Right from your days of puberty, when masturbation was new to you, you knew how important it was to trigger your genital area. It was something inherent, and sexually needed! But what if we tell you that much more can be done to it with the use of props! But this time it’s not about the most visited place, this time it’s about anal pleasure! It may sound bizarre at first but if you go by our words, we tell you, it can be an amazing experience by the usage of anal beads! 

So, here we are with your little guide to anal beads for all the first-timers or so-called beginners! 

What Exactly Are Anal Beads?

It is a sex toy or a sexual prop that has some spheres inclusive in its texture. This toy helps stimulate pleasure within the anus. The insertion, as well as extraction of it within the anal region, provides immense pleasure to the one doing it. Just like this: Okay, we know you have never viewed Tom & Jerry from that viewpoint, but then you see, how clever they are😅

Anal Beads: All gender suitable 

The best thing about anal beads is that they are meant for all! To the marketers who sell anal beads for gay men, etc, don’t get befooled! We all have the same structure of the anus and hence we all have the same anal beads to our usage. 

How do anal beads appear to be? 

Though there are a zillion variations in anal beads, then they all have some things in common to them! 

Vivid beads made of some of the other material

Either they are connected with nylon or any string, or they are one single unit that is easily moldable in texture! All of them have a stopper to the anus of their structure which makes it convenient for you or your partner to extract it out of your anus. Also, it is important to have a hold of this stopper lest it gets down to your anal cavity creating a lot of mess. 

Bead’s size is not absolute

Yes, understanding this is important to your pleasure as well as safety. The bead's size can vary depending on how inflated it is. For the anal beads which have a size increment, it becomes pretty easy to push it in, but for the ones which deflate in their size, it becomes much more pleasurable than one imagines it to be. So, next time you go about buying anal beads, look for it owing to these things. 

How does it feel?

This may sound bizarre as well as surprising, but anal beads are not an all pleasurable kind of toy! The reality is that they take up their own space for the initial times. Further, it creates a pleasurable experience owing to the friction produced there. So, don’t expect pleasure all of a sudden as you insert it in. Also, it is a much better option than inserting a penis or anything because anal beads can be washed! Hope you understand! 

How to Use It To Extract the Utmost Pleasure?

Here is how to extract the most pleasure from anal beads. 

1. Insertion during foreplay

Of course, we all know what foreplay is to us women! And otherwise too even for masturbation, this is one of the best toys. All you have to do is insert the beads within a gentle motion. Don’t haste lest you may get hurt. Now that you have inserted it already, take it out even more slowly to create the right kind of pleasure you want! Also, make sure that you are good on lubrication before you do this, else it will hurt like nothing else. As soon as you get the first gist of your pleasure, you will be calling on for more! 

2. Remove it immediately after climax

After you have the beads within, you will feel them as you do other things. But having said that they won’t be the main thing you have your mind on. It will be a secondary one. But as soon as time passes by, your libido will rise high, and to the extent where you are ready to climax. So, as soon as that moment comes just go ahead and take it out in a smooth and intense motion to feel that climax. Also, it’s good to keep the beads out while you orgasm as it will allow your vagina and anus to feel that together. 

3. Anal Beads should be your main focus

Although this method is one of the most obscure ones as many people don’t use it. In this, you don’t have to leave the beads ideal rather you have to play with them between your anal cavity as you move. Also, keep on playing with it throughout the day, by taking it through a to and fro motion. If this is done by your partner, then it becomes much kinkier and the one like BDSM! A bead inside after every 5 minutes can do wonders more than you think it can! 

Anal Beads
Anal Beads

What to Notice While Buying Anal Beads?

Here is what you should notice before investing in anal beads. 

1. Nylon strings, a big no! 🚫

It is not just that they are of cheap quality and unsafe. But also, they are too tough to deal with while cleaning. It’s a big no to purchase it! It is also too tough to use. Try buying plastic or silicon material instead of nylon. They are easy to clean too. For those who think cleanliness is not a big deal, you should know that anal beads can come out with bits of bacteria from feces and can ruin your entire life with infection. 

2. Start with small

Being an absolute first-timer, you may feel like you are too good at dealing with it. But that may not be the case in reality! So, starting with a smaller size is one good idea. If you start with small, you understand the requirements and size of your anal cavity too. At a later stage, owing to your preference you can move on to the bigger one! Also, on the initial stage, do not insert all the beads within. Just go on with the first or the first two. As you progress, you can move on with bigger beads. 

3. Always clean it up

It’s not just about cleaning it up afterward. But cleaning it up before the next use is imperative. It is of course for avoiding infection. Cleaning it guarantees that no bacteria from feces is present on your beads. The best and the only good way to clean it is to put it in a pan of boiling water. But only for a minute or two. Also, make sure that the water is not hot enough to melt it within! Also, let them get dried before the next use. Otherwise, you will get burnt as it’s plastic! 

So, having known how good is anal beads for sexual pleasure stimulation, we suggest you buy one today and go ahead with it. 

Stay beautiful ❤

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