Whether you're a seasoned traveller or a first-timer, figuring out what to pack for a backpacking trip can be challenging. While you want to be prepared and comfortable in the great outdoors, keeping your pack light and simple is important. In this article, we have made your job easy by listing down the best backpacking gear for women. Therefore read carefully to avoid missing an important gear. 

11 Most Important Backpacking Gear Essentials for Women

Without wasting too much time, let us directly jump to check out the most essential and best backpacking gear for women. 

1. Hiking Shirts

A substantial amount of sweating is likely to occur during your walk! Therefore having 3 to 4 trekking shirts are a must-have item, and these should be made of a material that quickly wicks away moisture.

The goal is to keep things light and airy. As a rule of thumb, if you're going to be out in public for a long period, don't wear cotton shirts.

Depending on the weather, we recommend bringing at least three shirts. In addition, your backpacking gear must contain a long sleeves shirt for the days when it's a little cooler outside. Icebreaker designs one of the best hiking shirts for women.

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2. Trekking Shorts & Trousers

Trekking shorts and trousers are the next most essential gear that a women's backpacking list should include. The best hiking pants are those that dry quickly. For a 12-day walk, you'll need two pairs of trousers.

One of those pairs must be convertible so you can zip it off halfway to make them shorts, and it cuts down on the cost of purchasing different shorts.

If you're going on a trek in a warm climate, both of your trousers should be convertible. Craghoppers are an excellent choice for a woman's trousers collection.

3. Breathable Undergarments

Your underwear must be made of merino wool only, and it is one of the most vital backpacking gear tips you should keep a note of. They are comfortable and airy, making this fabric the best material for hiking undergarments.

It is recommended to bring two sets of slimline cotton panty liners as a little extra precautionary measure. Also, four pairs of merino wool underwear is a good number, and Icebreaker makes excellent ones!

Icebreaker's merino sports bras are also among the best in the market. They're extremely breathable and quick-drying, making them ideal for hot weather. We advise that you get two pairs of bras.

4. Hiking Boots

So, now that you know what to wear while hiking, it's time to think about your shoes. Your hiking boots are the most critical item you should pack before preparing for a hike. You'll spend the entire trip trekking hell if they're too big, too small, or uncomfortable. You could get blisters or even lose your toenails if you don't wear proper footwear.

Always try several pairs of boots before purchasing when adding new hiking footwear to your collection. It is one of the most effective backpacking gear tips that you should follow. Before wearing them for the first time, it's important to break them in correctly. A few weeks before your hike, walk around in them for a few hours each day to get your feet used to the boots. Salomon, Berghaus and Mammut are some of the best brands for getting hiking boots, making them one of the best backpacking gear for women.

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5. Hiking Socks

Don't forget your socks when preparing for a hiking trip. Invest some money in getting a few pairs of high-quality hiking socks. It is one of the most important backpacking gear essentials for women. It is important to wear socks with cushioned regions for the toe and heel, which will assist prevent blisters from developing on your feet.

Best Backpacking Gear For Women
Best Backpacking Gear For Women

To keep your feet dry, you should wear socks that are made of a high-wicking material (such as merino wool). Kirkland socks are a famous merino wool sock brand for those who enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities. They are comfortable and durable and are one of the best backpacking gear for women.

Trekking socks come in various thicknesses, depending on your hiking temperature. Therefore get the one according to the place you are going hiking.

6. Trekking Poles

Despite their small size, trekking poles may significantly alleviate the strain on your joints, especially as you descend. According to studies, trekking poles may reduce joint tension by up to 20%. Look for lightweight, adjustable trekking poles that can be folded up easily when not in use.

The Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork trekking poles are among the best in the market and are suitable for both women and men.

7. Sun Hat

When hiking, the sun is nearly always going to shine. You'll need to cover up your head and face to avoid the sun's rays. The dangers of sunstroke are particularly high in hot areas. A good hat should be lightweight, breathable, and easy to store. The Wide Brim Sun Hat is one of the best women's trekking caps.

Your backpacking gear must also include SPF30+ sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburn.

8. Trekking Sunglasses

Trekking in high altitudes and snowy regions, such as the Himalayas, can expose you to significant levels of UV rays. Therefore, we recommend bringing a pair of sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection. In terms of perfect pair of sunglasses for your trekking, Julbo is the most well-known brand. In addition, Blackfin, Vermont, or Oakley models are other brands to look out for as the best backpacking gear for women. 

9. Backpack or Rucksack 

If you're hiking on your own, you'll need a smaller bag to carry comfortably on your back. A rucksack of 50-65 litres should be adequate.

The best choice is a mountain-style backpack with top openings that are easy to reach and made of tough material. The Black Diamond women's backpack is a fantastic choice if you are looking for the best backpacking gear for women.

10. Sleeping Bag

Warm and cosy sleeping bags are one of women's most important backpacking gear essentials. It's critical to be comfortable hiking in the mountains at night because it can get very chilly. A Western Mountaineering goose or duck down sleeping bag is always recommended unless the weather is really warm.

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11. First Aid Kit

When hiking alone, it is very necessary to have a basic first aid kit, and it is one of the most important items on women's backpacking gear list. However, your guide will always have a first aid kit if you're trekking with an agency.

A first aid kit is essential when venturing into the mountains or outdoors. Ensure that the first aid kit you are packing is compact and can be easily packed. 

Final Words

So these are some of the most essential and best backpacking gear for women they must have while going on a hiking trip. There are lot many other items that are not included in this list. Therefore keep all the necessary items as per your need, but make sure your backpack does not get too heavy. So get all the backpacking gear and enjoy your hiking trip. 

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