Having a short height doesn’t make your body an exception to trendy clothing and fashion culture. Petite girls come in all shapes and sizes and they all have different styling preferences according to their size. But, sometimes it becomes problematic finding something which goes terrific with your height. There are so many styling tips for petite girls to try. 

Being short doesn’t mean you can’t have self-confidence and comfort in wearing what you want to. Self-love is all that matters! Check out some of these amazing styling tips for petite girls that you won’t regret after trying out! 

Styling tips for petite girls

Before we get to some great petite fashion tips, it’s important to know what matters in petite fashion is the proportion. Proportion is the key to styling for your petite height. So, it isn’t always about purchasing petite size clothing that’s going to fit you but what matters is in what proportion you’re going to wear your clothing. Let’s get to some incredible styling tips for petite girls. 

Go for high-waisted bottoms 

If you have a petite body and you want to wear something simple yet something high-end fashion clothing then wear high-waisted bottoms. They look absolutely stunning yet simple. It can effectively heighten your waistline, making your body and your legs look a lot taller.

Styling Tip: You can wear high-waisted bell-bottoms, high-waisted striped bottoms, high-waisted long skirts (with a cut on the side would look absolutely stunning), or simply go for high-waisted jeans in different styles. Create the right proportion which means make it high so that it can effectively make your body look more proportionate. 

Invest in the right footwear

One of the most useful and important styling tips for short girls is buying the best footwear whether they are shoes, sandals, naked heels, boots, etc. For women with a shorter body, it’s not important to buy only sandals with the longest heels but the right footwear with the right heel which would suit your clothing the best way. 

Styling Tip: The best type of heels for short girls to wear is to have shoes with a pointed toe or anything which makes your figure look elongated. You can wear boots or shoes with a high body. They look cute and go with any kind of clothing. 

Wear cropped tops 

The best styling tips for petite girls are adding cropped tops into your wardrobe. Cropped style tops can help look your figure elongated plus, it is a trendy fashion style for every size and height. Cropped tops come in different styles and sizes. You can easily find your size and preference. 

Styling tip: You can style a cropped top with mini skirts, long skirts, high-waisted bottoms, or even with fancy jeans. Make sure you don’t wear baggy bottoms as baggy clothing makes you look shorter. 

Layer it to fake it 

Winter is here and layering gives you a chance to fake your skinny and petite figure. Use different layers on top of each other to elevate your body shape and length. This is one of the great styling tips for petite girls during the winter season. 

styling tips for petite girls

Styling tip: You can try trench coats with checked bottoms, large hoodies with tights, warm and baggy sweaters with cream and off white bottoms. You can wear warm tops inside them for layering. These are the classic styling tips for short girls during winter. Keeps you warm and you can fake a stunning elongated body size. 

Pick the same colour for your  shoes and bottoms

This is one of the clever styling tips for petite girls. You can prolong your figure with this hack. Choose your shoes or any footwear of the same color as your bottoms. This hack will help you fake a tall and long figure. It creates an illusion of a longer line. 

Styling tip: You can wear some pretty ankle-length boots with a similar color of stockings. Make sure both of them contrast with your upper whether it’s a long top or a dress. Also, if you are wearing something which shows off your legs, you should wear footwear that matches your skin tone and your upper. This hack will make you look stunningly tall and beautiful. 

Get on vertical stripes

Stripes fashion can never go old. It was popular then, it is popular now. They are trendy and look absolutely startling. Do you know? You can style striped wear to fake an elongating figure? It is one of the best petite fashion tips you would love to try out. But also, you should go for vertical and not horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes create an illusion of a long and tall body. 

Styling tip: Vertical stripes can go with any kind of clothing. Many supermodels prefer wearing striped clothing that looks absolutely terrific. You can wear a vertically striped blazer with the same bottom or you can wear a basic solid color tee with a vertically striped high-waisted bottom. They are chic and look stunning on short girls.

Go for mini bags 

The type of bags you carry can also determine your looks. For petite girls, mini bags may be a perfect option. Carrying big and wide bags can make you look smaller and doesn’t quite look in proportion to your body size. If you are shopping for bags, go for mini bags that go with your body size. 

Styling Tip: You can try mini bags, the one with big chains and a little purse which can rock with any party outfit or you can carry a little clutch in the hand without any sling. They look cute and aren’t even heavy. 

Make long coats your best friends 

As the winter has started, wearing long coats is one of the best petite fashion tips which looks absolutely flattering for petite girls. Stop thinking only high-end fashion models can wear long coats and this would only suit them. Long coats are the best and look stunning on any body size. 

Styling Tip: If you want a perfect winter look for a day-out, trench coats are the best. You can wear a basic top with flare jeans and ankle boots. Make your body look tall by adding a trench coat above it and carry a little furry bag with a sling to complete your look. 

These were some of the best styling tips for petite girls. Wait, one more tip, Be Confident in whatever you wear. Being confident would actually complete your look. Wear what makes you feel comfortable in your body. Ignore all the stereotypes about short girls and focus on self-love!