Beauty Tips For Girls. As women, we’re expected to look picture-perfect all the time. But it should not be a reality. Makeup should be for fun, but societal norms combined with shrewd marketing make it very hard to avoid buying it even if you don’t want to. However, some girls just don’t like dealing with makeup every day. It can be a chore if you don’t enjoy it, but perhaps you feel awkward not wearing it, or you feel like you need to wear it for certain occasions. 

Tips For Girls Who Prefer To Be Messy

Here are some tips to help you out if you’re just not that into makeup and hair care.

1. Use a BB or CC Cream

Rather than having to put on primer, foundation, and concealer and then powder it off, just cut that out of your routine with a BB or CC cream. You can just put on a layer or two of that before you rush out of the house. It will moisturize your skin, cover some light imperfections and scars, and some have a few skin benefits as well as SPF, depending on what kind you buy. It’s not the same as having a fully made-up face, but it’s a good alternative, and lighter makeup is better for everyday wear anyways. 

2. Curl your Eyelashes

This is a simple trick that makes a big difference. Even if you don’t wear mascara, use an eyelash curler. While many people think this looks like a medieval contraption, it’s quite useful as you can use it to lift your lashes. It makes your eyes open up and you look much more alert and bright-eyed. 

3. Spot Conceal

While concealer can be more effective with a layer of foundation, if you invest in a good concealer, spot concealing is much less time-consuming. As long as you’ve moisturized, you can try concealing small imperfections if you feel it’s necessary, just putting the product where it’s required and not spreading the product out too much. It should do the job, and you can skip the foundation.

4. Use the Same Lip and Cheek Color

If you’re just not bothered about buying blush, apply your lipstick and then use it as a blush by taking some product off the bullet and brushing it onto your cheeks so that there’s a light tint. It’ll make you look put together and it saves time and buying another makeup product. 

5. Use Nude or White Eye Pencils

If it’s one of those days when you just haven’t had enough sleep and it shows, use a nude or white eye pencil and apply some color to your waterline. It’ll make your eyes look wider and brighten your overall face. If you’ve used a nude liner particularly, it’ll make the redness of your eyes look less visible. 

6. Blend with Fingers for a Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is the bane of every girl’s existence if you want to look good for a night out. You might think that you need to buy some really good blending brushes to have a top-notch smokey eye, but using your fingers will do in a pinch. You can warm up the product using your fingers and blend it easily. It makes the whole process much less hassle-free, and you’ll be party-ready in no time. 

7. Use Dry Shampoo 

Use Dry Shampoo
Use Dry Shampoo 

While it shouldn’t be overused and you do need to wash your hair regularly, if your hair is looking rough, invest in some dry shampoo. You can spray some into your scalp and leave it overnight and the next morning, your hair will look much better and not as greasy. Dry shampoo can be a miracle on days that you don’t have time to shampoo and dry your hair.

8. Take Care of Your Skin and Hair

It may seem silly, but the better your skin looks, the less you have to do to it in the morning. Use moisturizer and sunscreen, and exfoliate regularly. Try the occasional face mask or hair spa and get regular haircuts. Try to have simple but effective hair care and skin care routine down, and take the advice of your doctor if needed. 

So there you have it. You don’t need a bunch of products to look good. You can manage just as well with what you have.

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