The pandemic is here for a long time now and the best bisexual dating apps scenario is mostly virtual. This has provided an impetus for dating apps to flourish. However, not all of them are inclusive and need some immediate changes to be useful for everyone, irrespective of their romantic and sexual preferences.

Individuals who belong to the LGBTQ+ community face a tough time when it comes to online dating. People who’re bisexual or pansexual face a hard time because of the conventional settings of most dating apps. Thus, we’ll be talking about the best bisexual dating apps that would bring an end to your online dating woes, if you’re queer. 

Before enlisting the names of the best pansexual and bisexual dating apps, it’s important to put forward that you’re who you are, irrespective of everything else and you deserve to find love, even if people tell you that you won’t. The LGBTQ+ dating apps are meant to make you feel more empowered and to make you realize that you can find love too, even in the most uncertain circumstances.  

Bisexual Dating Apps
Bisexual Dating Apps 

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Best Bisexual Dating Apps

Here are the best bisexual dating apps:

1. Bumble

This is one of the best and most popular bisexual dating apps, because of its great features. After installing the app, you would be asked to put down your preferred mode of interaction, that’s whether you want to engage in dating, friendship, or business-related communication. You would also be asked your preferences in terms of men and women and you can opt for both in the same profile, whenever you want.

The switching feature is what makes bumble one of the best bisexual and pansexual dating apps. Another pro is, the first move can be made only by women. This is a very convenient and empowering move, with way less hassle. If you’re a queer woman, it’s time you get your dating game together, girl!

2. OkCupid

We’ve got to mention this one while talking about LGBTQ+ dating apps because much like bumble, OkCupid has done a great job in being inclusive and keeping features that are very helpful for people of the LGBTQ+ community.

While signing up and creating a profile, you would be asked to specify your sexual orientation, for clarity and better reach. Moreover, you would surely find people who match your vibe since this app has a wide plethora of parameters that will be asked of you so that people having similar likes and dislikes can approach you. If you’re new to the online dating game, you should try out OkCupid for a pleasant experience. 

3. Her

This LGBTQ+ dating app was created by queer women for other women who belong to the community. Hence, if you’re a lesbian, bisexual, or pansexual woman, this app’s just perfect for you. You can meet and connect to women who match your vibe and have similar sexual, as well as intellectual preferences.

The best part about this app is, it’s not just a quintessential dating app but also a space for women belonging to the LGBTQ+ community to come together and share their day-to-day experiences. Even if you’re not interested in sexual or romantic pursuits, you can make friends with the most amazing and strong women, who think like you. Added advantage? This app doesn’t have annoying advertisements either. 

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4. BiCupid

You can well make out from the name that this app was designed for bisexual and bi-curious individuals. If you’re looking for some fun with people who’re like you, with the same interests, create a profile right away and meet various gay and bisexual people. This is one of the best bisexual dating apps, owing to the huge number of people who use this app regularly. You have a lot of people to choose from, and hang out with. Initiate conversations and indulge in happy and meaningful relationships. Are you excited? We sure are! 

5. FindHrr

Ladies, we have yet another app that’s going to help you find your perfect match. In this app, you’ll be able to search your match, based on their relationship status, age, as well as location. You can either specify the location or use the map element. How convenient is that? Your soulmate might just be way closer to you than you ever imagined them to be. What are you waiting for? Get started with your dating adventure already! 

6. Zoe

One of the best bisexual dating apps for sure, Zoe is an app that would reduce your woes when it comes to dealing with fake profiles. It is a primary visual app and does not allow profiles that have pictures of dogs or cats, or even eyes covered with sunglasses. This way there are more chances of meeting and interacting with genuine people who’re interested in building connections. The location options would also enable you to meet women in your vicinity, looking for people with similar orientations. 

7. Fem

So what if you cannot meet your date physically due to the pandemic? You can create interesting videos as well to fill in the void. This is an app that’s mostly based on videos, as well as pictures. Videos are preferable, that would enable your potential matches to heart to your videos. To prevent the conversations from becoming boring, use emojis, photos, and videos to connect faster and better with your match. Moreover, if you’re a bit intimidated and hesitant at first to begin a one-to-one conversation, you can engage in group chats as well, to break the ice. 


We have mentioned some of the best bisexual dating apps for you, that are way more inclusive and better in all aspects than their other competitors, more focused on cisgender heterosexuals. For change to occur, one has to change oneself and every little step counts. We should encourage LGBTQ+ dating apps to become more popular and spread awareness about the same since there are a lot of people who don’t have an idea about such apps. Even if we can’t eradicate all the issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community yet, we can at least try to help lessen them. 

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