For women, it’s really hard to feel good when society is constantly pointing out how you’re inadequate, from your appearance to your personality. How to increase sex appeal? Many women suffer from low self-confidence because it’s hard to keep up in a world where you’re being made to feel inferior and like you have to measure yourself to (and always please) men. 

Sometimes you just want to feel sexier, but that can be difficult if you lack confidence. However, faking it till you make it is a good maxim to live by in this case. Don’t think of sex appeal as something that purely makes you attractive to women, but correlate it to an attractive and dynamic personality, inner confidence. It should make you feel good most of all. 

Guide To Turn Up Your Sex Appeal

Here are some tips to up your confidence game and feel a lot more attractive.

1. Invest In A Good Signature Scent

We all love fragrances and perfume; some like florals, others like sharp notes. Develop a signature scent or smell that’s uniquely you and spritz some on. The next time you meet someone you like, they won’t be able to forget the scent of you, and there’s something very alluring about using the senses to appeal to someone. Having a scent that you fully identify with will make you more confident about your personality because you can project your personality through a fragrance. You can even make one yourself if you don’t want to spend money on expensive perfume. Just wear it and feel like you!

2. Make Eye Contact

This is a tried and tested formula for confidence and allure. When you look someone deep in the eyes, you are making a direct connection and it looks as though you’re deeply engaged in what they’re saying. Men will find this quite attractive, and it’ll be a good indicator of your confidence levels. You can try it with someone you’re more comfortable with, on a friendlier level, before trying it on a date with someone special.  

3. Tell Yourself You’re Worth It

We often worry about flaws but we don’t tell ourselves as often how good we’re doing. Take time out of your day to remind yourself that you’ve got a lot of good qualities; identify them and remember that many people would be lucky to know you. Try to focus on strengthening your personality before you worry about how others will perceive you; try yoga or meditation if you struggle with this, or perhaps engage a therapist. It’s important that you love yourself first. 

4. Wear What You Like

Don’t feel compelled to wear what other people think is trendy or what your friends tell you to. Wear what you think you’ll look attractive in and don’t tone it down! The more you think you look great, the better you’ll feel about it, and the more people will realize that you’re truly comfortable in her skin. If you truly have no idea what to wear to highlight your beauty, maybe hire a stylist or hit the mall for some inspiration. If you don’t like the way you look or want to lose some pounds or gain some muscle, hit the gym – but within reason. 

5. Maintain A Positive Outlook

Life can be hard but if you have a dreary mindset you won’t be helping anyone. Smile at others, be kind when people don’t expect it, and generally try to be an optimist. You’ll find it does wonders for your self-perception as well. 

Sex Appeal
Sex Appeal

6. Accept Yourself

Yes, there are some things you can change about yourself. But there are some things you can’t (and shouldn’t want to) change. People are flawed, and so are you. That doesn’t make you any less appealing or sexy to others. Once you become aware of the good and bad in you, you can accept it and move on. Try positive affirmations to make yourself feel better about the things you feel helpless about. However, you should eventually move on from helplessness to embracing your flaws. 

The first step to feeling and being sexy to others is being good to yourself. There’s no single path to being ‘sexy’, it’s more of a process as you try to be more in tune with yourself. 

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