If you have ever worn a bra, then you are probably aware of the best sports bras for women and tribulations of choosing the one which suits you best. Be it for a party, an outing, or a casual jog, finding a comfortable bra to wear underneath your clothes can be a challenge. 

The right bra keeps your breasts supported, accommodating your cup size, while also not causing any damage to your skin. A chafing or too-tight bra can make you feel discomforted and frustrated even on a good day. This is why it is so important to make people aware of their choices in bras and what all factors should be accounted for when making a decision.

Things get extra complicated when it comes to physical activities, such as exercises or sports. Your bra needs to do extra work during such times because it must keep your breasts steady enough to not interfere with your workout and also manage the sweat. It should also accommodate every body type and the different kinds of exercises they engage in.

This is where sports bras come in. Sports bras are designed just to take care of your movement and fitness needs. They make sure that your physical activity is as comfortable as possible. Today, we are going to tell you about the best sports bras and how you can choose the one that is right for you!

What is A Sports Bra?

Sports Bra
Sports Bra

A sports bra is sturdier than a regular bra. It keeps breast oscillation in check during bodily exercise while also protecting the soft breast tissue from any damage. Sports bras are more comfortable to wear and keep your breasts cozy during physical activity.

The movement of the breasts during activities such as running is more complex than it appears. Your breasts don’t just move up and down, but also forward, backwards, left and right. They make sort-of figure-eight shapes and thus, often bump into each other, creating an annoying sensation. 

A sports bra serves to limit this moment. The best sports bras keep your breasts in place while also suiting your skin. They are made out of moisture-wicking material such as microfiber, spandex, lycra, etc. This means that they manage sweat and prevent any chaffing or irritation to your skin after prolonged use. There are different kinds of sports bras for different activities. Depending on the intensity of your exercise, they can be:

  • Low Impact

These sports bras are designed for less vigorous activities such as yoga, pilates etc. They allow you to exercise at your pace and keep you comfortable through it. You can also simply wear them for day-to-day outdoor activities or at home.

  • Medium Impact

These sports bras are designed for moderately vigorous activities such as hiking, fast walking, road cycling, etc. They allow you to explore the outer world without wasting any energy on breast discomfort.

  • High Impact

These sports bras are designed to sustain highly vigorous activities such as running, aerobics, boxing, dancing, racquet sports, etc. They allow you to get intense with exercise without negatively affecting your breasts. Other than physical activities, sports bras might also be worn after any surgeries around the breast area, or even in your daily lifestyle. They come in various internal and external designs to accommodate both size and style.

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Types of Sports Bras

Types of Sports Bras
Types of Sports Bras

Under the category of sports bras, there are many different internal structures, which work for different kinds of breasts. These are:

1. Compression Bras

Compression sports bras compress your breasts i.e. push them against your body and keep them there through your exercise routines. They usually do not have any inbuilt cups and are wire-free. These might be more suited for low and medium impact activities. They usually work best for cup sizes ranging from A to C. 

2. Encapsulation Bras

Encapsulation bras have inbuilt cups for each breast. They typically have an underwire inside. They separate the breasts, hold them in place and prevent bounce. These are good for maintaining comfort throughout high-impact activities. If you have breasts cups ranging from size D, these might be more suitable for you. They also come with padded cups whenever necessary.

3. Compression-Encapsulation

These are designed as a combination of both compression and encapsulated sports bras. They push your breasts again your chest while also keeping them supported in their individual cups. These usually come with an underwire and minimize breast movement. These can be worn by any cup size and allow you to experience the best of both worlds. If you are confused about the underwired and wire-free terminology, allow us to explain. 

4. Underwired Sports Bras

It contains a wire inside the material which separates the breasts into two cups. This provides more support and structure. These are best for high-impact workouts. They might be a more suitable choice for those with breast cups ranging from size D.

5. Wire-Free or Non-Wired Sports Bras

These don’t contain any wire and are comparatively more comfortable than underwired bras. These are best for low to medium impact activities. They might be a more suitable choice for those with breast cups ranging from size A to C. Thus, when buying a sports bra, make sure to check the package description or enquire about it at the store. This way, you will be able to choose the best sports bras, wired or non-wired, encapsulation or compression, etc.

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Sports Bra Designs

Sports Bra Designs
Sports Bra Designs

Even if we are talking about the best sports bras for women, remember that sports bras can be worn by any gender. They come in so many external styles, which suit diverse ways of self-expression and can be worn on any occasion. Some of these are:

  1. Racerback: These sports bras has shoulder straps that meet at your back, between your shoulder blades, forming a ‘Y’  or ‘T’ shape. They keep your breasts protected through medium to high impact activities.
  2. Tank-Top:  These are pullover bras, in the form of tank tops with inbuilt bras or an elastic bottom line below the breasts. These can be directly worn and so, are quicker to put on or take off. They are good for low-impact exercises.
  3. Criss-cross: The straps of these bras crisscross at the back and are very adjustable, providing ease of movement. They also support the breasts well and can be worn without a shirt too.
  4. Clasp-Bras: These sports bras have clasps just like regular bras while being made of cosy material. They can have front, side or back clasps, so you can wear them and then fix the clasp as per your requirements.
  5. Zip-Fronts: These sports bras have zips at the front which hold your breasts in place doing activities. These can be worn easily and can be a change from regular bras, provided they suit your breasts well.

Apart from all these, there are many other sports bra designs, such as eco-friendly, low-cut, ribbed, push-up, different colors, etc. You don’t have to limit yourself to one. You can try out different types and find the ones which support your body and your energy the most.

Choosing Best Sports Bras for Women

Best Sports Bras for Women
Best Sports Bras for Women

You are now aware of the different sports bra choices available. However, the most important step is still remaining: figuring out how to choose the best sports bras for yourself. When choosing a sports bra, there are a few points you can keep in mind: 

  1. Make sure to get measured in terms of your cup size, band size and over-bust size. This will help you pick an appropriate bra for your breast type.
  2. Look through different bra types, such as encapsulation and compression, to select the mechanism which suits you the best.
  3. Make sure that the straps, bottom band and overall bra are flexible and adjustable enough for the given exercise. Trying doing a few movements to see how comfortable you feel.
  4. Make sure that you can breathe well. When exercising, you will likely be tired and breathe heavier. Your bra shouldn’t be tight enough to restrict that.
  5. Choose a bra with a breathable, moisture-wicking material. It shouldn’t react negatively to your skin.
  6. Choose your favorite designs, so that you can wear your sturdy bra on various occasions.
  7. See if you need any extra features, such as seamless, wireless, padded sports bras, etc.

The best advice is this: do your research, explore your options, get intimate with your body so you know just what makes it feel its best.

Always choose your comfort 

Best Sports Bras for Women
Best Sports Bras for Women

Whether it is choosing the best sports bras, or choosing any piece of clothing, always remember that the best fashion is comfortable fashion. Listen to your body when it tells you how it feels, whether something works or doesn’t. This is most important when it comes to inner clothing or lingerie because we are often held back from exploring those areas. Don’t shy away from trying out newer styles, because there is always room for more ways of expressing yourself. It is okay if you don’t end up liking something. At least you will come out on the other side knowing more about yourself.

Always choose what works best for you. As long as you feel at home in your skin, nothing else matters.

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