Foundation is the staple of our makeup bag and applying it the right way is very important or you will end up looking like a cake. Choosing the right foundation brush from your beauty store has always been a pain when there are so many to choose from. You always wish to invest in a good quality foundation brush that should give you a flawless finish but end up in disappointment. To make you more aware of how to choose the right foundation brush, we have stocked up all that you should know the next time you are buying a foundation brush for yourself. 

First, we need to understand that different brushes mean different finishes, so we need to choose the appropriate applicators for the type of foundations we use. May it be cream, powder, liquid, or stick, the right brush for the right foundation is a must. 

Types of Foundation Brush

Let us know more about so many foundation application tools available in the market and how to choose the right one for yourself:

1. Dual Fiber Brush

The dual fiber brushes have long and well as short bristles towards the base. The shape of the brush can be round or oval to build up the coverage gradually. These are best used with the cream foundation to give a sheer application and gradually build coverage. It gives a flawless yet build-able finish. It is just perfect for the girls who wish to regularize their makeup for every look. 

Dual Fiber Brush
Dual Fiber Brush

2. Flat Top Brush

These are the brushes that are ruler flat from the top but the shape may vary. It gives the fullest amount of coverage. Best suited to apply the liquid foundations it helps to reach every corner of your face. Most professionals prefer a triangle shape that is best for handling and with less difficulty as compared to the straight top brush. 

 Flat Top Brush
 Flat Top Brush

3. Flat Stipple Brush

It is a paint-like flat brush with soft and silky bristles. This also provides full coverage by reaching every corner of the face. The bristles on this brush have multi-purpose for blend, buff, or stipple. It can be used for both liquid or creams for sheer coverage. 

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Flat Stipple Brush
Flat Stipple Brush

4. Sponges or Beauty Blenders

Perfect for liquid foundations, sponges, or beauty blenders were designed to provide maximum coverage with amazing blending properties. It is best used when dampened and then patting the foundation all over the face and you will be left with a natural skin-like finish. This is a new way for foundation application that has become a best friend to beauty professionals. 

Sponges or Beauty Blenders
Sponges or Beauty Blenders

5. Full Body Brush or Kabuki Brush

Some women like to use powders instead of liquid or cream foundations. Full body brush has fuller bristles for messy strokes that are appropriate to blend in the powdered foundation into the skin. This is a multipurpose brush that can also be used for bronzer or blusher. 

Full Body Brush or Kabuki Brush
Full Body Brush or Kabuki Brush

How to Use the Foundation Brushes the Right Way?

Step 1- After you have moisturized and primed your face, put some foundation on the back of your palm. If you are using a cream foundation then you can use it directly. 

Step 2- Take the product on your brush with soft strokes. Apply it on the face with straight strokes so that your facial hair sits in the way it is and will not be visible. If you are using powder then you just have to take the product and spread it all over your face in a circular motion. 

Step 3- When you have roughly spread the product on the face, make sure to pay special attention to the minute corners like the inner corner of the eyes, around the nose, and near ears. 

Step 4- Then make sure you blend the product especially along the jawline so it doesn’t look like a mask. 

Step 5- To finish the foundation application, set it with loose powder in a circular motion using a buffing brush. 

You should know your product before choosing the right foundation brush. With time you will develop buildability and will eventually become a pro in self makeup. Always try and perfect your art of doing makeup. Keep learning and keep improving.

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