Every Disney princess’s story has a unique tangent in it. Although, every story has the motive to inspire girls by making them realize true power comes from within. Similarly, one of the most famous Disney stories is about Rapunzel. The princess of Corona, a kingdom, with golden magical hair. She is remembered for both, her coruscating, golden magical tresses, and her strength and bravery. 

The hair is the most fascinating part of the story, almost every woman wishes to have hair like Rapunzel. Although it is kind of hard to manage that kind of long hair, the quality is worthy of admiration. Given our fast lifestyle, incessant working round the clock, and the polluted environment, it has become very difficult to give our hair some attention. Consequently, they lose their glow and smoothness. While working for our futures and shine like a star, losing the shine of our hair is collateral damage. 

Don’t worry, we have got an efficacious solution for your hair problems. Applying a hair mask once in a while can overcome the problem of frizzy and unmanageable hair. Just like following routine skin regiments for healthy skin, we need to give our hair some attention too. Other than just shampooing and conditioning your hair, you need to apply a mask on it too. 

Hair masks deeply condition your hair. It helps to repair all the damage by intensively conditioning it. It does wonders for your hair and can help you improve its quality, just like Rapunzel’s. There are various kinds of different hair masks available at the market. Many professional brands have come up with heavenly good hair masks for all types of hair and hair problems. 

How To Use A Hair Mask At Home?

You don’t need to spend hours and a fortune worth of money at a salon to get the perfect hair. These hair masks can be applied at home very easily. 

It is no rocket science, to use a hair mask at home, follow the steps listed below-

1. Read the instructions to use

There are various kinds of hair masks for all kinds of hair problems. According to your type and problem, buy one which suits your concerns. Anyhow, whichever mask you buy, read the instructions mentioned at the back. Many different commercial brands specify different application steps. It specifies how often to use a hair mask in a period many. 

2. Dress suitably 

Applying hair masks can come with a lot of mess. Even if you are not a clumsy person who never spills anything, wear suitable clothes. Chemicals present in these hair masks can ruin your clothes. So it is advised to wear clothes accordingly.

Hair Mask
Hair Mask

You can get a cape which the salons use from any beauty store, or even wearing an old t-shirt would work. Since you are at home, simply wearing a towel can also work.

3. Wash and dry your hair

Make sure you wash your hair before using a hair mask. Washing your hair will remove all the dirt and sweat it had built up. This way the mask will perfectly perforate deep inside the scalp and will provide nourishment easily. 

After washing your hair, pat dry it with a help of a dry towel. Do not use a hairdryer as a hair mask needs to be applied on damp hair. Blow drying would take away the moisture. 

4. Divide and secure

Part your hair into a few sections. Depending upon the thickness or length of the hair, part your hair accordingly. Doing this will ensure that all your hair gets treated, leaving no part of the head.

You can use different clips to hold your hair into sections.

5. Roots to tips

Gently, apply the hair mask, starting from your hair roots and moving gradually towards your hair tips. Massaging your head tenderly with firm motions while applying a hair mask will ensure proper coverage. This way the product will be applied evenly. Put some extra product on the hair tips as it is the part that mostly gets damaged and has split ends. 

6. Comb your hair

Once you have finished applying the product, run a wide-toothed comb through your hair. Combing will help spread the product on all parts of your head, evenly. In case of curly hair, simply run your fingers to avoid tangling your hair.

7. Rinse and condition

After keeping the hair mask for the required time period, rinse your hair in cold water, and apply conditioner. Conditioner would help to rehydrate your hair.

Ta-dah… You are done!

As already said before, any noob can apply a hair mask at home, it is extremely easy. 

Mastery of hair mask

Besides improving the hair texture and quality, hair masks can do a lot of things. You can also apply hair masks for hair growth acceleration. Hair masks provide hair with all the nutrients it needs for nourishment and growth. Applying a hair mask for hair growth can prove to be a good way to do it. 

Other than that, using a hair mask for scalp nourishment can also be beneficial. Scalps can be too greasy and sometimes may also have dandruff. The nourishing formula of hair masks treats the scalp with its intensive conditioning properties.

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DIY hair masks

Many people do not like to use chemicals based products and completely rely on organic or Ayurvedic products. Since these commercial brand hair masks have a lot of chemicals in it, one may refrain from it. 

But following an organic and Ayurvedic concept of lifestyle need not come at the cost of your hair’s health. There are many DIY hair masks that can do the work too. 

Hair Mask
Hair Mask

By using ingredients that are beneficial for hair growth and health, a hair mask can be made at your home too. Many recipes are available on the internet, requiring very regular and basic ingredients from your kitchen. 

Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away, routine use of hair masks keeps you away from the salon. Also, it saves you hours of waiting and sitting in the salon and not to forget the costly service charges.

Amazing Hair Masks Available In The Market

If you are feeling too lazy to make your own mask, then there are some amazing products which are vailabe in the market. We have compiled a list of some of the best hair masks that are available. 

1. St. Botanica Moroccan Hair Mask- This amazing hair mask is made of Argan oil, Lavender oil, and Rose oil. It is completely vegan and made of natural ingredients, so, it is safe to use and you will end with smooth, hydrated, and frizz-free luscious hair.

2. Bella Vita Organic Keratin Hair Mask– This all purpose hair mask is best suited for all type of hair and works its magic on dry, damaged, frizzy, and even coloured hair. Made with Coconut oil, Argan oil. Shea butter, Hydrolyzed Keratin, and Vitamin E and Pantheol, it will helps you achieve strong and healthy hair.

3. TRESemme Keratin Mask- One of the top-rated product on Amazon, this is a hair mask which is best suited for oily hair and can work wonder on those damaged tresses. Made with Marula Oil, this will help you detangle those tough knots, and smooth that untamed hair.

Pampering yourself should not be a luxury but an austerity. 

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