9 Amazing Tattoos For Couples To Flaunt

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Tattoos For Couples

Tattoos For Couples!!!

Love is something that we all search for and long for. Some find theirs and some of us are still in search of the one to complete us. The feeling of being in love is hard to explain and at this time you feel as if you are at the top of the world. When you are crazy in love, sometimes it compels you to show your love for your partner to the entire world, also known as PDA. 

Nowadays, couples are inking themselves to mark their love for each other. Such a passionate and romantic gesture, isn’t it? Getting inked as a couple or tattoos for couple is a beautiful way to tell the world and each other that there is no going back and that they will be together forever. If you and your partner are thinking of such an idea, let me help you out a bit in the case of the designs. 

For the design, you and your partner have to decide what type of tattoo you want to describe your relationship best. The location of the tattoo is important. For instance, you can have the tattoo in your arms or wrists in such a way that when you hold each other’s arms or hands the tattoo must meet. 

Lion and lioness tattoo


Lions are commonly known as loyal and majestic creatures. If you think you and your partner match the enigma of lions, you must get the matching lion and lioness tattoo. Or if both of you are of the same sun sign- LEO, getting the lion and lioness tattoo is a great idea. 

Pop culture inspired tattoos for couples


To have a partner with whom you have similar tastes in pop culture is one of the best feelings. If you are a couple who follow and are a diehard fan of a particular character, you can definitely ink it. 

King and Queen tattoos for couples


To be deeply in love, you and your special someone will definitely feel like a king and queen destined to be together for ages. The king and queen tattoo is another beautiful and romantic design that can be inked. 

Gamers tattoo


A true gamer’s innate desire is always to find and be with a partner who is also a gamer. Getting to play video games together as a couple, there’s nothing more a gamer could ask for. If you are a gaming couple, use can get your favorite game’s character tattoo. Or else you can also select the classic video games’ characters who are also a couple. 

Puzzle tattoo


Finding someone who completes you in every way possible is truly magical. If you and your partner are such a lucky couple, you can get the puzzle tattoo. Having someone who is literally everything you aren’t is really a blessing. That is why lovers are also commonly referred to as the better halves. 

The anchor and the ship wheel tattoo


To be with someone who can guide and support you through thick and thin without falling apart is extremely lucky. If you think you are that couple to describe your love and support for one another, the anchor and the ship wheel is the tattoo for you and your partner. 

One-word tattoo


Another type of romantic tattoo is to get inked with a phrase or word to depict your love. For instance, you can take any significant lines or phrases from one of your favorite movies. 

Lock and key tattoo

Some of us might have found our true love and realized in time that our special someone has unlocked something positive in us which we never knew existed before they came into our lives. 


Couples who bring out the best in each other is indeed one of the most beautiful reasons to be in a relationship. If you and your partner are considering getting inked and one such couple, the lock and key tattoo are for you. 

Scientific Tattoos For Couples


There is also some science in love. When in love, you will feel content and loved. This is mostly due to the release of hormones in the body which induces the feelings. This is a unique way to depict your love for one another. You can get the chemical formula of the love hormone- Oxytocin. 

Everyone gets married and exchanges rings to seal the deal. Getting inked to show the commitment and love for one another is trending everywhere. To be honest, the gesture is an awesome way to express one’s feelings. 

However, before getting the tattoos, my advice is to be sure about your partner. If you think this is it and you will settle down eventually, then you can go for the ink. Because getting inked is permanent and removal of tattoos is quite painful. Being in love is wonderful and it should be definitely expressed. After all, LOVE CONQUERS ALL!!

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