7 Sex Games To Try With Your Partner Today

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Sex Games

Sex Games???

It is often hard to keep the spark alive in a relationship especially when you have little for each other. Regardless of two people being deeply in love, sometimes spicing things up is required in the bedroom. If you and your partner are having issues in the bedroom and trying to re-ignite the passion you once shared with your partner, or if you want to explore how to kink up your sex life more than ever, then you have come to the right place. 

Here, you will get some tips on some kinky sex games which you can incorporate in your sex routine to make the experience way more fun and exciting. The point of including sex games is to tantalize your senses and so that you and your partner can enjoy a hot steamy session of intense lovemaking

The Guessing Game

For this, you have to get a silk piece of cloth to use as a blindfold and a few items to play with such as feathers, ice cubes, flowers, a rope, silk, etc. After being blindfolded, your partner will tease you with the items without saying anything. Guess away the items which are being used to tease you. 

The Kissing Game

Sex Games

It is said that kissing is more intimate than having sex. When you kiss your lover, it leads to the release of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine which make you feel good and euphoric. 

The rules of this game are pretty simple. When you watch any movie or series with your lover, every time the word “kiss” is mentioned in the movie or series, you and your partner have to kiss each other. And before you know it, you and your partner will move things to your bedroom for some lovemaking. 

The Blindfold & Kiss Game

Just like the guessing game, you will need silk clothing to use as a blindfold and to tie up your hands. After being blindfolded, you have to sit back and relax and spread your legs. Then your partner will tease you by kissing you in your erogenous zones without you knowing. This way you will get to feel so much more than usual. Thank me later!! 


Role-playing is one of the oldest and most commonly known sex games to be played in the bedroom for a hotter sexual experience. All you have to do is talk to each other about sexual fantasies and carry out the fantasy in real life. Role-playing may sound intimidating or hard for some. But it isn’t. Shying away will do nothing. In the bedroom, you have to be bold and speak your hearts out. 

The Kinky Scrabble Game

Scrabbles is fun and enjoyable. You can also play scrabble to make things hotter. But not the usual scrabble, of course. In this version of scrabble, only dirty words are allowed. On making a correct word, the opponent has to take off a piece of clothing. So, it is a type of strip scrabble really. Also, the winner of this game gets to do anything with the losing partner. 

“Limited-Time” Game

Sex Games

To play this game you have to use a timer and set it to one to two minutes. After setting the time, you and your partner can do whatever comes into your minds to each other. But once the time is up on the timer, you have to stop whatever you were doing. You have to take a pause of one minute before getting busy with each other again.

Restraining yourself in such situations causes a build-up of lust for one another and you will end up having a great time together.  

Hide & Seek

Childhood was fun with the hide and seek game. Now is the time for some adults to hide and seek which involves some kinks. Inform your partner on reaching home with a message that you are hiding with no clothes on in the house somewhere waiting to be ravished. On winning, the winner gets to decide what needs to be done. 

Sex Games

Sex games are all about teasing and foreplay in general. The games are played to enhance the sexual experience making it hotter. 

Decide on a safe word that is to be used if at any point either one of you feels weird or feels like the game is getting out of hand. Respecting the vulnerability of one another is very important and never try to do something which you are not comfortable with. Communication plays an important role as well for a healthy sexual relationship with your lover. 

Stay kinky♥

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