Home sweet home right? The place where you kick off your shoes and relax, and stop worrying about the world outside. But not always. A lot of things in the safe confines of your house can build up over time and be harmful to you. There could be lots of toxic matter within your house and indoor pollution is now something to worry about as well. It could even make you sick. You need to maintain a healthy space where you can live peacefully and safely, so read to find out what could be making it harder for you.

8 Things That Can Make You Sick

Here are the some common things in your house that can make you sick:

1. Mould

Mould can be in your pipes and floors, your gutters and windows, and generally spaces which are not regularly cleaned. Mould is often caused by excess moisture. It can lead to respiratory problems, can provoke allergic reactions, and lead to asthma. It can also cause sneezing and a runny nose, skin rashes, and can affect your immune system. You can either deal with the mould yourself or if you’d prefer not to, you can call a professional. However, you shouldn’t let it stay once you’ve discovered it.

2. Your Pillows and Bedding

Your pillows and mattresses are alive with dust mites that live off humidity and body warmth. If you have asthma or allergies, this could create a serious problem for you (if you don’t, you’re probably fine). Wash and dry your bedding thoroughly and regularly, and use covers for all the bedding you use.  

3. Cleaning Products

A lot of the heavyweight cleaning products we buy for our homes are chock-full of chemicals. They can cause a lot of irritation, headaches, and other symptoms. Make sure you check the label so that the products don’t contain anything dangerous; if you’re having issues, you could switch to natural agents. Don’t use a quantity above the amount recommended by the labels, and wear gloves and keep the window open if you’re using something particularly dicey.

4. The Pesticides you use

Pesticides are a real can of worms; they can cause all kinds of problems specially indoor pollution. They can affect your fertility, cause birth defects in your future children, cause tumours and genetic issues, attack the immune system, and poison the nervous system. Again, natural pesticides might be a better option considering the many dangers chemical pesticides pose to us. 

5. Your Screens

We spend so much time in front of computers, lights, and televisions. A lot of high energy visible light comes from these objects and starts to get further and further into the skin. This can cause a lot of problems with vision, and skin ageing. Wear a lot of sunscreens, put your devices on night mode if possible, and spend as little time in front of your screens as possible.  

6. Your Refrigerator

Your fridge might well be a hothouse of bacteria. The cold temperature usually prevents bacterial growth but the more hot air you let in when you open the door, the more they flourish. This can spread to your food and cause sickness and considered as indoor pollution. Try not to keep the fridge door open for very long. Clean all the parts inside your fridge including trays and shelves, and clean the handles also. Your meat storage area in your fridge can also breed germs, which can cause food poisoning. Be sure to clean up any spillage (and don’t put meat on the top shelves in case spillage contaminates other food) in the area where you store meat specifically.  

things that make you sick
things that make you sick

7. Too much Plastic

We all use plastic storage containers; they’re great for leftovers. But they (especially the harder plastic varieties) sometimes contain chemicals which can get into your food when you warm it up or even ladle it in when it’s hot. They can lead to hormonal issues and might even increase risks to cancer and diabetes. Instead, try using glass containers or even stainless steel ones.

8. You don’t Use a Water Filter

Most households have a water purifier, but if you don’t, get on it! Pollution levels are very high and contaminated water can cause serious diseases. Even if you have a water purifier, it might not be as effective as you imagine. The UV-based ones are said to be most effective. You should do your research and check that what you’re using at present is satisfactory, and if not, buy a new one asap! Water is a very precious resource that we can’t do without, so we definitely can’t afford to get sick from it. There are many dangers lurking in the corners of your house which is called indoor pollution. But as long as you’re careful, clean, and hygienic, you shouldn’t have too many issues. 

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