Drape Your Dupatta In These Amazing Ways

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Dupatta styles for lehenga
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All women go through this eternal struggle of choosing a dupatta style for lehenga so that it doesn’t look like the same old boring style. Not just that, styling your dupatta lehenga in different ways makes your outfit completely new! Plus, a good lehenga costs heavy on your purse and you might want to find some new ways for draping your dupatta on lehenga differently to wear the same lehenga again and yet make it look different from the last time.

Read ahead to find some interesting ways to drape your dupatta with lehenga and bring forth your desi girl avatar!

Old Gold:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

Yes, you have guessed it. It is the timeless style of putting your dupatta on one of the shoulders. It is effortless and elegant. Also, gives you a more free hand to dance and gives your outfit all the space for attention that it needs and deserves. This style serves best when your lehenga is heavy whereas the dupatta is on the lighter side.

Loose fun:

This is one of the most effortless and casual dupatta styles on the lehenga. All you have to do is pleat the dupatta and pin in on one shoulder. Then, take the loose end of the fabric and tuck it on the back of your waist, with most of the dupatta fabric falling loosely on your lehenga.

Cross it:

Take one corner of the dupatta, put it on your shoulder, take the opposite corner of the dupatta, and put it on the same shoulder. Now pin both the corners together on the shoulder. This will give you a more flowy look. It is fuss-free and works best when you have either silk, chiffon, or a light dupatta.

Cape for the superwoman:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

For this dupatta style, wear your dupatta like a cape or jacket. Open your dupatta, take the middle portions, finding the right balance between the two ends so that it falls equally on both sides, pin the dupatta on both your shoulders.

Wrist it:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

Put the dupatta on your shoulder, take one of the ends, and tie it around your wrist. This looks very fun and beautiful!

Pleat it like a saree:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

To create a traditional look, pleat the dupatta lehenga like a saree and pin it on the shoulders and either tuck the other end on the back of the lehenga or pin it. Lesser pins, but more safety in this one!

Sabyasachi Style:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

We all know the Sabyasachi style of draping a dupatta lehenga. Can you picture his Instagram page already in your mind’s eye and the brown-skinned models wearing rose-tinted glasses standing tall in front of a palace?

That’s exactly what you need to create for this one. Without pleating your dupatta, pin it on your shoulder so that only the three-fourth of the fabric is in front. Take this front portion, pin it on the side of the waist. Let the dupatta flow from your shoulders. Take the back fabric and either pin it or tuck it in at the back.

Belt it:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

Seen Anushka Sharma’s golden reception lehenga?

That’s what we are talking about. Take a belt of either the same fabric and color as the lehenga or experiment with a totally different belt and just put it around your waist safely holding your dupatta lehenga in place which rests quietly on your shoulder, pleated neatly. This again gives you more free hand to enjoy the party without worrying about the dupatta.

Head and Shoulders style:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

This goes for ladies who have two dupattas for their lehenga. You can also experiment with this style if you choose one contrasting dupatta for your lehenga, along with the original one that came with the lehenga already. Put one on the shoulder, you can choose to pleat it neatly and pin it in place. Put the other dupatta on your head and pin it accordingly and let it flow. This is one of the best styles for brides!

The V shape:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

This is one of the cutesiest styles that gives the perfect desi girl vibe. Take some fabric of the dupatta in front, this would make like three-fourth of the fabric of the dupatta. Pin it on the shoulder first, and then take the other corner and make it a V/U shape pin it on the other shoulder. Take the fabric left at the back, and either tuck in the back or pin it.

Hold it together:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

This is rather a fussy look but very fun to try especially when you’d want more attention for your beautiful blouse. Just take dupatta, carry it from the back and wrap it around once on both your elbows. Just hold it in place and you’ll be good to go!

The Chunni Way:

Wear your dupatta lehenga like a chunni for a more elegant, and traditional look. Just pin it on both shoulders, keeping the fabric loose in front – safest and one of the most gorgeous dupatta styles for lehenga to try on!

Thin pleating for the sexy lady:

Dupatta styles for lehenga

This is one of the sexiest dupatta styles. All you have to do is make very thin pleats of your dupatta like how would you pleat the pallu of your saree. It would be easy for you to pleat the dupatta that has a heavier border but is otherwise plain.

For example, a net dupatta with a heavy border would create a beautiful look with this one. Pleat it neatly so that only the border is visible and now pin it on one shoulder and tuck the rest of the fabric at the back or pin it in. To add more grace to this look, you can take another dupatta and put it on either like a cape or pin it on one of the shoulders or just put it on your head and pin it on your bun. This creates a very beautiful and yet sexy look!

At the end of the day, get creative and play around with different dupatta styles for lehenga. This will make your outfit look different every time. Likewise, use different dupattas to create a variety of looks. Swapping dupattas of lehenga also adds a new flavor to your outfits. 

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