Worried about the Vagina?

Well, don’t be any more as we are here with some of the quick steps to be followed for having a clean vagina, and hence a happy you! Healthy Vagina is one of the most important yet underestimated topics concerning a female body.

How To Maintain A Healthy Vagina?

Following are the quick steps to take care of your Vagina:


Generally, we don’t tend to take things so scientifically as well as seriously on a daily basis, but maintaining pH balance in the vaginal area is extremely significant for a healthy vagina. A 2013 data shows, how condom usage while intercourse acts as a great help in maintaining pH value so that, all the good bacteria can exist there healthily. And these little bacteria immune your body from yeast infections, Urinary Tract Infections, etc. Also, there are certain V-wash solutions that help you maintain the same. So yeah! Keep up with the pH parameter.


When your gyno says, visit regularly; she means it! Having avoided such things, some major diseases can crop up. Also, it’s really important to have your intimate parts examined regularly owing to your sexual intercourse frequency as well as to understand your body, the kind of care your organs need, etc. So, visit your gyno often. “I think an annual exam is important for talking out health problems”-quotes Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., Clinical Professor, Yale University.

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Using lube is often thought of as unconventional and hence unimportant. But think twice! It’s not a bad idea if your vagina needs it, rather, not using the same can cause serious abrasions. It’s time you communicate with your partner and tell them how painful it is for you when you are not using any such thing. Also, vaginal dryness can cause serious issues to you if you are habitual of antihistamines, antidepressants, etc. So follow some tips for a healthy vagina.


Yes, there’s a particular preference your vagina has, and that’s cotton! Having worn other stuff, it ruins and affects your vagina badly. That’s the reason manufacturers always use cotton in the crotch zone, even when the underwear is made of some other quality. It’s about the fact that cotton allows the air to get in, and also helps in absorbing sufficient moisture for a healthy vagina. Also, when you go to the gym, never avoid wearing your undergarments, it causes the germs stuck over the gym equipment to get absorbed in your vaginal area.


Using antibiotics often can cause serious health issues to your vagina. Antibiotics aren’t biased-they kill all the bacteria at once, the good as well as the bad ones. This can further cause you yeast infections, etc. Once the doctor prescribes an antibiotic to you, you cannot avoid having the same. But then, make sure that your body is very much in need of it. Otherwise, you may land your vagina in serious health risks.

So, these were some quick steps to have a healthy vagina. But, before we conclude, there’s one more important thing. “Your vagina is a self-cleaning oven”, quotes gyno Anil. Never use any extra chemical or anything without a doctor’s prescription. Your vagina isn’t in need of it. Having used any such thing, you are letting your vagina to be at a greater risk of serious health hazards like STD, pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Stay hygienic, stay happy! 💙

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