Want to have a perfect body?? 

Wondering how to get back to your teenage shape? 

Well, we have got it all decoded right here with 7 dietary additives that you should be adding to your diet in order to gain back your confident self! Psychological and metabolical difference in men and women is a universally obvious thing. So, taking this fact into consideration, the dietary needs of both differs too. Essentially, because a female body has to go through a lot of biological phenomena ranging from menstruation, menopause, and pregnancy. Keeping such complexities in mind, one definitely needs to have a rich diet.

Dietary Additives For Your Healthy Body

So, we hereby enlist some of the dietary essentials every woman must take into consideration:-


Green vegetables are a must-eat for you. Having possessed rich iron content, calcium, vitamin K, magnesium, Vitamin C, phytonutrients; such veggies help you a lot with your bone health. Not just that they keep your bones strong, but they keep improving your bone density for future course too. Isn’t that great?


Famously known as the powerhouse possessing vitamins, minerals, and fats, which are of course healthy; nuts remains to be one of the most important additives for a healthy lifestyle. They help in improving your brain’s information retention capacity and your bone density. Dry fruits like almonds contain an excessive amount of magnesium and calcium. Others like walnuts are loaded with Omega-3 fats, which prove extremely helpful in improving bone strength. Further, if we talk of pistachios, they are rich in magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B6! So, it’s not just about the deliciousness quotient but also about health. Eating nuts is imperative!


It possesses antioxidants which help in keeping the heart fit. It helps in reduction of heart disease and heart attack risks. It is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, copper, manganese. Also, dark chocolate acts as an anti-catalyst in keeping you young i.e. it has skin hydration qualities which keep the youth spark ablaze on your face! Further, it is helpful in keeping a check over your blood pressure, and memory retention power. So, next time you buy a chocolate, go for a darker one! 


Having possessed an enormous amount of Omega-3 fatty acid and fiber, it helps a lot in cutting down bad cholesterol. Also, it is an active agent in helping you fight breast cancer and is recommended as one of the best ingredients for female masses. Further, they are very important for your body to let it have a win over diseases as it possesses a disease fighting compound called lignans. Go, add it right away! 


Carrots are inclusive of a huge amount of complex carbohydrates. This is the reason why they are considered the best for muscles. Not just that, they also possess potassium which helps in controlling the blood pressure. Being rich in Vitamin A, they prevent ageing and help you attain a glowing skin. What else does one need right? 


As we see, a large mass of people are hurling towards green tea these days, there must be something special about it! Yes, it is special as green tea helps in preventing plenty of harmful and chronic diseases a human body can get caught off. Ranging from cancer, heart attack, heart stroke, diabetes and dementia. Also, it helps in keeping the body hydrated as well as helps in fighting fatiguness. So, having a green tea by replacing your normal one will definitely be a profitable choice!! 


One important addition required in your diet is oats. Having a bowl of oats daily will not just keep you healthy but will also make u feel light. Being rich in fibre both soluble and insoluble, it helps in cholesterol level maintenance. Also, it improves your digestive system and helps you lose weight faster. Owing to the benefits oats possesses, don’t you think it’s one of the best alternatives to lose weight than anything else available in the market! 

Dietary Additives
Dietary Additives

So, these were some of the important things to be added to your daily diet. Other than this, a good intake of water is a must to have daily. And wearing a smile is definitely the most cost less way to look beautiful and healthy! 

Stay happy, stay healthy! 

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