All set to go bare body? Take it easy with bikini waxes, we are living in the 21st century and nothing seems out of the world in the contemporary. Guessing it might be a beach trip, and you may have a lot to achieve from your bucket list. When it comes to me going to any beach where the prime task is to flaunt my bikini body, I prioritize getting my body free from unwanted things, therefore I would advise you the same. Get yourself some clean-ups. Most important, being a woman, you should take precautions that do not look untidy or dirty with hair popping out from here and there. Get some bikini waxes.

Types of Bikini Wax

Let people go ooh la looking at you. Here are 7 types of bikini waxes that you can go for. 

1. Classic Bikini Wax

Classic Bikini Wax
Classic Bikini Wax

A classic bikini wax is when only the outer portion of your bikini is waxed, i.e. it removes the hair that can be seen around your bikini line. Hair under your bikini is not removed, it can be sculpted into a triangle, landing strips, love muffin, or some other shapes. If you are a waxing novice, then this is what you can go with. 

2. Mini Brazilian Wax

Mini Brazilian Wax
Mini Brazilian Wax

This type of waxing involves removing hair from the front completely so that your form is not covered with hair, it stays naked. To get this done, you are made to lie down on your back with your legs bent. Feet should be attached and then it is all about enjoying the pullouts.

3. Full Brazilian Wax

Full Brazilian
Mini Brazilian Wax

This is more or less similar to mini Brazilian but it can be said this is the extended version of mini Brazilian. In full Brazilian wax, you will get your front, as well as your behind area also waxed. This is what turns things personal and somewhat oomphy. I suggest you don’t shy away and take things to be casual. To get to your behind area, also known as butt crack, your beautician may ask you to either hold one of your legs up or move around and get on your knees and hands forming a table.

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4. Brazilian Plus Bikini Wax

Brazilian Plus Bikini Waxes
Brazilian Plus Bikini Wax

This is one more add-on to the full Brazilian. You will get your front, behind waxed as well as, you will also get your hair from your stomach removed. It does not look good to have hair on the stomach and especially when you wear a bikini with a stomach covered with monkey hair, what do you think you will look like? All I want to suggest is if you are someone with hair on your stomach then this is it. 

5. Brazilian South Wax

Brazilian South
Brazilian South Wax

This is primarily the inclusion of your legs into the waxing process. Getting full Brazilian is only for your centers, like the butt cracks and the front portion but getting Brazilian south will include your legs and legs are the basic that we as a woman get done for any casual occasion.   

6. Butt Strip Wax

Hearing the name you may want to get it done. Yes, it is all about the clean waxing of your butt crack. This is never enough to get only a butt strip. You should always get something to clean your front portion because when you will be wearing a bikini, it will get really hard to hide the visible hair. You may also feel uncomfortable.

7. Brazilian Total Body Wax

Instead of getting wax in parts, this is the best option that you can go for. This is where you will get your complete body waxed up to your neck. It will cover your arms, chest, back, stomach, legs, buts, bits, etc. If you are super excited to have the vacay you can get this done.

Now that you know which types of bikini wax you can opt for, it is your time to decide on the one that you want to get going with. Suggestion: you have to keep your hesitance away from you. In short, be cool.  

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