Have you ever got high? Do you enjoy explosive orgasms? then be aware about the sex tips for when you're stoned. Well if you are agreeing to both- then how much would you enjoy mixing both together? Smoking weed is not something that we would recommend. But well, if you just want to experiment a little or are attempting to spruce up your bedroom soirees- then let’s just morality to look the other way!

It is known that it is possible to have better sex while you’re high because you’re more likely to feel pleasure event at the slightest of touches. Moreover, people who tend to become extremely conscious while having sex should surely try smoking weed before doing it, to get rid of their insecurities. Studies also show that weed is responsible for reducing anxiety, which is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction. 

We’re here to discuss how some sex portions on weed, that can make you feel more satisfied. Have you been missing the spark that was previously there in your relationship? If the answer is yes, you need some spicing up when you’re spending intimate time with your partner. Weed can be your best friend when your objective is to make the most of your sexual experience and enhance it manifold. In this article, we’d be mentioning some tips for having sex stoned. If you want to know more, read along! 

How to Have Better Sex While High? 

Here are some amazing tips to have better sex when you're stoned:

1. Foreplay 

The best way to increase your pleasure while you’re having sex is by engaging in elaborate and fierce foreplay. The best part about having sex while you’re high is you would feel stimulated very easily when your pleasure points are fiddled with. 


Foreplay is not just a sexual practice but it can go a long way in mending relationships at a personal level as well, given the passion that comes with it. Do what your partner likes the most and you’d surprise yourself in the process. You might also discover a sex position on weed that you have never tried out before. Explore each other’s bodies and determine what works for you and your partner. Making efforts to satisfy your partner is an extremely intimate thing to do that is capable of solving several issues. 

2. Lubrication 

You should use lots of lube whenever you’re having sex but more so while you’re trying out sex positions on weed. This is because weed can dry out your system and make you feel dehydrated. 

Thus, using enough lubrication would help you to stay wet throughout the intercourse and help in smooth penetration. Many people think that external lubrication is not required but studies prove that several issues that occur while having sex such as pain and irritation in the vagina are mostly because of lack of lubrication. If you’re planning on having sex stoned, don’t forget to keep a stock of lubes. 

3. Slow and steady wins the race 

Weed is usually known to slow down your activities and make you calmer. This is the best approach while you’re about to have sex because when you’re slow and steady throughout the process, you’re more likely to feel more pleasure and last long. 

You should always be gentle with your partner and feel the process, instead of doing it in a hurry. If your objective is to make your partner feel your love, you have to be as gentle as you can, and what’s better than weed to make that happen. Sex positions on weed generally involve deep penetration because that’s what causes the most amount of pleasure. You can also put in efforts to change the setting of the room where you’re going to do it so that the mood can be set. Scented candles and dreamy lights are excellent options for doing the same. 

4. 69 for the win 

We can’t miss out on 69 when we think about sex positions on weed. If you’re someone who’s usually not too confident while trying this position out, doing it while you’re high is a great option. Weed wouldn’t let you think about your doubts and everything would happen in a flow, making your experience better and only better. 

However, if at any point, you feel uncomfortable doing something, you should talk to your partner immediately. Weed is supposed to make you feel free and liberated and not the opposite. Not everyone is fond of 69 and some even find it gross but it’s actually a great way to pleasure one another. If you’re casual and open-minded about it, you’re surely going to ace it.

5. Explore 

If you’ve never quite gotten the chance to try out newer sensations and fantasies, this is the right time to go forward with all sorts of experiments. The key to having great sex while you’re high is to letting go of your inhibitions and having fun. 


Use the sex toys that you’ve always wanted to use and make your fantasies come true because they would feel even more pleasurable when you’re on weed. In this way, you would also be able to build trust in your relationship and get to know more about each other. 

6. Silence Is Golden 

Moaning while having sex is great but once in a while, when you’re trying out a sex position on weed, you should make an effort and embrace the beauty of silence. Having silent sex is a good way of making it feel therapeutic and rejuvenating. There’s nothing like silent, gentle, and passionate sex while you’re stoned. The best feeling is when you would be able to feel the breaths of one another, increasing your pleasure by several notches. 


We have talked about some of the most well-known tips for having sex stoned. We highly recommend trying out new sex positions on weed and make the most of them. So the next time you’re going to smoke up with your friends and your partner, don’t forget to plan for the most amazing sex you’ve ever had. 

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