Every relationship has varying levels of comfort with the idea of sexual intimacy. For some, it may be an area they would rather not tread, while for others it may be where they can explore each other the best, without any barriers. Sex is much more than just a way to get physical pleasure—it is also a safe space where you can share your vulnerabilities with each other and build trust with each other. There is a brave honesty in letting yourself go under the sheets, knowing that someone is there to hold you close.

There are various degrees of sexual experiences, from mild, soft, vanilla to more adventurous and wilder categories. All of their own importance to the people who engage in it, because they are all ultimately ways of expressing a part of yourself. If you are the type of person who falls into the latter category, who often likes to go that extra mile when it comes to sex and find things that are new for you and your partner(s), you may have heard about BDSM. 

What is BDSM?

BDSM is a set of erotic practices that Centre around three main subcategories: Bondage/Discipline, Dominance/Submission, and Sadism/Masochism. While the name may make it sound like a purely carnal activity, BDSM is actually a great way to achieve emotional release and catharsis. For example, in our patriarchal society, women are often caged in the bounds of control, always kept away from exploring their sexualities. Through BDSM, women can discover these newer sides of themselves that they have always kept under the wraps and even take charge in the bedroom.

There are a variety of sexual kinks that fall under this umbrella term, all aimed at releasing a part of you which you keep repressed in your day-to-day life. One such kink that we are introducing to you today is ball busting. And with this kink, also comes the various ball busting women who dominate this act, embracing raw female power.

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What is Ball Busting?

If you’re new to this, the first question that may come to your mind is: just what is ball busting? Well, ball busting is a set of sexual practices that revolve around sexually inflicting pain on the region of the testicles and penis in various ways. This can be done through squeezing, binding, hitting manually or with the help of devices such as whips, floggers, etc. One person assumes the role of the dominant who inflicts the pain, whereas the other assumes the role of the submissive and takes the pain.

Thus, the person who is a submissive has male genitalia, whereas the dominant can have any, which means that women can also be the one in power here. This is where an entire category of ball busting women comes in.. Ball busting women grab the reigns in this act, bringing forth a kind of confidence that society has often shunned for their gender. These are women who have fiercely and unabashedly reveled in their erotic sides.

What is a Ball Buster?

So what is a ball buster? Generally, a ball-buster is a term used to define the person who is taking the dominating role in erotically teasing and torturing the submissive. This person, which can also be a woman, usually does this by whatever technique is preferred by both parties. Some may do it through hitting, while others may just provide stimulation with squeezing and edging the submissive. Either way, female ball busters are those who dominate over their male submissive partner during sex.

There is more to it than just the plain definition of what is a ball buster. Rather than just giving pain, they also have to take care of their partner. Female ball busters may enjoy watching their male submissive succumb to painful-pleasure, but this also means that they have to remain calm headed and know when to stop, especially if their partner slips too deeply into their submissive mind state. They need to know when to stop and they need to know their limits. Ball busting is not just about the physical pleasure, but also the emotional escape it provides. 

Why does Ball Busting feel good?

There are numerous reasons. First, let’s take a look at what does bust mean sexually. Bust, one sense, is usually an informal way of saying ‘to ejaculate’. When a male achieves climax, it is said that they ‘bust a nut’. But in ball busting, the question of what does bust mean sexually takes a whole new meaning. Here, ‘bust’ could also be used to imply the aspect of hitting, as in inflicting pain erotically. Hence, when we talk about female ball busters, what we mean is that they actually ‘bust’ the submissive’s balls, while also being in control of their ‘busting’, which means ejaculation. 

Thus, it puts the ball buster in a position of domination, letting them be assertive in a way that is not allowed. Many ball busting women feel sexually satisfied when they watch men relinquish control and listen to their orders because, in usual society, they are not given this kind of power. For ball busting women, this act means embracing their inner assertive sides without fear, by showing that even a woman can take charge and she can do it damn well. For the submissive, it may be a way of letting go of control. Many men may find themselves forced to act ‘tough’ and ‘manly’ just because that is what is expected of them. They may be under a lot of pressure on a daily basis and may not have any way of relieving this stress, because they all supposed to have it all together.

Why does Ball Busting feel good?

So, when they step into the bedroom and let someone else take charge, they are releasing the pent-up frustration. They are allowing themselves to be taken care of and held. For some people, being made to feel soft and weak can also be a way of embracing an inner vulnerability that they are often forced to hide. As stated before, ‘bust’ means to ejaculate. Thus, the testicles are a representation of male power, in a way. So hitting them may be a way of conquering that male power for ball busting women, while for the male submissive, it may be a way of letting go of that burden. The pain can cause the release of endorphins which makes the submissive sexually aroused Men who have a masochistic side and enjoy ball busting usually also enjoy being toyed with by boots, heels, feet, etc. because this is also a way of degrading that male pride they have forced to carry during the day. 

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Some tips for safe Ball Busting

Ball busting can be a great way of catharsis, as long as done safely and hygienically. Here are a few tips you can keep in mind:

  • Do your research first and make sure to read up carefully on the act, gathering proper knowledge and discussing it between the two of you. What seems sexy in theory may actually be damaging when done practically. Know the limits of your partner’s body, read about the risks of the activity, what consequences it can have and all the other relevant details.
  • Get explicit consent from your partner and know just what their preferences are, as well as what they do not like. Share your side as well, because even as a dominant, you have to fully consent, too. Make a proper contract writing all of these down, while also writing what to do in any unexpected situations which may arise. Having this in writing ensures you have physical proof of your consent.

           Decide on a safe word to use in case one of you wants to stop in the middle of the act.  As soon as the safe word is used, the act must be stopped, because it means a clear ‘no’.

  • Discuss the level of pain, from mild being slaps and pinches, moderate being kicks knees and punches, and severe being tying the submissive up while using devices to inflict pain. Make sure that you proceed realistically and do not jump into the extreme without any experience. Several discussions must be had to ensure that you both are on the same page.
  • Practice hitting on a pillow or punching bag first so that your partner can physically guide you about what level of force they are comfortable with.
  • The submissive can start with wearing a cup, or any covering, because safety is most important, especially during the first time. Ball busting women can wear padded shoes or use lighter devices initially so that they do not overwhelm their partner.
  • Clean the products well and make sure they are sanitized.
  • Make it clear that either of you can use the safe word and stop the act at anytime. As a dominant, know your partner’s limits, because at the moment they may think they can take more, but their bodies might suffer later. Make sure to check up on each other midway to see how each of you is feeling and if they want to change something or stop. Practice proper aftercare after the activity is over because the emotion high needs to be soothed too.

So should Ball Busting be tried?

Ultimately, it depends on the people involved and just how much they are comfortable. It can sound like an intimidating, violent act, thus there needs to be trust between the partners, to know that the other will take care of them. While assuming the roles, the pain should not be inflicted out of genuine anger or desire to harm. Even though you are degrading the submissive, you are doing so for the emotional release of both of you, not just one. There is no shame in enjoying your sexuality to the fullest, in the way you want. Just remember to be safe and do your research. The number one rule of any kind of sex is: ensure consent and take care of each other!

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