If you are into skincare, you must have heard the name of retinol. It is considered a miracle skincare product for fighting many types of skin problems. It is used by both over-30 adults for fighting the aging signs as well as to be adults who use it to treat their stubborn acne. Most people who have used it swear by the retinol benefits. Without further ado let’s understand what retinol means, retinol uses, and retinol benefits you might badly want to know! 

What Is Retinol And What Does It Do? 

Before we get onto retinol benefits, it is important you know the actual meaning of retinol and how it works! Well, retinol is a synthetic by-product of Vitamin-A that boosts collagen production (which is extremely important for your skin health) and aids in cell turnover. Retinol is a magic ingredient to your skincare to achieve glowing, smoother, and clearer skin. Because of its quick cell turnover, it is considered a remarkable product in treating acne. 

How does it work? Well, retinol works by stimulating the skin cells so fast that the new skin cells generate quickly and smoothly. Production of natural chemicals like hyaluronic acid is boosted which makes the skin even looking, moist, and plump. It also boosts collagen production which is crucial for good skin health. 

What Is Retinoid? 

You might be confused between the two terms, retinol and retinoid. Don’t get confused. To make it simple, assume retinoids as a parent and retinol as its kid. Retinoids are a group of vitamin  A derivative that includes retinol, retinol palmitate, and retinoic acid. Concluding, retinol is a type of retinoid. Retinoids are given based on prescriptions whereas retinol is available as over-the-counter products. 

Magical Benefits Of Retinol 

When it comes to skincare, retinol is widely used and highly complimented. There are several benefits of retinol that will make you wonder why haven’t you added it to your skincare yet! 

1. Deals with acne 

Acne is the most common type of issue faced by teenagers and adults. In this case, retinol is an absolute best friend of your skin. Most bloggers, even celebs swear by and promote using retinol. Retinol is considered highly effective in treating both inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. Acne is formed when dead skin cells and oil accumulates inside the pores of your face and retinol helps in removing it. It does so by boosting up the cell turnover. 

2. Evens the skin tone 

We all want brighter, even and glowing skin. An uneven skin tone makes the skin look dull and dingy. Dull skin may be caused by various reasons like pregnancy, stress, sun damage, and poor lifestyle habits. Retinol helps in calming the melanin, which is a dark pigment and causes discoloration of the skin. 

Benefits Of Retinol
Benefits Of Retinol 

Retinol boosts cell turnover which makes the skin healthier and look brighter. Hyperpigmentation can also be treated with the help of retinol. It helps in brightening and evens the skin tone. 

3. Fights the ageing signs

Over 30 adults prefer retinol as it is an effective anti-aging product for reducing the signs of aging. It lessens the appearance of aging signs like fine lines, wrinkles, and protects the skin against the sun. It does so by increasing the production of collagen and thickening the inner layer of the skin. It also helps in reducing the wrinkles and fine lines. It provides skin protection against sun and dark spots by encouraging cell turnover. This is why retinol is considered the best in improving the elasticity of the skin.  

4. Easily available 

A lower dosage means fewer chances of irritation. Unlike other prescription-based acne treatments, retinol is available as an over-the-counter product. It has fewer side effects than any other treatment. You can find retinol at your nearby pharmacy or drug stores. Plus, it is budget-friendly too. However, it may act differently on different skin types. So, be careful with that! 

How To Add Retinol In Your Skincare? 

There are many retinol uses you can add to your skincare regimen for glowing and healthy skin. If you are a beginner who has never applied retinol on the skin, you should start by applying a pea-sized amount to your entire face overnight.

Benefits Of Retinol
Benefits Of Retinol 

It takes some time for your skin to adjust according to the product. So, you should use a little amount of retinol on your skin in the starting days and increase the usage gradually. If your skin is sensitive, you might experience some dryness and itchiness, in this case, you should use a calming moisturizer with it which can hydrate the skin and reduce the dryness and irritation.

Start using retinol with concentrations ranging from 0.25℅ to 0.3℅ to see how your skin reacts to it. Here’s how you should apply retinol on the skin to see the best results: 

  • Wash your face with a mild cleanser and pat dry.
  • Take a pea-sized amount of retinol and apply it with your fingertips in an upward and downward motion.
  • Finish it off with a moisturizer to reduce irritation and dryness.
  • If you are using retinol in the day, do not forget to apply sunscreen as retinol makes the skin more sensitive to the sun.

Side Effects Of Using Retinol On Skin

It is deemed safe to use retinol on the skin. However, there can be side effects of retinol. Dermatologists recommend using retinol because it is promising in showing benefits to your skin. There can be some negative effects of retinol on your skin. Retinol can cause dryness and irritation for the first time but as your skin modifies itself to this product, the side effects alleviate. Here are some probable side effects of retinol on the skin:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Dryness
  • Flaky and peeling skin
  • Sensitivity to the sun

The key to seeing results is consistency. Patience is necessary to see the results. If you are consistent with the usage of retinol, it would take months to see the desired results but they won’t be disappointing. Also, consider the side effects of using retinol and if your skin doesn’t get better, consult a dermatologist. 

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