Gone are the days when we had this misconception that braids are prudish or have very limited styling options. All the major hairstylists are experimenting with different braid hairstyles and creating so many styles that were once not even possible to think of. 

These are not just for people with long hair these look very good on people with shorter hair and even on men if they want to do something creative with their hair. 

To talk about the history of braids they go way back to 3500 BC and were very popular with African women. These were so popular in the African culture that often the way women braided their hair was used to identify their tribe, age, wealth and so many related things just by looking at their hair. 

Not just in Africa but so many countries all around the world had unique plaiting styles that would distinguish them from the others. Just like the cornrows were a thing in Africa, Halo braids were popular in Greece and Egyptians had afro box braids.  

So they have a lot of historical significance. They are also a way to show your creativity and talent. Though they might take some time and effort they look amazing no matter what the occasion is, you can use them with so many different outfits. 

Braid Hairstyles for you to try

If you are comfortable doing a braid hairstyle on yourself and even if you have somebody to help you with it, we have a few hairstyles that you should try and will look great for different occasions:

1. The Greek’s Crown Braid Hairstyles

If you adore the beautiful greek crown braids and always wondered that getting them done on you would be such a task and are almost impossible for you to replicate, then we have a step by step guide for you to try:

To make this braid you should:

  • Section your hair in a middle parting from the front to the back.
  • Take one section and start dutch or french braiding your hair from the back, sticking to the edge of your head.
  • When you reach the other end of your head, continue to braid your hair, till the very end.
  • Wrap the remaining plait over your head and tuck it inside using bobby pins.
  • Let out a few loose hair strands from the sides to create the perfect messy crown braid look.

This hairstyle is ideal for a wedding guest look and even for a formal dinner event. 

2. Side Part Fishtail Braid

This braid is another very elegant yet quick hairstyle to make whenever you want to do a little extra something for your hair. 

  • For this hairstyle, first, start by side parting your hair and then take all of your hair on one side.
  • After gathering your hair on one side, make two sections out of it. Then start taking a little section from the back and crossing them in the front.
  • Your braid would appear in the criss-cross pattern. Plait your hair till the end and then secure it with an elastic band.
  • If you want then you can take a few loose strands from the sides.

You can wear this hairstyle on a lot of different outfits be it western or Indian outfits. 

3. Dutch Braids with Pigtails

If you think that braid hairstyles are only for someone with long hair then you are wrong. You can style your hair no matter what your hair length is, and this hairstyle looks very cute on shoulder-length hair.

  • Section your hair from the middle in two parts from the front to the back.
  • Secure one side of your hair with a hairclip and start dutch braiding your hair on the other side.
  • Start from the edge of your head and take it to the back of your hand.
  • Follow this on the other side as well and secure the ends with rubber bands.

This hairstyle looks cute and edgy at the same time. If you have short hair and want to try out different hairstyles then you can try this. It is great when you have to go hang out with your friends or even go out to get a bite. 

4. Cyber-Chick, French Braid Hair Buns

This is another edgy yet cute hairstyle that you can try when you are feeling a little extra crazy.

This hairstyle looks good on both short as well as long hair lengths. 

  • To make this hairstyle start with sectioning your hair from the middle.
  • Secure one side with a hairclip and start french braiding your hair from the front side.
  • When you reach the top part of your hair, make the rest of your hair into a bun and hold it with a rubber band or a hair clip.
  • Replicate this on the other side as well. If you want you can take out some flicks from the sides.

5. The Side Braid Tuck

This hairstyle is very easy, quick, and looks great for any function. If you want to let your hair open but don’t want it to be very basic then you can add this little twist to make it look very put together. 

  • Make a side partition in your hair.
  • From the section that has lesser hair, take yet another smaller section and start normally plaiting it.
  • If you want you can also do a french braid on the side.
  • Tuck the hair on the side with a bobby pin and leave the rest of your hair open.

6. Dreamy Braid

After all these fancy hairstyles, this one is very easy but looks great when you want to just chill in your house and don’t want to care about your hair. 

  • Take all of your hair on one side and start to normally braid your hair.
  • After securing your braid at the end. Start to loosen it by pulling it from both sides.
  • Take a few flicks out from the sides, to get the perfect dreamy loose plait.
braid hairstyles
braid hairstyles


So the next time you are wondering what to do with your hair, you’ll have all these braid styles to try and look fabulous. Always remember what they say about braids,

“Braids are not just a style; this craft is a form of art.”

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