What is Anaemia?

 A deficiency disease caused due to the lack of iron element in the human body. And talking about the signs, and symptoms, we tell you, they are so subtle, so vague that one can’t even imagine that it’s the pathway to anemia. 

Here are 10 signs that reveal if you are one from the anemic throng:-

FATIGUE ISSUES: The very first symptom is fatigue that is tiredness. But wait, don’t mistake this tiredness for the regular one where you feel stressed and hence tired! This tiredness is a little different. Dr. Dana Cohen, a regular practitioner, an integrative physician, New York; decodes it for us saying-” People complain about being bone-tired.” If you are an exhausted soul throughout the 24 hours of the day and feel like giving up, you should definitely run to your doctor. 

PALENESS ISSUES:- Paleness is checked in the water line above your lower eyelashes. These are the mucous membranes of one’s eyes. Having been a vascular area, if it’s pale, it’s considered to be one fine sign that your body is not having enough red blood cells. “Your face, the palms of your hands, and under your nail beds may also look pale”-quotes Dr. Jack Jacoub, Medical Oncologist, Hematologist at Memorial Care Cancer Institute at Orange Coast. 

BREATHING ISSUES: Ever had issues catching your breath?? Or ever felt a problem while climbing up the stairs or doing something a little tougher than usual?? This could be one fine sign that you are anemic. It simply means that your body organs are falling short of the required oxygen. Feeling like fainting out, light headedness and dizziness are some accompanying issues that come with breathlessness to an anemic person. 

ANXIETY ISSUES: This is one issue that an anemic person always goes through. If you feel anxious for no reason and your heart keeps racing all the time, you should definitely make it to the doctor soon. 

PALPITATING HEART: Heart palpitation, is one more sign showing you the anemic pathway! If your heart seems like racing and while you lie down you hear a little sound in your ears, it’s the one of your heart racing fast like an overdrive racer. “It happens because your heart is pumping hard to get more oxygen. “-quotes Cohen! Other signs include your heart beating irregularly. 

NUMBNESS ISSUES: When you are anemic, your body tends to extract oxygen from your extreme ends to supply it to other parts of your body. “This may make you feel numb or your feet may feel cold all the time”-quotes Cohen. 

PERIODS IRREGULARITY: Irregular periods or heavy periods are two yet other symptoms of anemia. Uterine fibroids are one of the most common causes of iron-deficient anemia. “The uterine fibers located on the inside of the uterine cavity can cause heavy, irregular, and painful bleeding. “-quotes Dr. Kecia Gaither! Another reason for painful bleeding includes polyps within the uterus. 

IMMENSE CRAVING: Iron-deficient anemia comes with some strange cravings issues where people sometimes even tend to chew ice.” It’s because they think it may give a boost in mental sharpness exactly the same way a coffee cup does”: Journal of Medical Hypotheses. Other strange cravings are inclusive of paper, clay or chalk cravings.


FOGGY BRAIN: A trouble in concentration, memorizing things, lack of sharpness are some of the strong symptoms that direct towards an iron-deficient body. 

HEADACHE ISSUES: Headaches are really common, but having headaches quite often for no reason and the one for which no remedy seems to work, then it’s a clear sign of iron-deficient anemia. Having listed all these things above, we suggest you have a quick check-up with the Doctor. Also, we hereby enlist some of the things you can eat to get rid of the same-

EATING HABITS: Changing one’s eating habits can make up for a lot of issues regarding Anemia. Try making your diet iron-rich. It can be inclusive of red meat, oysters, liver, beans, leafy veggies, dry fruits, cereals containing more iron. 

Reading it all, we hope you take care of your body well. After all, women are the most beautiful creation of God, why not keep that beauty intact! 

Take care!!!

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