We know, it’s that much of a struggle to attain that perfect weight post-pregnancy. Wondering how to lose weight after pregnancy? We decided to help you out with some tips that you can follow for post-pregnancy weight loss. It can be too stressful taking care of a newborn baby, adjusting to an entirely new routine, and recovering from childbirth. There are a lot of questions a pregnant lady thinks about as well.

But it is all worth it, isn’t it?

However, it’s important to return to a healthy weight after the delivery of a newborn, especially if you are planning to become pregnant again in the future.

Do not panic about it. Post-pregnancy weight loss can be tough but it is not unattainable. 

What is the right time to Lose Post-Pregnancy Weight?

The US National Institutes of Health proposes new moms to wait until the baby is at least two months old and the process of breast milk supply is normalized, before cutting down calories for weight reduction. It is alright to take a year or considerably more to return to your pre-pregnancy weight. In this manner, there is no compelling reason to rush with the weight reduction measure. 

Most post-pregnancy moms normally lose half of their pregnancy weight by about a month and a half after delivery. If you still need to add to the weight reduction process with your efforts, at that point do consult a doctor before starting any exercises or diet routine. Weight reduction can be different for every lady and relies upon factors like the health of the mother and the baby. 

Post-pregnancy nutrition is also very important. Do not focus too much on post-pregnancy weight loss that you cut off on the essential nutrients from your diet. You need to take care of your health more than anything else now.

Tips to Lose Baby Weight After Delivery

You must be wondering how to reduce belly fat after delivery, but do not panic, we decided to suggest some simple tips which you must keep in mind.

1. Keep your goals realistic 

No matter what magazines and superstar stories would have you believe, getting in shape after pregnancy requires some serious energy and time. In one 2015 study, 75 percent of ladies were heavier, 1 year after giving birth to a newborn than they had been before pregnancy. Of these ladies, 47 percent were at any rate 10 pounds heavier at the 1-year point, and 25 percent had kept on 20 additional pounds. 

Depending upon how much weight you gained during pregnancy, it is realistic to expect that throughout the following 1 or 2 years you could lose around 10 pounds (4.5 kg). On the off chance that you put on more weight, you may discover you end up a couple of pounds heavier than you were pre-pregnancy. Obviously, with a decent diet and exercise, you should be able to accomplish any healthy level of weight that your doctor suggests to you.

2. Breastfeeding your newborn if you can

There are many benefits of breastfeeding a child. This is one routine that can assist you with losing excess pounds even as you sit easily in your preferred seat. Breastfeeding moms can wreck around 600 to 800 calories per day as the body now needs extra calories to breastfeed the child. 

Weight After Delivery
Weight After Delivery

However, the tricky part is the point at which your child is being weaned off breast milk and is gradually eating semi-solid or solid foods. At this point when you taper off breastfeeding, there is a chance that your weight will increase so be prepared with a backup plan like exercises or a balanced diet.

3. Keep a check on fat and calories

Most specialists do not suggest starting a diet plan immediately after delivering a baby since the body is presently in repair mode. However, you can start by turning the other way when offered empty calorie foods like chips, cold drinks, and such junk foods. 

Include a lot of proper nutrients in your diet like fruits, green vegetables, lean meat, whole grains, and low-fat dairy items in your diet plan. Try not to fall prey to fashionable diet plans that do not include proper nutrients from each food group. This is one of the most effective home remedies for weight loss after delivery.

On the off chance that you are prone to overeating, decide to eat small meals at short intervals. This will help you to keep your glucose levels consistent. Short suppers will divide calories throughout the day, shield the calories from being put away as fat, and utilize them in a superior manner.

4. Do hydrate yourself

Make sure that you drink at least eight to ten glasses of water each day as this will flush out all the toxins from your body. Since it prevents lack of hydration, your digestion improves drastically and this is also useful in getting in shape. 

Aside from water, allow fluids like milkshakes, fruit juices, smoothies, and soups into your everyday diet which will likewise support your point of losing weight after pregnancy. To understand how much water to drink, ask your doctor about it and he will help you out.

5. Do not stress too much

Being a mother, first time or otherwise is a difficult task and has its own set of struggles. You may feel over occupied by the circumstance and this prompts mental stress and pressure. Weight gain and increase in stress are regularly connected and hence it is often advisable to keep feelings of anxiety as low as could reasonably be expected. 

Avoid stressful situations and use procedures like music or reading books or anything else you love to help you feel relaxed. Save some ideal time for yourself, however busy the day might have been, read your preferred book or go for a quick walk and this will assist you with busting the blues and help you in losing weight after pregnancy.

6. Avoid alcohol consumption

Studies have indicated that limited quantities of liquor, for example, a glass of red wine, do have some medical advantages. Be that as it may, with regards to post-pregnancy weight loss, liquor gives additional calories without much in the method of sustenance. 

Furthermore, liquor might be identified with weight gain and may prompt more fat being put away around the belly, otherwise called paunch fat. As indicated by research, there is no known safe degree of liquor for babies. The most secure choice for newborn children is for breastfeeding moms not to drink by any means.

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