If you are someone who has curly hair you are blessed with naturally stylish hair. They look great when you let them open but if you are on the lookout for some cute curly hair updos then we got you. 

Curly hair needs a lot of care and maintenance. If you have been taking good care of them then you’d have naturally amazing hair all the time. There are some days you want to style your hair in a bun or an updo but don’t know exactly how. Search no further as we’ll let you know everything about curly hair updos. 

Curly Hair Tips

Taking care of your curly hair requires a lot of dedication because if you get a little lazy it may get dry and frizzy. Which can get out of your hand. So you should follow these hair care tips for your curly hair to keep them gorgeous looking all the time. 

1. Use Hair Masks Frequently 

You need to keep your hair nourished and moisturized all the time. So one good practice is to indulge and use hair masks as often as you can. There are a lot of ways you can make a hair mask at home also if you want to use only natural things for your hair. They are inexpensive and work great for your hair. 

2. Don’t Wash your Hair Daily 

One of the biggest threats to your curly hair is getting dry. You don’t want to do that to your hair. If you have a habit of washing your hair daily then please stop. This will only damage your hair further and turn dry. Use shampoos twice a week on your hair followed by a good conditioner. 

3. Use Satin Pillowcases 

This might sound fancy but this works wonders for your hair. Using a satin pillowcase means that you will have perfect-looking curls all the time. A cotton pillowcase might make your hair frizzy and make it tangled. So if you want to wake up with beautiful curls use this little tip. 

4. Use your Hairbrushes Wisely 

Not only is it important to comb your hair correctly with curly hair, but it is also equally important to use the right brushes for your hair too.

Comb your hair right after you shampoo and condition your hair and use a wide-toothed comb preferable. Make sure to always use high-quality combs for your hair. They give the best result. 

5. Go Low on Heat

This is another point to remember. Using heat on your curly hair damages your hair for the long run so try to avoid them as much as you can. If you have to use it make sure to use them on a lower setting and always use a heat protectant to save your hair from some damage. 

These were a few tips to take care of your curly hair for you to follow and see your hair transform and look great all the time. 

Some Curly Hair Updos

To style your hair in an easy curly updo you can try all these quick and stylish hairstyles and always make a statement with your hair. 

tips for curly hair
tips for curly hair

1. Messy Curly Updo

Embrace the beautiful mess that you and also your messy curly hair. Sometimes it is important to flaunt your curls in their natural form. Wear them in an updo and flaunt them. All you have to do is, gather your hair at the top and roll it in a bun. Let your curls do the talking. 

A curly hair updo with bangs 

Curly bangs look great and they are super stylish. If you want to style them further you can tie your hair in a top knot and let your curly bangs out. There are so many bangs you can try for your curly hair and they all look amazing when styled with an updo. 

2. French Braided Bun 

If you want something that keeps your hair in place and looks super snatched and neat then you should try this hairstyle. To make this up, you might need a little help.

Let your hair down and start braiding your hair from your neck side and when you reach the top of your hair, gather all of the remaining hair and tie them in a fancy bun. There you have a bun that would look great at fancy dinners or even for prom. 

3. Cornrow Space Buns 

If you are a fan of cornrows and want to try to style your hair in an updo with them then this look would look great on you.

If you have your hair done in the cornrows then all you have to do is gather your hair on one side and tie them in a space bun high on your head. Repeat it on the other side as well. There you have an easy curly hair updo that looks amazing. 

4. A Classy Chignon 

This hairstyle works best at more formal events like weddings. To make this up, you need to separate the front section of your hair and the back part. From the section at the back tie a chignon or a quick knot at the end. Make it as low on the head as you can.

Take the front section and part them from the middle. Leaving a few hairs on the sides, take the rest of the sections and wrap them around the knot. Keep your hair in your natural texture for the best results. You can go again with a curling iron to give some definition to a few loose hair strands. 

5. A Curly Top Knot 

For this easy curly hair updo, you have to gather all of your hair at the top of your hair. Use a comb to do this to make it as neat as possible, you want your hair to be as neat as possible.

When your hair is all up, tie them up and secure them. If you want you can use a hair gel to keep them in place for a long. 

These were a few easy updos for long curly hair that you can make and have fun with. Apart from this, you can accessorize your hair with pins and scrunchies that make them look even better. 

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