With the fear of the COVID-19 pandemic engulfing us – we all have become extra squeaky clean and maintaining high- surgeon level standards of hygiene. But maintaining hygiene is extremely important whether we have Corona or not. One of the most commonly used products, by women that skips the cleaning regime are beauty products and beauty blenders. The question arises “how to Sanitize Your Cosmetics”?

We all love to look well-groomed and it has been proven that a little makeup can boost a woman’s confidence- seriously who doesn’t wanna look pretty! But cosmetics and makeup blenders come in direct contact with our skin than most household products. So, it is extremely important to disinfect beauty products or you expose your skin and yourself to a lot of germs.

Have you ever noticed your skin breaking out after a makeup session-especially if you have been to a salon? The reason may be a dirty makeup brush or sponge.

How to Sanitize Your Cosmetics?

As women we are all guilty of having tons of cosmetics- many of which are infrequently used. They lie in your vanity bag, and the next time you use it, you might notice your skin reacting to the products. Any chemical product has an expiry date- so always keep a check on that and it also needs to be disinfected and sanitized regularly.

Every product and beauty blender has a different process of cleaning. There are several makeup sanitizers and makeup disinfectors that are available in the market. But you would rather spend that amount buying that lipstick that you have been eyeing. The frequency with which you clean your brushes, sponges, and palettes depends on the frequency of usage. The regularly used products need to be cleaned every couple of days or even weekly. For the rarely used products- disinfect them every couple of weeks.

You can make your own makeup sanitizer by mixing 9 parts of alcohol to 1 part of distilled water. Spray the mixture a minimum of 10 cm away- so that it doesn’t dry up and alter the chemical composition of your cosmetics.

Remember, you should never share your makeup applicators or lipsticks or eye pencils with anyone. You would just be calling trouble for your skin.

Sanitize Your Cosmetics
Sanitize Your Cosmetics

How to Sanitize Makeup Brushes?

Makeup brushes come in direct contact with your skin and the blushes and compacts that you use. Thus, it is very easy for oils, germs, and bacteria to contaminate the powders as well as affect your skin. Brushes need to be cleaned regularly.

Take some baby shampoo or some antibacterial liquid soap in lukewarm water. Dip the brush and twirl it, use your fingers, and rub the bristles. Hold it under running water till clear water runs off. Let it air dry before storing it away. The wet surface is a conducive environment for bacteria to grow.

How to Sanitize Beauty Sponges?

Beauty sponges help to blend your makeup flawlessly but are one of the hardest things to clean since they are extremely porous. Rinse it in soap water and wash it under running water, till the water turns clear. Dry it before using it again.

How to Clean Eye Shadows, Pressed Powders, and Makeup Palettes

We are often under the misconception that eye shadows and makeup palettes don’t need to be cleaned. But you need to be extremely careful about it or you can end up altering its chemical composition, which would render it useless and even harmful for skin.

You can use an isopropyl alcohol spray, which is most similar to store-bought makeup disinfector. Spritzing it on the product will help to kill any germs present. If it has been lying unused for a long period of time, you can scrap the top layer of the products and dispose of it. Be gentle or you would end up with no cosmetics. 

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How to Sanitize Mascara?

When you are pondering on how to sanitize your makeup – you often wonder if it’s possible to do the same for your mascara. The spoolie of mascara has multiple bristles and it is next to impossible to disinfect its surface. Most experts suggest throwing it away after using it for 3 months since it’s expiration is usually for that period.

You should never share it with anyone!

How to Disinfect Eye Pencils and Eyeliners?

In the case of eye pencils, it is always recommended to sharpen it before every usage. This makes sure that you are only applying a clean surface to your eyes. Eyes are extremely sensitive and an infection can be painful and even prove to be fatal. You should cleanse the sharpener with alcohol. 

How to Disinfect Lipsticks?

Sanitize Your Cosmetics
Sanitize Your Cosmetics

Lipsticks and lip balms come in direct contact with your lips. Before applying the lipstick, wipe off the top surface with soft tissue or Kleenex. It will remove any germ. It is also a good practice to apply lipstick with a brush. You can also spray rubbing alcohol over the top surface.

Again, it shouldn’t be shared with anyone.

How to Clean Cosmetics in A Jar?

Face creams, eye creams, night creams, and moisturizers all come in jars. An extremely hygienic practice is never dipping your finger or double-dipping into these pots of creams, even if you have just cleaned your hands. Use a clean spatula or Q-tips to obtain the product.

Also, disinfect the external surface of the cosmetic jars.

How to Cleanse Hair Brushes?

Combs and hairbrushes need to be thoroughly cleansed. The scalp is prone to oil build-up, dead skin, and other styling products that you might be using. Thus, it becomes essential to clean it with gentle, shampoo, water, and an old toothbrush.

How to Clean Products with Nozzles?

If you are wondering how to sanitize makeup with a nozzle like liquid foundation and serums, then we have the perfect solution for you. Dip a tissue in rubbing alcohol and wipe the nozzle and cap.

How to Clean Other Makeup Accessories?

If you have a jade roller or rose quartz in your vanity, then it can be cleaned with just warm soapy water. It is much easier to cleanse since there are no nooks and crannies for microbes to hide.

Your makeup bag also needs to be cleaned regularly. Either throw it in the washing machine for thorough rinse or if it is made of plastic then wipe it thoroughly with soap and water and dry it in the sun. Don’t forget to clean your dressing table regularly.

It is always better to be safe than sorry and have acne breakouts!

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