We all love plant based skincare products. Looking for ‘cruelty-free and ‘natural’ on the labels is an important part for most of us while purchasing products, especially skincare. Plant-based skincare is one of a kind for people who love organic natural products for their skin wellness. It might be a little expensive but they are full of essential vitamins and minerals. But you wouldn’t want to compromise on your skincare so why not try plant-based products that can offer you lots and lots of skin benefits while being environmentally friendly. Read on to find out more about this clean beauty movement and the power of plant-based products! 

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What is Plant Based Skincare? 

You’ve probably come across many beauty products, self-proclaiming to be ‘all natural’ or ‘organic’ but are they really what they claim to be? A plant contains dozens of varieties of phytonutrients. The best plant-based skincare is made from fresh and organic ingredients that are rich in nutrients. Just like you eat different types of fruits and vegetables to get all the vitamins and minerals for your body, plant-based skincare aims to give your skin nutrients right out of plants and with the use of less harsh chemicals. 

The ingredients used for plant-based skincare are grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and are cruelty-free, making them environmentally friendly. Plant-based skincare tends to be gentle on your skin and address multiple skin issues at once. Plants have been used for skincare for several years and it’s nothing new but making this clean beauty movement a success may help us create a more environment-friendly and cruelty-free world. 

Plant Based Skincare
Plant Based Skincare

They are less toxic and give your skin the nourishment it needs. Plant-based skincare products are made only from plant ingredients like fruits, vegetables, herbs, seeds, and nuts. etc. These products are loaded with essential vitamins and other nutrients. 

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Why Should you use Plant-Based Skincare? 

There are many reasons why to use plant-based products and with its growing popularity for being less toxic for the environment and more beneficial for your skin, the skincare industry is growing more towards clean beauty. Opting for non-toxic beauty products acts as a sustainable and healthy way to achieve glowing and healthier skin. Almost all plant-based skincare products are vegan-friendly and organic. You might still want to check the label before you buy plant-based skincare products. Here are 5 reasons why you should try plant bases skincare and some benefits of using plant-based skincare: 

1. Safe to Use: No Harsh Chemicals 

When we talk about using plant-based skincare, the primary benefit of opting for plant-based products is that they are carefully designed and free of harsh chemicals that may damage your gentle skin. They have active compounds that most synthetic skincare lacks, that is why plant skincare might be a bit expensive but its efficacy is commendable. 

It’s safe to say that plant-based beauty products are better than synthetic skincare as they contain active compounds and no harsh chemicals. HerbalDynamicssBeauty is one of the many companies that are working towards creating cruelty-free cosmetics which are safe for your skin and the environment.

2. Healthier for your Skin 

Opting for clean beauty or plant-based skincare means you know what you are putting on your skin. You do not worry about those harsh chemicals you’ve been using until now. 

Healthier for your Skin
Healthier for your Skin

Plant-based skincare includes antioxidants, essential fatty acids, essential oils, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for your skin health. Unlike synthetic skincare, plant-based skincare helps support the skin microbiome, promoting balanced moisture and skin health. 

3. Focuses on Multiple Skin Issues

The benefits of any plant-based skincare depend on its ingredients. However, natural skincare products or plant-based skincare can be used to treat a variety of skin issues like acne, redness, and dry skin. Plants are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that can do wonders on your skin. These natural antioxidants and nutrients can help exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your skin, improving your overall skin health and solving your skin issues. 

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4. Cruelty-Free Skincare 

Plant-based skincare and other beauty products help you promote and contribute to a sustainable and cruelty-free society. Most skincare and make-up products are made by aggressive testing on animals and it becomes difficult for you to decide which beauty brands are ethical or not as it is not required for them to tell you the same. However, you can look for some signs on the labels to tell if the product is vegan-friendly or not. A vegan society logo or phrases like “cruelty-free”, ” not tested on animals” can help you choose the right product that is not cruel to animals. 

Cruelty-Free Skincare
Cruelty-Free Skincare

5. Environment Friendly 

Apart from being cruelty-free and free from harsh chemicals, plant-based beauty products also seem to be environment friendly by promoting the consumers to go green and creating an eco-friendly environment. Whether it’s super beautiful eco-friendly packaging and products or environment-friendly sourcing, manufacturing, and selling processes, plant-based products promote using sustainable cosmetics by avoiding toxic elements that most luxury brands boast of. It is a great way to make yourself a socially responsible and ecologically aware human being.

Make the Switch: Plant-Based Beauty Brands in India 

Animal testing and harsh chemicals, phrases like these sound scary and they are! The best way to avoid these is to use beauty products that are cruelty-free, sustainable, and good for your skin. Here are some amazing plant-based beauty Brands to look for in India: 

  • Pulp (Vegan and Cruelty-free)
  • Plum (Vegan and Cruelty-free)
  • Minimalist (Cruelty-free)
  • Dr. Sheth’s (Vegan and Cruelty-free)
  • Conscious Chemist (Vegan and Cruelty-free)
  • Disguise Cosmetics (Vegan and Cruelty-free)

This was all about plant-based products and why you should use plant-based skincare. The change comes from within, making a small change in your skincare might be a big change for the environment as well as your skin health! 

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