For many centuries women were accustomed to certain societal norms and conditions. There were so many restrictions and judgements hurled their way. One of the major concerns for the society was a woman’s singlehood. There was an age that was considered appropriate for a girl’s marriage and many times this was exactly after she started with her periods or in many parts they were married as kids. 

We boast of the fact that we have come a long way from those times and now women are considered almost as equal to men. Though that is the case still that there is an “almost”.

People may not get their daughters married at such a young age but there has always been the pressure to get them settled. Most of the time if a woman is not thinking about settling down, she is often termed as rude or too vain. Though like always these warriors aka ladies have battled their way out of the stigmas and established singlehood as the new cool.

It is not that it mocks those who have a boyfriend or a husband by their side, it is only an acceptance of the situation that there are more important priorities in their life. 

Though society is rigid as always in accepting singlehood as something very natural, women are not taking the pressure anymore. In India, single women constitute 21% of the population which means that around 73 million women in India are single and this number includes unmarried, widowed, separated altogether. 

So, the statistics say for itself that women no longer are answerable to the society for their decision to stay single they are not compromising on a partner just because the society thinks it is right. 

If you find the right person you have all the right to start a life together with them but if you feel that you want to work on your career, get the award or start your business it is completely alright. You go, girl! 

It is not just the opinion of the society but also the negative comparisons from other women that are posing as a pulling force for the single ladies. Most of the times women tend to put each other down and pass demeaning comments on women who are making the choice of remaining single for their peace of mind. 

It is high time for women to start making them their priority after ages of being known just as someone’s daughter, someone’s wife or someone’s mother. An eternity has passed for making sacrifices for others and silently giving in to all the violence against them and disappearing in the background. 

Cheers to this wave of revolution that is very subtly making its way into our lives and making its presence known. These battles have never been easy and won’t be right away, but we should acknowledge it. There are so many benefits of being single, women and you should know about them. 

Benefits of Singlehood

Accepting Singlehood
Accepting Singlehood

Most people may beg to differ and say singlehood for ladies is boring but there are a lot of benefits of being single women

Working on yourself for yourself

Singlehood is an amazing time for you to understand yourself as a person and what you want to achieve in your life. It gives you the time to be yourself, experiment and not be answerable to anyone. 

Freedom to pursue your dreams

When you have no ties to any person or the demands of a relationship you can pursue your dreams and work hard on your career. Women often compromise with their work when they have a partner, because of their conditioning they were always the ones to compromise with their dreams. But not when you are the boss of your life. 

You own your life and everything in it 

Your life is yours and everything in it. The money you earn is yours to spend on yourself and how you like to spend it. Also, the time is for you to spend on yourself without constantly trying to balance your personal and professional life. 

Watch whatever you want to and eat wherever you want to

Among the many issues between couples is deciding what to watch on Netflix or where to eat out among the many benefits of singlehood is that you decide what to watch and where or what you want to eat. 

Quality time with your family and friends

Singlehood is a time you can spend with the people who love you unconditionally and that is your family and your friends. You get to spend the time with them and work on these relationships that have been with you through thick and thin. 

Building a life for yourself

With all the freedom you have in your life, you create a life that you desire around yourself. A flat or a house of your choice, a car of your choice and every little aspect of your life without asking or telling the reasons to anyone.

Kiss and not tell anyone

Among the many benefits of singlehood is that you can flirt with anyone that you want. We are in 2020 and as much as men can enjoy flirting so can women. Singlehood is the best time to meet new people and get to know them. 

Travel and have fun 

This is also a time for you single ladies to pack your bags and go on adventures that will fill your soul with happiness. Travelling will let you explore and know more about yourself.

There is obviously no guidebook on how to enjoy single life as a lady as you are the queen of this life and it is up to you how you want to enjoy singlehood. There have always been people to tell women what they should do and what not. 

Singlehood and its rules are made by you and you have the choice to enjoy it for a while or accepting being single forever. Be single, be sassy and be fabulous- don’t alter your plans under societal pressure

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