It’s always a good idea to reuse your old clothes and style them. Most women spend a lot of money on their wedding lehenga without thinking that it would have no use after the marriage and would be staying inside their wardrobe for years. It is totally forgotten after marriage and your money spent is wasted badly. Why waste your money when you can reuse your wedding lehenga after your marriage? You might be thinking about how to reuse your wedding lehenga after years of marriage. 

How You can Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga?

Most bloggers use old clothes to make it a perfect outfit. Why can’t you? We are going to tell you some ways to reuse wedding lehenga without any hassle. You reuse it in different ways. Let us see how! 

1. Cover it Up with a Simple Top cum Jacket 

Going to a wedding and want to rock a look that makes you distinct from others? Why not reuse your wedding lehenga? Use the stunning skirt of your wedding lehenga and pair it with a buttoned top or shirt with a shiny fabric that contrasts with your skirt. This outfit will rock the party. It would look simple yet totally unique from others.

You can wear jewelry or accessories which match the material embroidered on your skirt. For example, if the skirt of your lehenga has some silverish shine to it, wear an accessory or jewelry matching it. This hack would make your outfit look absolutely new and fresh.   

2. Use the Dupatta as the Drape of Saree 

Want a new saree? Silk fabric sarees are much sort after as wedding apparel, but their reusability is often very less. Well, you can make it at home without spending thousands on purchasing a new one from the market! What do you need? Just your stunning wedding dupatta.

The wedding dupatta is often heavier and beautiful. You can use your wedding dupatta to make it a drape of your saree. Use a simple petticoat and blouse and team it up with your beautiful wedding dupatta and no one will know! 

For example, if your wedding dupatta has a pink color with a silver shade, you can wear a Swarovski blouse and a pink underskirt or petticoat. This would make a perfect outfit for small parties and weddings. 

3. Team up the Skirt with a Gorgeous Kurta 

Do you want the perfect look of Deepika Padukone in the ‘Deewani Mastani’ song? Well, it’s even easy if you have a wedding lehenga with you. You can use the skirt of your wedding lehenga and pair it with a lovely kurta to rock the party. It is extremely traditional so you can definitely impress your in-laws. 

Idea for reusing wedding lehenga
Idea for reusing wedding lehenga

You can make use of your wedding dupatta to make a kurta out of it. If it is a mesh dupatta, it is even better as you can wear a pretty blouse inside that kurta and style with a startling dupatta to complete the look. You can also make a mask matching your skirt to complete the look. 

4. Style your Blouse with a Flared Bottom 

Wedding blouses are absolutely stunning. If your wedding blouse is heavily embroidered and you really want to wear it again then make use of it and pair it with a contrasting bottom. It gives a traditional plus a western touch to it. Do not let your lovely blouse get wasted when you can style and wear it on a perfect occasion like weddings or office parties. 

If you are wearing the blouse make sure you wear the bottom which contrasts with it. You can wear a Sharara or a straight palazzo which matches your wedding blouse. Make sure your blouse looks heavier than your bottom. Wear a solid color bottom rather than bottoms with work on it. You can style it with a dupatta if you want. 

5. Transform it into Anarkali 

Anarkali fashion never goes out of trend. Your wedding lehenga can make a stunning Anarkali suit. It is one of the best ways to reuse your wedding lehenga and make the most out of it. You will get showered with a lot of compliments and no one would notice that you reused your wedding lehenga. 

Don’t make it too heavy. Attach the skirt and the blouse to make the gown and use simple bottom and dupatta with a cute lace on it. Make sure they contrast with the gown. A smokey eye makeup, side hair bun, a dark shade of your favorite matte lipstick, and high heels will complete your stunning traditional look. 

6. Turn the Dupatta to a Heavy Kurti

You can use your beautiful wedding dupatta and reuse your wedding lehenga the best way. This is a different and economical idea. You’ll have another pair to wear without any cost. Your lovely and embellished wedding dupatta can be stitched and converted into a brand new heavy kurta. 

You can make a pretty umbrella gown or a simple A-line Kurti to wear on special occasions. You can make a Kurti which has a high-cut in the middle and wear a blouse underneath. If you still have enough cloth left, make some masks out of them, you can match and wear with the same outfit. 

7. Mix and Match the Dupatta

Contrasting the suits and dupattas are trendy and cool. You can reuse your wedding lehenga by using the dupatta in different outfits. The wedding dupattas are mostly heavy and can be worn with any regular outfit. Without even thinking, take your wedding dupatta out and match it with your other outfits to make a brand new pair ready to wear. 

You can try wearing a regular and basic Kurti and bottom or a Punjabi suit with your wedding lehenga. Wear it on one side of the shoulder to make it the highlight of your outfit. You can make your basic and regular outfit spicy and heavy with the help of your stunning wedding lehenga. 

Do not let your old clothes which you wore rarely, mostly go to waste. These were some of the best ways to reuse your wedding lehenga and make the most out of it. Do not let your money and your memories attached to it go to waste and wear it in different ways to spice up your wardrobe and your style. 

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