Relationships are not really about liking one another, it is also about trust and compatibility, being adventurous and ridiculously romantic. To check if your relationship still has the fire or to reignite the slump in your relationship, here is a list of things to do with your romantic partner.

The Ideal Couple Bucket List Ideas

Below are the romantic activities that should be in your couple's bucket list:

  1. Take a hot shower together after a long tedious day.
  2. Gaze at the stars together, with no music but silence as a companion.
  3. Kiss on the top of a ferry’s wheel.
  4. Make love in a bed covered in rose petals.
  5. Cuddle on the floor in front of a fire.
  6. Carve your initials into a tree trunk. (Please do not damage public properties, you can carve your initials on a tree at your backyard.)
  7. Take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice.
  8. Cooke a meal together while sipping on wine and listening to Bach.
  9. Dine on a three-course meal at a Michelin star restaurant.
  10. Rent a cheap motel for a night, even if it is in your neighbourhood and indulge in hot and passionate sex.
  11. Rent a five-star hotel for a weekend and indulge in red wines and bubble baths while ordering in unlimited room service.
  12. Fill your dining space with lots of flowers and candles and have a candle-lit diner with homemade meals.
  13. Throw a surprise birthday party for your better half.
  14. Kiss in the rain (at your terrace, balcony, garden, road, wherever you feel loved.)
  15. Dance in the rain together.
  16. Ride a horse together.
  17. Go camping together, pitch a tent at night and indulge in lovemaking under the stars.
  18. Finish each other’s sentences. That’s definitely relationship goals.
  19. Have a picnic at your backyard and talk about everything that does and does not make sense. Be sure to drink champagnes and your favorite dark chocolate.
  20. Walk around an art gallery while holding hands and describing your interpretation of the paintings to your partner and vice-versa.
  21. Go on a hike that ends at a waterfall that you can admire after a tedious walk.
  22. Go on a romantic getaway to the mountains and enjoy the sunrise and the sunsets.
  23. Stay up all night laughing and talking, without realizing you have already passed the night.
  24. Visit a karaoke bar and sing the cheesiest duet that you can think of.
Couple Bucket List Ideas
Couple Bucket List Ideas
  1. Browse through a bookstore and pick out a novel that you both like. Make sure to roleplay as the characters while reading it.
  2. Get dressed like it is your day and enter a wedding hand in hand.
  3. Climb to the topmost tower of your building and chug on beers while staring at the silent city after midnight (unless you live in Mumbai, of course.)
  4. The balance on each other while ice skating.
  5. Take corny pictures of yourself in matching sweatpants and shirts on Christmas and New Year’s.
  6. Take a romantic picture of you and your partner kissing during sunset.
  7. Create a scrapbook filled with beautiful and unflattering polaroid pictures of all the important memories you and your partner shared together.
  8. Take a long walk on a beach with bare feet.
  9. Organize a scavenger hunt around town remarking all the important places you have made memories in.
  10. Have sex on a yacht in the middle of an ocean.
  11. Adopt a puppy or a cat from an animal shelter together.
  12. Wake up early just so that you can catch the sunrise together.
  13. Write poetry for each other, even if it is corny or sappy.
  14. Find a drive-in theatre and make out in the car while the film plays; a must pandemic adventure.
Couple Bucket List Ideas
Couple Bucket List Ideas
  1. Take a hot air balloon ride, and make out while overlooking the beautiful scenery all around.
  2. Watch a movie in your bed while making out and cuddling.
  3. Watch Queer as Folk (the U.S. adaptation) together.
  4. Enjoy a Sunday with a marathon of Friends reruns and lots of cheesy pizzas.
  5. Take a boat ride on a river and cosplay as Jack and Rose from Titanic.
  6. Feed each other vanilla ice-cream from Hagen Daz from across the table.
  7. Indulge in ice-cream kisses and intense and sugary make out.
  8. Learn each other’s native languages.
  9. Rent in a couple’s Victorian costume and dance on jazz music all through the night. (Well, make sure not to wake up the neighbours.)
  10. Take a carriage ride during winters, especially in December when it snows. (Hint: Make a trip to Mussoorie.)
  11. Bake a sourdough bread together. Knead the dough together, and maybe, initiate a romantic flour fight like the ones you see in movies.
  12. Go out for a Sunday brunch.
Couple Bucket List Ideas
Couple Bucket List Ideas
  1. Fall asleep on your partner’s shoulder while watching a movie.
  2. Drive around Mumbai at two in the morning, just for the thrill of it.
  3. Revisit the spot where you shared your first kiss.
  4. Go house hunting on a Sunday evening, even if you aren’t looking to buy a place together.
  5. Sing lullabies to each other like your partner is your newborn.
  6. Ride around the city on a motorbike.
  7. Attend the Pride parade together.
  8. Go to wine tasting just so that you can pretend like two classy grown-ups.
  9. Sneak in little notes in your partner’s tiffin box, just so that s/he remembers you during lunch breaks.
  10. Kiss beneath the fireworks.
  11. Get tickets for a live concert of your favorite band or artist so that you can cuddle and kiss when ‘your song’ is playing.
  12. Go on double dates with your partner’s best friend.
  13. Slow dance to sweet nothings even without the music.
  14. Gift each other sex toys on your anniversary. Trust us, masturbating together can be really REALLY intimate.
  15. Discover each other’s wildest kinks and fetishes and encourage each other to act upon it.

The couple bucket list is an intimate list of adventures that should help you know your partner better. By the way, if you think your partner is THE ONE for you, dance to Save The Last Dance For Me by The Drifters. It is without a doubt the best thing to break a leg in, be it your first dance after marriage or to commemorate an anniversary. 

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