TRAVELLING SOLO? ARE YOU WELL EQUIPPED TO PROTECT YOURSELF? I really wanted to set the tone on something that is really important to me and all the other girls and women out there. A lot has been affected by sexual assault and sexual harassment these days. Starting from Nirbhaya case, be it Kathua case or be it the Hyderabad case, there are several such cases that we don’t know happening each and every day. Maybe some are coming in the front foot and some are not, still there are several severe cases happening everyday, anywhere in the world. So here are some safety tips for women.

Safety Tips
Safety Tips

Safety Tips For Women

So here I am going to talk about some safety tips that every woman and girl should know:

  • Firstly, if you are in a gas station, you have to hide all your valuables in your car, or in your bag or wherever you can. Hide your wallet, hide your phone or anything that can be stolen. Make sure you have your credit card in one hand and your car keys in the other hand. Always keep the tip node of your key ready in your hand so that if someone tries to attack you, having a sharp object like this on your car keys can poke someone’s eyes. You can also elbow them, slash them across. So always make sure you have your car keys on your hand.
  • Now, your keyring is another asset, so you can get a pepper spray, you can get a Taser, or whatever. Obviously you can keep any weapon in your key rings or anything on there that helps you feel safer so that you can use them whenever needed.
  • Another amazing thing to have on your key ring is an alarm or something that makes a really high-pitched loud sound so that if other people are around, you can push it and scare them. You don’t need to feel like you are impolite because someone is talking to you on the road where you are alone or somewhere you are feeling unsafe. I literally cannot express this enough.
  • If you see anyone looking at you weirdly and making bad gestures with their friends, just give a call to the police right from there, or you can always ask the person working at the nearby stores. The people at the store are gonna be your greatest ally. If you’re alone talking to the clerk at the store, ask them to call the security, ask them to walk you to the car(if you are having) or to the nearby vehicle stand to get a cab or a vehicle.
  • Now say a situation, where you feel vulnerable when you are scared or an emergency situation or you don’t have time to unlock your phone, then make the settings of your phone such that pressing the power button 5 times will automatically make a call to the emergency number. This is the most important thing. And out of anything you need to know this safety tips for women.
  • Facebook, tinder and other dating apps are very common these days. Always inform your parents, your guardians, your friends about wherever you are going and meeting someone new, whether it is a business meeting, a hangout or dating. Even inform your guardians whenever you are going out to hang out with your friends also. Because you never know what can happen when.
  • Whenever you are going to a club or a bar always cover your glass of drink with a napkin whenever you’re not drinking it. Even better if you carry a straw with you because you can poke it through your drink and keep yourself safe, this is the best safety tip for women. Who cares what people think, just protect yourself at any point of time and in any situation.

Try to learn some self-defense moves. This is a must in today’s world. If you have time go and get an admission in an institution where they’ll teach you some self-defense moves. But if don’t have time for that, learn from here.
Also, make sure you keep the helpline numbers in your phone’s contact list. There are several emergency help-line numbers in every state. And make sure you don’t have to search for the number; it should always be on the top of your phone book.

Recently, 20 states have joined together to a single helpline number-112. These are the safety tips that I think every girl should know. I really hope these tips help at least one person and make them more aware of their surroundings. Try to remember the key points and never forget to carry a pin-point thing with you and also share this with each and every girl so that you can at least take a step closer in lowering the risk of a woman in getting harassed, getting raped physically as well as mentally.  

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