Managing weight when you are an adult or a teenager is a hefty chore especially when you are living in a hostel or a PG. Keeping up with the assignments, projects, and classes and managing your diet with that is very complicated. Your mom and dad are always worried about your health, your hostel food is a mess and you are fed up with the same food you’ve been eating every day. What to do? Well, we have a diet cheat sheet ready for you. 

You must be thinking about how to manage diet in a hostel and what are some better meals for hostel girls? You are going to discover a great hosteller diet plan that would help you a lot. 

Managing Diet in the Hostel

Consuming hostel food can be unsatisfactory and sometimes a mood spoiler for you. Eating the same food every day might be the worst thing about living in a hostel. Girls tend to be more diet-conscious and worried about their waist getting too fat.

Apart from the weight, health is important if you are studying outside your home when you have little access to fresh and delicious food. 

Managing diet in the hostel
Managing diet in the hostel

Most PG students often prefer eating Maggie (which is considered a go-to meal for all the students), junk food, and food from restaurants which may not be favorable for their health. Weight gain and other health problems may arise if you continue eating messy food. Just follow this diet cheat sheet to manage your diet most healthily without compromising your heated study schedule.  

Diet Cheat Sheet for Hostel Girls

Following a strict diet may not be very straightforward for girls studying in a hostel. You do not have to stick to a strict diet if your schedule is pretty hectic, instead, you just need to make some changes to it. Observe this diet cheat sheet to get the most out of your meals. 

1. Make a Goal

Making a hosteller diet plan for girls is the first step to achieve your diet goals. You may have a specific purpose or motive if you want to follow a diet plan. Whether it’s about losing weight, gaining weight, or managing your health if you are suffering from any disease or health condition. Just choose why you want to make changes to your diet and get ready to follow an amazing diet plan for girls living in a hostel. 

When you are aware of what is making you follow a diet cheat sheet, it may become easy for you to follow it. 

2. Observe your Hostel Mess Menu

The next step is to observe the things or options available to you. If you are eating high-fat foods or foods which contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients, you should avoid it. Foods that include a huge amount of fat and deep-fried or overcooked food should never be included in your diet, especially if you are trying to lose weight

Avoid eating too salty or too sugary food for a healthy diet. You can include simple food like dal, roti, sabzi instead of going for ramen noodles or cup noodles to keep your tummy full. 

3. Eat Everything Healthy

It’s not easy but you need to try! It’s important that whatever you eat, needs to be healthy. For example, hostellers usually eat junk food like wafers or chips when they are getting late. Make bread and peanut butter your healthy alternative to this unhealthy habit of eating.

Eat everything healthy
Eat everything healthy

If you want to make a change to your health and make it healthy, then add everything healthy in every meal. Do not forget salads, they are super healthy and will keep your stomach full for a long, long time. 

4. Have Regular Meals

Most girls and even boys feel that eating less will make them lose weight. Wrong! Absolutely wrong! It’s not about how much you eat, it’s about what you eat. Your meals need to be healthy, not less. Skipping breakfast is the very first mistake you will make. Having three meals a day is actually very healthy. You need proper nutrients and minerals for keeping yourself healthy, which skipping meals could never do! 

You just need to keep yourself away from unhealthy meals. Add more veggies and fibrous food into your meals and you are on your way to a healthy diet. These will make some great meals for hostel girls.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

It’s the most significant one in the diet cheat sheet. Hydrating your body is important and a bonus if you are following a good diet plan. Drinking 3 liters of water every day will keep your body hydrated. Drinking water not only flushes all the harmful toxins from your body but is also good for your skin. It helps in losing weight and improves your digestive system. Drink water 1 hour before eating your meal. 

Tip: Drink warm water before sleeping and after waking up. 

6. Avoid Smoking/Drinking

It is quite common for most hosteller students to drink or smoke to relieve the stress of their studies and other problems happening in their life. But remember, it is not at all healthy to continue this habit. It is going to make more chaos and problems for your health.

Drinking and smoking not only create health problems like high blood pressure, weight gain, liver diseases but also increases your chances of addiction to it which is not healthy for your future and career too. So, make sure you do not follow this bad habit and if you are, consider avoiding it. 


So this was the answer to the question of how to manage diet in a hostel? Well, managing a diet plan can be quite difficult for some, but not impossible! Following this diet cheat sheet will help you a lot in managing your weight and your health. It’s crucial to keep yourself fit and fine when you are in a hostel as you need a lot of energy to keep yourself together and going. 

You should perform regular exercises too, it can be a bonus for you. It is great to drink and eat healthily.  Do not overeat or undereat, it is not healthy at all. This is a great diet plan for girls living in a hostel if followed strictly and properly. 

Stay healthy and stay hydrated! 

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