makes it pretty breathable and comfy during the summer season. It has a back closure and wide, adjustable straps for better support. You can layer it with your favourite piece of clothing for a comfy experience. 

2. Pinkish Women’s Cotton Non-Padded Non-Wired Mastectomy Bra

Generic Mastectomy bra comes with two side pockets and an easy opening for placing pads. It is made with 100℅ cotton fabric and feels gentle and soft on your skin. It is non-wired and non-padded for extra comfort. It has a back closure and wide bands with broad straps. 

3. SONA Women’s Everyday Cancer Bra- Cotton Comfortable Stylish Mastectomy Bra

This mastectomy bra is non-wired, non-padded, and gives full coverage. It has soft cotton fabric with back closure and regular and adjustable shoulder straps. It gives good support with the comfort you need after mastectomy. 

4. Juliet Women’s Plain White Cotton Post Surgery Mastectomy Bra with Soft Padded Inserts

Juliet’s Mastectomy bra is a non-padded Cotton bra with cotton pockets for the lightweight sponge inserts which are extremely soft and durable. It helps give a natural shape under clothing after the surgery. This essential bra gives an amazing fit and an ideal choice after post-surgery.

This was all about what to look for in a bra for breast cancer patients. Make buying a comfortable and bra of your choice and style a choice after your breast cancer surgery a priority. Do not let your scars overpower you, instead, make them an example of how strong you are! 

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