Planning to throw a little spa party for the girls? Here is your guide for all things spa-related. This can be a themed birthday party or a splendid idea for a bachelorette party or even just a soiree as a treat for yourself and others. There is no harm in giving yourself a night for some R&R once in a while.

Ideas For A Spa Party

A spa party is just like any other party except you and all your guests will be extremely rejuvenated by the end of the night. There’s a lot that goes into planning a girl's spa party so without further ado, we’ve created a checklist of sorts to ensure the girls have the time of their life. What are you waiting for?

1. Theme 

The most important decision for planning a girl's spa party is the theme that will underly every other activity for that night. To come up with a theme – pick a color and then pick a vibe that goes with that color.

For instance, if you want it to be all green, make your décor earthy with trees, leaves, and the like. If you pick blue, you could have a tropical vibe with coconut drinks and flower garlands. If you want a pink-themed party, then you could do a rainbow or cotton candy theme. It is all about being creative, don’t let anyone stop you from going all out.

2. Invitations

Once you have your theme in place, it is time to get on to your invitations. No girl's spa party is complete without invitations to go along with it. But before making your invites, you need to narrow down your guest list. How many people do you want to call? Will it be all your girlfriends or do you want to extend it to the men as well? How many people can you cater to? Is there enough space? After answering all these questions, you will have your perfect list of guests. 

Then you can go into thinking about your invitations – you can either post a simple card to all of them or take the easier and more feasible way out by sending out an Evite with the time, venue, and any other specification you might have. Do not forget to ask your guests to RSVP. 

3. Decorations and Props

A list of spa party ideas for girls will warrant appropriate decoration. It doesn’t make any sense to have a theme if you do not create an environment that goes along with it. Make a list of whatever you want to have in your spa party. Colors coordinate your tablecloths, bowls, glasses, and other cutlery. You could set up a wall full of photos of you and the girls. You could also add balloons and streamers or whatever goes along with your theme. 

You can also add fun stations as a pre or post-pampering activity – be it photo booth stations, mini bake stalls, or a games corner. It depends on how your audience would want to spend a relaxing day. Start with that and everything else will easily fall into place. 

4. Food and Drinks 

You have to offer food and beverages to your guests, it is not a party without these. But what kind? Generally, spa party ideas for food extend to anything light and refreshing. Either a brunch or an afternoon tea menu. Finger food should be your go-to.

You could make a charcuterie board, chocolate fondue with an assortment of cakes, fruits, marshmallows for dipping, or a stack of mini cupcakes and mini muffins. Fresh sandwiches will also be a great addition to your menu as well as hummus and pita chips. 

Ultimate Spa Party
Ultimate Spa Party

It is all about keeping the food flowing so no one has to sit and eat, and the party can stay alive. As for drinks, it is mandatory to have detox water – water, cucumber, mint leaves as a welcome drink. It is a spa party ritual. You could serve refreshing chamomile tea or any kind of herbal teas as a stress buster. Avoid any caffeinated drinks, sodas, and alcohol. You do not want your relaxing evening to turn into a tumultuous one. 

5. Spa Party Favors

Any kind of party is incomplete without matching goodies – be it robes, fluffy slides, or even just a brush with their names on it. It is all about personalizing the gifts as much as possible. This does not have to necessarily be only for the party. They could take it all home and use it long after the party is over. Create a gift bag with all your favorite kinds of goodies so the girls could feel special and loved. 

6. Spa-Activities

The best part of any list containing spa party ideas for girls is the spa part. Round up a list of activities you would like to indulge in – you could do the traditional manicure, pedicure, face masks, and hair masks, or you could go all our Blair Waldorf style and add massage stations by hiring masseuses. It is best if you set up separate stations for each of your guests and provide them with all things necessary to do their mani-pedis and masks. 

You could always buy masks or whip some up with the ingredients you have at home. Cucumber and avocado masks are the easiest and most suitable. Once your guests have pampered themselves, make sure you set up a makeover station where they could do their hair, makeup, and jazz. Follow this up with a photoshoot so everyone has something to remember this great day by. 

The best thing about these spa party ideas for girls is that it is not limited to girls. You could replace the above checklist for any kind of audience. Swap the theme and menu for a more mature crowd and you’ll have yourself an adult soiree. There are no bounds to relaxation – everyone needs wants, and enjoys some. These spa party ideas cannot go wrong. You can celebrate your birthday, bachelorette party, or any other occasion by throwing a spa party. The next time you’re having one, do call us. We could use some of the rejuvenation as well. 

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