Your lifestyle Habits To Improve Sex Life affects everything happening in your life whether it’s your health or your social life. This direct relationship between our lifestyle habits and our lives is very important. The one substantial factor which is affected by our lifestyle is our sexual life.

Having a healthy sexual life means an overall healthy body. Not just health but having a good sexual life also boosts your stamina and your self-esteem. Your lifestyle habits can have a great effect on your sexual life. 

Some of your lifestyle habits may impede your sex life. What are those? What are some habits for a healthy sex life? Does having healthy lifestyle habits strengthens your sex life? Read on to find out all your queries answered. 

A fulfilling sex life results in all-around emotional, physical, and mental well-being. So, in case you think you are missing the spark in your sex life, you should consider improving it. Let us first understand some bad habits for healthy sex life or the signs your sex life is not healthy. 

Habits that Ruin Your Sex Life

Below are some habits that can ruin your sex life:

1. Smoking

If you smoke, you are at more risk of having erectile dysfunction. Chronic smoking causes decreased dilation of vascular endothelial tissues and diminishes genital stimulation in men. In women also, nicotine consumption damages sex hormones and reduces the blood flow towards the clitoris. Also, smoking has negative impacts on your overall health too.

2. Stress

Having stress is a major cause of not having a proper sex life. People who are suffering from chronic stress are most likely to affect their sexual life. The hormones generated which alter your emotional and cognitive states can discourage your sexual life. The stress can happen for a lot of reasons from family problems to work overload. Having stress can cause a lot of health problems. So, you might not want any more stress. 

3. Being overweight

Your body mass index indicates your ideal weight and overall health. Not having an ideal weight can cause your body to misbehave and a lot of health issues too. Not having any physical activity and eating a lot of saturated fat can result in weight gain which is not so good for your sex life too. It can affect your body image, which means less self-confidence around your sexual partner.  

4. You are not creative with sex

Your sex life also depends on how you perform. If you skip foreplay and go straight to penetration, your partner may take a long time to orgasm. Masturbation and oral sex before having sex are important because it generates heat in your body. Also, doing the same thing, again and again, can be a little boring and sometimes a turn off for your partner. Not being creative with your sex life can be a cause of being bad in bed. 

Habits To Improve Sex Life
Habits To Improve Sex Life

5. You are too busy 

Being busy and having a hectic schedule can have a great effect on your sex life. You might not have enough time for your partner to talk and spend time with each other which reduces your chances to have less or no sex. Communication is important if communication is not involved between the partners, it can be a little bad for your sex life. 

Healthy Lifestyle Habits which Improve Your Sex Life

Here are some habits which enhance your sex life:

1. Quit Smoking

As you’ve read earlier, smoking is a cause of erectile dysfunction in men and also causes less libido in women. So, what’s the solution? The first step to a healthy lifestyle habit is to quit smoking, it will not only improve your sex life but also improve your overall health. 

2. Exercise regularly

It is one of the greatest healthy lifestyle habits. If you exercise regularly your sex life can be a lot more spicy and hot. Exercising regularly not only increases your stamina but also makes you last longer in bed. It makes you a lot more active and healthy. So make some healthy lifestyle goals for yourself and have a great time in bed. 

3. Stress management

Stress causes a lot of frustration and anger issues which affects sex life. Stress is one of the habits that can ruin your sex life. It is crucial to get rid of stress for healthy sexual and overall health. If you are stressed, try yoga or meditation, it can help you relieve the stress and it is also beneficial for your internal health. Socialize with your friends and have fun. Making changes in your lifestyle habits can effectively improve your sex life. 

4. Communicate and make time 

Communication is the key! Make sure you talk with your partner about what they like to do in bed and what are their sexual preferences? Communication is one of the amazing habits for healthy sex life. Give them enough time and care so that they understand that you are not with them just for sexual interest. This is a great tip for a great sex life.

5. Sleep more

If you do not get enough sleep due to your hectic and heated schedule, make a habit of sleeping early and not staying online for a long, long time. It can affect your health as well as your sexual life. Give enough time to your sleep too. If you have insomnia, find out the reason for it and do not let anything come between you and your sleep. 

6. Consume a healthy diet

Your diet and your sexual life are interlinked. Having a strict and healthy diet is a great way to achieve good health. Having good health gives birth to a good and healthy sexual life. There are certain foods that can increase your libido. It can increase your sex drive and can work as a viagra. Wink! 

  • Red Wine
  • Fenugreek
  • Dark chocolate
  • Berries and grapes
  • Green tea
  • Hot peppers
  • Apples
  • Citrus fruits

Adding these basic habits for healthy sex life will not only make you good in bed but also work on your overall health. You should expect your partner to understand if you are not doing well sexually. Consider talking to your doctor if your sexual performance does not improve even after adding these lifestyle habits into your daily lives. 

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