Fashion is about much more than just wearing pretty clothes. Fashion is a way of self-expression, a medium for displaying all those parts of you that you hold close. Whether this is a way to express gender, sexuality, culture, or a declaration of confidence, fashion represents endless possibilities.

When people put a lot of thought into planning their outfits and take pride in the finished result, it’s equivalent to creating art that represents all the different shades that make you.

Along with clothes, accessories, footwear, makeup and even your hairstyle make a difference in your final look. For example, if you are someone who likes expressing yourself through clothing, you will have a specific way of doing your hair when wearing an evening gown and a different one for when you choose jeans. In this manner, you can experiment with different styles and combinations until you find something that speaks to you and above all, speaks for you.  

In all the different styles of clothing, there is one which is a combination of both culture and modernity: the indo-western dress. Indo-western dresses are a fusion of Western and South Asian fashion, consisting of outfits such as Kurtis in various styles like tail cute, A-line, C-cut; pants which are a westernized version of the Indian salwar such as palazzo pants; many other combinations of Western and South Asian elements, etc. 

If you have been eyeing that indo-western dress lying in your wardrobe, don’t hesitate to pull it on for your next evening out. Today, we are going to tell you about different indo-western hairstyles that you can pair with it and look like that perfect combination of tradition and glamour. 

7 Hairstyles for Indo-Western Dresses

Here are 7 simple hairstyles for indo-western dresses: 

1. Side-Swept Curls

Side-Swept Curls Hairstyle for indo-Western look
Side-Swept Curls

Simple side-swept curls can make a very good addition to your hairstyle for a western gown with an Indian twist. For this, all you need to do is simply curl your hair and sweep it to one side of your neck. This highlights the line of your throat and collarbones, giving that added oomph to your outfit. 

You can try this on for any occasion, from a function to an evening party, because it would give an added boost to every special event. 

2. Poker Straight Hair

Poker straight hairstyle for indo-western Dresses
Poker straight hairstyle for indo-western Dresses

The second on this list of indo-western hairstyles is an elegant look that will make you look like you have it all together. For this look, all you need to is straighten your hair all over and part them in the middle, so that it falls around your face in a sleek manner. This look is perfect for those who have hair on the thinner side because it gives a graceful look that will ensure that the spotlight shines on you just as you deserve.

3. Loose Beachy Waves

Loose beachy waves hairstyle on indo-western outfit
Loose beachy waves hairstyle on indo-western outfit

The loose beachy wave look creates the exact opposite effect of the straight hair look. It shows an air of freedom and relaxation, giving you that effortless glam that makes you shine in your favorite dress. This indo-western hairstyle will look amazing for any hair length, whether it be medium or long. The good news is that there are many ways to get this beautiful look and you can pick the one you are most comfortable with!

4. Messy Fishtail Braid

Messy fishtail braid hairstyle for indo-western look
Messy fishtail braid hairstyle for indo-western look

A messy fishtail braid is one of the best simple hairstyles for indo-western dresses. This looks appears chic when paired with your dress, making you look fashionably traditional. This will give you an intricate, ornate look and will make you glow in your beautiful outfit. You can even add an extra boost to this by making a puff on your hair to accompany the braid.

5. Bouffant Ponytail 

Bouffant ponytail hairstyle
Bouffant ponytail hairstyle

A ponytail need not just be your go-to hairstyle during a workout or a day-in. There are many ways to make the simple ponytail stylish so that it can be the perfect hairstyle for a western gown with a traditional twist. You just need an easy brush through to get ready, with your hair puffed up on the parting side. Just like that, you’re good to go with this simple yet gorgeous indo-western hairstyle. 

6. Half-Up Half-Down

Half-up half-down hairstyle for indo-western looks
Half-up half-down hairstyle for indo-western looks

Can’t decide whether you want to tie your hair up or just let them loose? Well, this next hairstyle will give you a taste of both, so you don’t have to settle for just one. A hairstyle with your hair half-up and half-down gives you both a clean and soft look.

This look is perfect for the summers when you want to have that flowing hair while also keeping things on the cooler side. With this look, you will look both refined and comfortable, which is truly a combination we all seek in fashion.

7. Middle-Parted Hairstyle with a Headpiece

Middle-parted hairstyle
Middle-parted hairstyle

Last, but never least, we have the dazzling hairstyle accompanied by a headpiece. There are many ways to achieve this look. You can part your hair in the middle and wear a headpiece which suits the occasion, to give you a gorgeous ceremonial look. You can leave your hair as it is, or choose to straighten or even curl it.

You can choose between many headgears such as a jhumar, maag tikka, maatha patti, etc. Through this, you gain that added glamour of accessories to go along with your outfit. Thus, this is one of those simple hairstyles for indo-western dresses that suits those special occasions where you wanna go that extra mile.

Rock those Indo-Western Dresses with your Dazzling Hairdos

The key to rocking your indo-western hairstyles is to be comfortable and confident in who you are. Experimenting with self-expression is always daunting, but remember that you are being true to yourself by displaying all your different sides.

Fashion should not be performed out of a feeling of insecurity and consciousness. Instead, remember to have fun trying out different outfits and admiring how they compliment you.

There is courage in exploring yourself and discovering newer sides of your personality. The point of dressing up is not to impress anyone else, but to instead express those emotions that lie at the core of your heart.

So, raise your head, style your hair the way you have always wanted to, put on those dazzling clothes, and strut your way into the streets like the star you are. After all, nothing looks as good on you as self-confidence.

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