8 Short Actresses And Female Celebrities, You Never Knew Were Short!

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The obsession with tallness is so excessive which makes short people insecure. Of course, there is no problem in being too small or too tall, it’s all about the personality one has.

Especially in the modeling career, there’s a stupid myth that most of the supermodels are popular in this career because of their tall and sexy height. Indeed, a tall figure is sexy but a small figure isn’t any less. 

If you have a short height or petite figure, you must look at this short actresses and celebrities list we have made to celebrate your sexy petite figure.

There are so many short actresses and short female celebrities who have made themselves a star among their respective careers. Continue reading to read about them! 

List of famous short actresses in the world 

There are numerous short actresses and short female celebrities who have made a huge name in their respective fields of work. Whether it is modeling, music, or acting, these short actresses have a personality you can’t resist admiring.

Here’s a proper list of all the short female celebrities you must know about: 

Ariana Grande 

short actresses

Height: 5 feet 3 inches

Ariana Grande, a famous name in pop and R&B music who always slays during her concerts and her music videos. Ariana mostly wears heels when she performs and hands down she looks absolutely gorgeous.

Ariana Grande is definitely a stunner who is one of the hottest and sexiest short actresses and short female celebrities. She is one of the most popular celebrities on Instagram and worldwide. 

Her music videos have been viewed more than nine billion times which is massive! She has also achieved a rank as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

She is really humble and loves her fans so much. What more can make her special? Well, absolutely her petite figure! She is amazingly stunning. 

Lady Gaga

Height: 5 feet 1 inch 

The most iconic and a stunner of sexy high heels, Lady Gaga is an inspiration to her fans. She is not just a pop star but she is also known for her style taste. She is the most famous icon in pop culture. Who says short women cannot run on the red carpet?

Just look at Lady Gaga, the most sensational, also a humble person ever. It looks like lady gaga doesn’t age, she slays like a 20-year-old girl and this bold woman makes everyone aware of it. 

She hardly wears flats so mostly her figure feels 7 feet. So, it’s no surprise that most people don’t know she is one of the stunning short actresses and short female celebrities. 

Emilia Clarke 

Height: 5 feet 2 inches 

Most of y’all may not know it but Emilia Clarke has her name in the list of short actresses in Hollywood. She has made a huge name with her amazing and bold performance in the game of thrones as Khaleesi.

Well, who doesn’t remember those blue ocean eyes of her? She is one of the shortest actresses in the world. She has an amazing body and doesn’t let her petite figure overpower her beautiful face and personality. 

She mostly wears gorgeous lacy dresses. She absolutely rocks every clothing style she wears. No doubt she is one of the most beautiful short actresses in the world. 

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Scarlett Johnson 

Height: 5 foot 3 inches

You might not have noticed, but the Avengers star is one of the most stunning short actresses in Hollywood. She is the most talked-about woman in Hollywood. She was once the highest-paid actress.

Scarlett is the first woman named in “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine. Her achievement in acting is incredible and due to her amazingly sexy figure and bold looks, her short height isn’t so noticeable.  Her famous movies include Avengers and Lucy. 

Nicki Minaj 

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Nicki Minaj who is one of the most popular female rappers is also one of the short female celebrities. She slays with her huge and bold personality. Even though she is short, she doesn’t let her height determine her boldness and freakiness fade away.

She has an amazingly unique fashion and hairstyle. Her different colorful costumes and wigs make her so unique that her shortness has never been noticed much.  Her famous songs include “Anaconda” and “Super Bass”.  Because of which she is one of our amazing short actresses and short female celebrities.

Kim Kardashian

Height: 5 feet 2 inches

Kim Kardashian is a well-known entrepreneur, social media star, and also a star of the reality show ” Keeping Up With Kardashians”. She has gained a lot of popularity with her controversies. She is also a mother and an influential star who has a great social media presence.

She’s currently married to Kanye West. You mustn’t have noticed but Kim Kardashian is one of the short actresses and short female celebrities. She has an amazing personality with a sexy figure. 

Megan Fox 

Height: 5 feet 4 inches

Megan fox might look and feel tall but actually, she is quite short. She is one of the short actresses in Hollywood with a great personality. She has an amazing personality with a beautiful face you can’t resist looking at.

She has made a huge name in her acting and modeling career with her startling figure and gorgeous face. Her debut film was Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. She happens to be one of the sexiest short actresses in the world.


Height: 5 feet 2 inches 

The most iconic singer who doesn’t age at all, Shakira is the best selling singer. Her famous song “hips don’t lie” made us all dance like crazy. Not just her voice but her personality is also truly attractive. Shakira always chooses the best outfits to wear.

Even though she’s a mother, she always makes her appearance look like a young star, undoubtedly! Best known for her belly moves, she is also one of the best Colombian pop singers. 

These were some of the most gorgeous and popular short actresses and female celebrities who didn’t let their heights affect the success in their respective careers. Not all actresses or celebrities we have seen have tall height and you might have learned that while watching this list. 

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