Why Did My Hangover Last Forever? The weekend‘s playlist may be completely different from the ones that you prefer on the weekdays. You may feel they are devastating the other day you get up. Being on this page means you have gone through the ordeal where you were intoxicated for more than a day. 

This means you may stay drunk for partial or complete one day. This is petrifying, you lost a whole awesome day. You may have missed your date with your crush, or your parent’s marriage anniversary, or anything but most important of all, without wanting you skipped a day. Sad!!!!

Reasons Why Your Hangover Lasted Forever

Take a deep breath, be okay with your ordeal and make that your first and last ever. Go through the following to see why that happened, so that you do not repeat these things ever in your future.

1. Lack Of Sufficient Water

Water is a crucial element if you are on a drinking purpose. Drinking enough water is a must but is often forgotten by approx. everyone. You may add water to your initial drinks but if you stay high, and out with your friends, then I bet you will forget to add water to your glass. Consuming glasses of pints will gear you up out of this world. 

The main reason why the lack of water can harm you is that alcohol causes a diuretic effect, both alcohol and your lack of water cause some serious dehydration. Dehydration in itself causes headaches, dizziness, and weakness. Getting dehydrated is the worst thing that you can expect while drinking. So keep drinking as much water as you can.

2. Drinking Too Much Too Quickly

Consuming shots of alcohol one after the other without any required interval will make you drunk quickly. This is because our bodies can break down only a little amount of alcohol at a time, hence intake of bulk in a second will make it harder for your body to break down. If you overload your body with alcohol in a short amount of time, you’ll likely experience two things:

  1. You will get drunker, quicker
  2. You will pay for it much more the next day (or the coming 48 hours).

3. Our Bodies Process Alcohol Slower With Age

You might get disappointed by feeling that you are not able to drink alcohol the way you used to when you were younger. Remember the university nights where you and your friends used to battle for the highest count of shots? Now, you may be done with just 2 to 3 shots. Do not worry, it is normal. Time changes things. 

4. Alcohol Intolerance Or Asian Flush

In a very rare case, one can be intolerant of alcohol, but it does have negative reactions. Alcohol consists of a lot of preservatives, ingredients, and additives that produce negative reactions. Some people who have alcohol intolerance may struggle through a longer hangover than usual. This is because the body will be reacting strongly to alcohol and cause additional symptoms. So not only will you be dealing with a hangover like everyone else, but you’re also dealing with something more intense.

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 Alcohol Intolerance
 Alcohol Intolerance

5. You May Be On Medication

Did you have any idea that certain medication makes hangovers much more severe? Now you know! If you are under medication, then you are more likely to get drunk because the medicines may reduce your body’s metabolism to deal with alcohol. The worst thing is that you will get up after 2 days instead of just one night or a day.

6. Low Blood Sugar

Alcohol can disrupt your blood sugar level. Consuming more alcohol can lower your level of blood sugar which ultimately leads to weakness and fatigue while hangover. If your blood sugar drops extremely, then that will be a serious case of concern and you should look over this.

7. Drinking On An Empty Stomach

If you are a good drinker, then you may already know this fact you should never consume alcohol on an empty stomach. You can get trapped into serious health illness if you continue to drink on an empty tummy. If you want to get rid of long hangovers, then try to eat something before or at the time of drinking.

These are some of the things that you should try to work on and then you can be yourself the very next day you go for a night out party. You can get some details about root beer and red wine, they may be helpful.

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