Relocating to a new home is a thrilling experience altogether. We all dream of a perfect home for ourselves. After all, a house is just a structure with four walls and a roof but home is what you make of it. It has an essence and a soul that reflects the personality of its owner. 

What really make a house a home, no matter how many bedrooms you have or how majestic the house is. it doesn’t have to be loud interiors, designer furniture or expensive collectibles to give you a homely vibe.

The key is making it your world; a place filled with memories, personal artefacts, artworks and mementoes that celebrate the people and things you love and admire. So, how exactly can you make a house a home? It’s really simple. Here we’ve rounded up some quick tips for turning a house into a home

How to Make A House A Home

Here we have mentioned some points related to how to make your house into a home.

1. Adorn your walls

Are your walls feeling bare and boring? Then you’ve got ‘em covered. Make your walls attractive by adding lots of artwork. Whether it’s framed photographs, art prints or original paintings, make sure your home has something hanging on the walls to avoid feeling unfinished.

It would not only add a dash of pop to your monotonous walls but would also give your house a homely and welcoming appeal. These amazing walls will help you make a house a home.

2. Make it smell nice 

A house that is not filled with soothing fragrances will not feel like home. There are plenty of ways through which you can make a house a home and smell nice. Some of the most basic ways are:

  • Add essential oils like lemon, clove, and lavender in your air filter
  • Sprinkle baking soda in your carpets and rugs
  • Use incense and scented candles
  • Regularly air fresheners and room fresheners
  • Try baking at home

3. Set up indoor plants 

There’s an increasing trend of setting up plants inside the house and there are multiple reasons why you definitely should. There’s never a dark corner or a stark shelf that cannot be brightened up by a little bit of greenery.

Plants offer a warm, homey, and fresh feeling to the rooms. Plus, they are said to boost your mood and lower your stress levels. This will help you make a house a home. And the best part? They will help in improving the quality of air and purify your surroundings. A win-win isn’t it?


Hang a plant from the ceiling, put some on the sills of your window, or just get some unique shelving for your green friends. Eucalyptus, bonsai and hydrangea are some great options. Or, pick out low maintenance houseplants that are hearty enough to survive the days (or weeks) if you forget to water them.

4. Add a lot of pillows and throws

Throwing off Large cushions and bright colored pillows on your couch and beds is a remarkable way to give you a homely and comfortable feeling. Change the pillow covers every alternate day and you have a new one to match the decor, look and feel of the room.

From bright vibrant designs in the living room to subtle, neutral tones for the ones in the lounge; pillows are multifunctional. If you want to make a house a home this is a must. There’s not a better feeling of hitting on cushiony pillows on your bed after a tiring day at work. Or, Curling up on the couch with your family for a movie night. Pillows are easily the most comfortable item of home decor.

5. Decorate with fresh flowers

Nowadays, florals are trendy everywhere. Nothing is more pleasing than the smell of fresh flowers as you enter your home. You can make any room in your house feel homey by placing a vase full of fresh and beautiful flowers in it. When you encounter them, the lovely look and intoxicating aroma of fresh cut flowers would immediately brighten your day. Flowers would also infuse your interiors with a colorful vibe all over. 

6. Declutter more often

Embrace the logic of less is more. Clutter and untidiness would only lead to feelings of stress and discomfort. Try to keep things as minimal as possible. It’s best to only have a few quality and truly worthy items on display rather than have a house full of irrelevant items.

You should Declutter the Marie Kondo way. Throw away all the unnecessary items along with any kind of trash.  make an effort to clean and declutter – regularly – and invest in storage if required. Keep the surfaces clear of any unpaid bills and unnecessary items like clothes and utensils that are yet to be washed. Always go by the phrase – a tidy house equals a tidy mind. 

7. Embrace indoor lighting

Stuck with a room that remains dark and uninviting given your multiple attempts at brightening it up? Try flipping the lights on. Easy as it seems, incorporating and layering light sources will alter a room’s whole atmosphere and make it feel warm and inviting. Placing low-voltage lighting across the house creatively is a decor hack that provides a visually appealing contrast between light and dark areas.

If you wish to be more creative, then you set up lighting in your backyard too. Lights around the garden will add a warm and whimsical look to your backyard. They will encourage you to entertain and enjoy your outdoor space long after the sun is down, during the warmer months. Hang up some strands of fairy lights, stagger some lanterns or string up some tiny bulbs and you would be good to go. 

8. House to Home indoor design (home decor)

A home wouldn’t be a home if it doesn’t reflect the personal memories of all the family members. In order to really convert your house into a home, the décor should be meaningful and intimate. Here are some tips for house to home indoor designs:

  • Family and friends photo gallery or photo wall
  • Display travel mementos and travel photographs
  • Display old artwork or personalized wall art
  • Display the items and photographs that remind you of your childhood.
House to Home
House to Home

Incorporating personal items into your space will reward you with true feelings of home no matter where you’re living.

With these little additions, you can effortlessly make a house a home. You can also contact an interior designer that would help you in turning your house into a home that reflects your tastes, lifestyle, and personality.

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