As much as people bully those who are overweight similarly they bully those who are underweight. The world indeed judges you no matter what. They want you to change to the ideal beauty standards or sizes but remember that you hold that decision in your life. It is up to you to decide if you want to lose weight or even if you want to gain some. 

It is often a misconception that you can only lose weight with exercise. It is completely wrong. You can lose weight as well as gain weight when you exercise, you can exercise to gain weight. There are proper methods and techniques for everything. With the right exercises and the correct diet, you can easily gain some weight. 

Here are a few exercises to gain weight that you can try out. 

Why Exercise? 

If you are still confused about this and if you are wondering why exercise? Can we not gain by just eating? This is a common question that most people who are trying to gain weight have. Some people find it very difficult to gain a few pounds by what they eat. You must have heard people say that they eat a lot yet won’t gain anything. It could be because they have a strong metabolism. Eating does not guarantee that you will gain weight. You need to put something extra to make it work. 

Apart from this if you eat food or mainly junk food to gain some weight then you are only making your body weak or you will gain some weight in the wrong way. You need to gain healthy weight. You can do that by eating right and exercising. Some exercises help you build your muscles that help you to add a few kilos. So you should exercise in the right way to be able to see possible results. 

Exercise To Gain Weight

You need to gain weight the right way. There are so many benefits like healthy blood flow, you are less likely to develop any heart disease or any similar disease. If you don’t eat healthy food you are even prone to diabetes. You will have better skin and hair. It will also help boost your confidence and you will feel energetic all the time. 

So gaining a healthy weight is necessary and especially important for women. So if want to know the different exercises to weight gain, they are as follows: 

1. Do some Lunges

If you want to gain weight with exercise then you can do that by doing lunges every day. They sound a little scary but they are very effective in building the muscles around your core area, hips, and legs. So you should do them right to not get injured. 

Exercise For Weight Gain
Exercise For Weight Gain

How to: 

Separate your legs from each other and shift your body weight to one of the legs. Bent down on that leg and catch the toe of the other leg with your hand. Try to balance and stand up while still tightly holding the toe and the leg fully stretched out. Repeat this 15-20 times. Make sure to gradually increase the number and listen to your body when it says to stop. 


You should not keep your back bent while doing this to avoid any injury. 

2. Push-ups 

This is another popular choice to gain some weight. This helps to strengthen your core, abs, and your hands and builds the muscles. You should not have any problem once you get used to doing it. 

How to

To do push-ups, you have to lay down on the floor or the yoga mat face down. Bring your hands next to your chest, make sure they have a proper grip. Try to push yourself up, taking your whole body up and all the weight to the hands. Try to do 10 pushups in 3 sets to see the results. 

3. Squats 

This is another popular choice of fitness freaks to build some muscles around the hips, core, and legs. They are also very easy to do. 

How to: 

Spread your legs a little. The same distance as your shoulder. Spread out your hands to the front apart from each other. Keeping your back straight try to sit as if on a chair and then stand back up. Repeat this 10 times and do 3 sets. 

4. Deadlift

This one is another very effective exercise to gain some muscles. If you want to gain some weight by lifting some weights then you can try this one. It helps to build the muscles in your lower body, core, and glutes. You can do this in different variations and with different weights. 

How to: 

If you want to practice deadlifting with dumbbells, then you need to stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Hold the dumbbells in your hands and hold them near your thighs. From here try to bend a little bringing the dumbbells close to the ground. Repeat this process and you can reverse the method once you feel a little stretch in your hamstrings. 

5. Pull-ups 

This can be a little difficult for some but it fetches some great results and should be tried out first. This helps to build the muscles in your upper body like your biceps and forearms. A pull-up is an exercise where you try to pull your body weight while hanging from a pole. 

How to: 

For this, you should make a firm and tight grip on the bar to make sure you don’t fall. Keep them on your shoulder distance. After this, lift your legs from the ground and try to pull your body up so that your chin can touch the pole. Repeat about 10 times. You can start slow and then gradually increase the number. 


If you have a neck injury then you should not do it. 

These were a few exercises to gain weight that you can try and gain some healthy weight and in the right manner. With this, you should make sure that you eat the right food for better results. 

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