Acne is the most common problem faced by not just teenagers but sometimes is Adamant in adults too. The cause ranges from an underlying health condition to or lack of self-care. Do humidity and acne have any connection? Acne may also develop due to environmental factors. So, does humidity cause acne?

Well, for making it a little simple, suppose you are traveling from one place to another with different climate or weather, you are likely to see some change in your skin or maybe your skin mostly felt dull and dry but changing your place to another area where your skin felt more hydrated and soft. Well, it may happen. This is due to humidity. 

Different climates have different levels of humidity. In this article, you’ll find all about humidity and acne and some amazing ways to prevent acne in humid weather. 

Continue reading to learn all about it! 

How High Humidity can Affect your Skin? 

The effect of humidity on your skin depends on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, you may face some problems. Climates that have high humidity (with hot temperatures) may cause some trouble to our skin. When the sun is up and the weather is extremely humid, your skin becomes more prone to dirt, oil, and allergies. Going out, you may experience sweating which is not pleasing at all and cause a lot of skin problems you may despise. 

Sunbathing is okay but in humid weather, it may react harshly on your skin. So you might want to be careful about it. Acne, breakouts, eczema, and other skin problems may arise in hot and humid weather. We may say that extreme humidity and acne may not get along. Especially a skin type that is sensitive and more prone to breakouts and other skin problems. 

Does Humidity Cause Acne? 

You may be thinking, does humidity cause acne? Yes, humidity acne is possible. As you’ve read earlier, extreme humid weather can be harsh to your skin and may cause many other skin problems other than those unpleasant breakouts. And yes, humidity and acne may have a relationship as extreme as anything is harmful. So, how does humidity cause acne? 

humidity cause acne
humidity cause acne

Well, there are many scientific reasons, how humidity and acne are connected. Here’s how: 

  • Sweating

Hot and humid weather makes you sweat like a waterfall which is the main reason your skin becomes acne-prone and more susceptible to those pimples and adamant zits. This all can cause humidity acne.

  • Clogged Pores

The pores of our skin must always be clean and closed. Humid weather may bring a lot of dirt and pollution with it and get stuck in your poor pores which makes your skin filled with blackheads and acne.

  • Trapped Moisture

As sweat is common in humid weather, the excessive moisture in the air won’t allow your skin to breathe or evaporate which makes your skin vulnerable to skin problems like eczema and allergies.

Tips to Prevent Acne in Humidity 

Humidity acne is likely to form in extreme weather. But how can we prevent it? Well, simple self-care and skincare habits may prevent humidity and acne to form. If you already have acne, there is a serious need to take care of your skin and if you don’t, you can still follow some tips to prevent humidity and acne to form. 

Humidity and acne have a relationship we can’t disperse. So how about making some changes in our lifestyle to prevent them from entering our lives? Here are some tips to prevent acne and humidity. 

1. Make a Habit of not Touching your Face

As we are living in an era of the pandemic, there is already an important reason to not touch your face which may benefit your skin as well. Your hands are full of bacteria which once transported to your skin may cause a lot of breakouts to happen and you don’t want that.

So, you must make a habit of not touching your face unnecessarily when not required. Keep your face clean and it may not misbehave. 

2. Choose your Skincare Products Wisely

This is an important one. You may think washing your face with any product you can find may protect your skin nicely. But you are wrong here. You may need products that go well with your skin. In humid weather, the sebaceous glands produce more oil resulting in breakouts. 

skincare products
skincare products

You could use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide enriched skincare products to help relieve your skin problems. Use an anti-acne soap that is mild and fragrance-free. And, do not forget an oil-free sunscreen. 

3. Limit the use of Moisturizers

Yeah, moisturizers are important but the excess of moisture is not so good especially when the weather is already humid. The humidity and on top of it your moisturizer (which may not be oil-free)may cause your skin to be a lot more oily and more likely to cause acne.

Do not overcompensate, do not apply your moisturizer in humidity if your skin is not feeling dry or dull. Instead, use an oil-free sunscreen. 

4. Wash the Sweat

Sweating in humid weather? Not good. Wiping it? No. Washing it? Yes! Instead of wiping your face with the same handkerchief or wipe you’ve been using the whole day?

Sounds too gross for your skin. Use some lukewarm water to open up your pores and clean your face at the first chance you get! Do not use the same cloth you’ve used before as it may cause more acne and skin problems. 

5. Eat Properly 

Your diet is also correlated with your acne as humidity and acne. The right food may make your skin amazingly healthy. Eat more fruits and vegetables as your skin needs those vitamins and minerals. A healthy diet means healthy skin. Have an antioxidant-rich diet to prevent acne from thriving on your skin. Your skin needs healthy food the most! 

This was all about humidity and acne, how it develops, and how to prevent humidity acne to thrive on your skin. Follow these tips if you are fed up with your skin being the victim of humidity. 

Make small changes and see your skin changing! 

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