If you have ingrown hairs in your vaginal area, you’re actually referring to the area around the vagina, the pubic hairs. Ingrown hairs occur when the hair tip, instead of growing outwards, goes back into the skin at the root. As a result of this, you can have painful bumps (which may be red), and they can be soft or hard (filled with pus). They’re usually not a big deal, but ingrown hairs can be annoying, itchy, and generally irritating. Also, you might mistake these bumps for something else, like boils, or a symptom of herpes.

Causes of Ingrown Hair in Vaginal Area

Ingrown hairs are really common, especially if you shave or wax your bikini line regularly. Also, if you have rough and curly pubic hair, you’re more prone to getting ingrown hairs. Additionally, if you tend to wear a lot of tight clothes, it can cause irritation in the area and lead to ingrown hairs. 

Treatment of Ingrown Hair in Vaginal Area

Ingrown hairs are usually benign problems, and they’ll go away in time. However, if it’s becoming a big deal for you, and the bump is itchy, here are some ways to deal with it:

  • Don’t use hair removal methods until it’s gone
    Hair removal can further aggravate the area which is already sensitive. And it can increase the risk of infection. So it’s better that you take a break from methods like shaving and plucking.
  • Use a warm compress
    If the area is really itchy, try doing a warm soak with Epsom salts. Or, apply a dry compress and try to get the hair to rise to the surface. Then you can pull it out with sterilized tweezers. If you try to pull it out before it’s reached the surface, it might be more painful and might lead to scarring.
  • Wash with soap and water
    Washing the affected area with soap and water might help the hair to rise out of the surface so you can pluck it. It’ll soften the surface of the skin and also reduce the risks of infection.
  • Use over the-counter-medication

If nothing else is working, and you’re in more discomfort than you can handle, try taking an ibuprofen for the pain, and use hydrocortisone cream on the affected area (but keep any cream or medication away from your vagina). The bump will feel a bit like a pimple. If there’s a cyst, you can try benzoyl peroxide. You can also try witch hazel, anti-itch cream, Aloe Vera, or diluted tea tree oil, but it’s best to ask your doctor first. 

Ingrown Hair In Vaginal Area
Ingrown Hair In Vaginal Area


So how do you prevent this from occurring? There are a few ingrown hair remedy to reduce the risks of ingrown hairs.

  • Be careful about your razor
    If you shave regularly, make sure you’re also changing your razor or your razor blade regularly. Don’t share it because this is the easiest way to get an infection. Disinfect it with soap and water, and don’t use dull razors which will nick at your skin and irritate it. Make sure your blade is sharp, and that your skin is wet when you start. Use shaving cream. Shave in the direction of hair growth (we do the opposite when we shave our legs) so you won’t cut your skin and cause irritation and infections. Cuts in the pubic area can make things uncomfortable.
  • Moisturize and exfoliate
    Obviously, stay far away from actually putting products in the vagina, but in the area around it, make sure the skin is soft and that there are no dead cells to block hair follicles. Exfoliate the area regularly.
  • Change hair removal methods
    Obviously, you can just opt not to shave, that’s perfectly fine. You can trim your hair every once in a while. Or, you can trim longer hairs to make it easier to remove them. Otherwise, consider methods that are less likely to cause ingrown hairs, like electrolysis or laser-hair removal.

Generally, ingrown hairs are no big deal. Like acne, it comes and goes. However, if your bumps look like they might be infected and they’re very painful and pus-filled, or if there’s bleeding, you might want to see a doctor. Then medication can be prescribed accordingly. If you get ingrown hairs quite frequently, you might want to consider permanently changing your method of hair removal, or taking an extended break from it. Yes, we consider beauty important, but health is twice as important!

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