A puff has been one of the classic hairstyles and a quick one too. This hairstyle with a puff was a major trend back in the early 2010s. You saw girls trying different hairstyles with a puff.

So if you want to recreate a look or just want to try this hairstyle then here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a puff. So grab your combs and pins and get ready to try this hairstyle. 

What is a Puff? 

In case you are wondering what exactly is a puff then it is a kind of voluminous portion that you try to create using some pins or even some hair accessories. This made your hair seem a little lifted from your head. This looks great with several hairstyles or updos and can be done very easily.

puff your hair
Puff Your Hair

So if you want some volume in your hair or even to elongate your face then go for this hairstyle as this will do the job for you. 

Step by Step Ways on How to Make Puff in Hair

Now we move on to the step-by-step guide to make puffs on your hair. 

1. Comb your Hair

Before you start it is important to comb your hair properly because you don’t want your hair to get tangled while you are taking a puff. So make sure to properly comb your hair with the right brush, about which we will talk more in the next step. So the better you brush your hair the more volume it will give to your puff. 

2. The Combs you Need

To make a puff you would require a few combs to do the right job for you. So first you need a comb or a brush to detangle your hair properly and that will add the air in your hair which will further add volume to your puff.

You will also need a sectioning comb to properly and neatly section your hair and separate the parts you want to keep to make a puff and to leave the rest. 

3. Section your Hair

Now you have to section your hair from in the front. You can decide and adjust how much you want to take to create the puff. This will also determine the volume of your hair.

If you take a smaller section then you will have a puff with no height and if you take a bigger section then your puff can be of some height. 

4. Making the Puff

Now that you have decided what height you want to keep then you can use a tail comb to properly separate the section and gather the hair together that you want to use to create the puff. 

5. Roll the Section

This is the step that you can adjust according to the height of the puff. After you have the section of your hair you want to make a puff with, simply twist them in one direction. This will give the volume and raise it to some height. 

6. Secure it with Bobby Pins

You should use bobby pins to secure the puff at the place and the desired height. Use 2-3 bobby pins so that it doesn’t move from its place and stay there for as long as you want. 

7. Use a Hairspray

If you want your puff to stay in its place for a longer period then you can use a hairspray to fix it in place. This way you can enjoy or go about your day and won’t have to worry about messing your puff. 

A Few of the Hairstyles that You can Try 

After making a puff you have a lot of choices as to what you want to do with the rest of your hair. You can create different looks and they all look fabulous. 

1. A Puff and a Ponytail

This hairstyle is very popular and very easy to make. After you have made a puff all you have to do is take all the hair together and tie them in a ponytail.

You can decide if you want a high pony or a low ponytail they both will look just amazing. 

2. A Fancy Low Bun with a Puff

This one is a perfect pick for fancy events as this looks super elegant. After making a puff from the front section of your hair you can divide all of your hair in the back into two sections.

Tie a chignon with your hair. You can even leave little parts on either side of your head to either wrap around the bun or to simply leave them out. This would be a perfect hairdo for prom or weddings

3. Braids with a Bun

Another quick but cool way to style braids. You can try making a side puff by simply following the above-mentioned hair and tucking it on one side of your hair.

You can gather your hair on the opposite side to make a loose braid. You can even make a fishtail braid if you want as it looks great this way. 

4. Leave your Hair Open

One of the best ways is to keep your hair open and do nothing except the puff in the front. You can take a bigger section, like near your ear, and take a puff.

puff your hair
Puff Your Hair

This would look great at formal events and even for work. You can also either curl your hair or straighten them as you wish. Either way, this look is effortless yet very stylish and chic. 

5. A Small Puff with a Top Knot

This one is a popular choice for dressier events or even when you are dressing up for a costume or theme party. This is the look that the Disney princesses would wear so if you are going for something similar then you can go for this hairstyle. 

These were all the fun and easy hairstyles you can try with a puff.  To be honest, some of you might struggle to get a perfect puff. Well, we all have been there at some point – annoyed with a bad puff. All we can say here is practice makes everything perfect. So, go on to follow these 7 steps and get the perfect puff hairdo.

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