We all love summers, don’t we? But mostly forget about workout routines for summer because of the lengthy vacations, fun activities, cool treats, and colorful summer clothes. Most of us are in a mood to relax when we finally get our summer holidays and have less of a workload. Kids too, look forward to having great summers, engaging in their favorite activities and having some ice lollies. However, summers can be the right time for changing your workout routines for the best results. There are some exciting workout routines for summer that are worth trying out!

If you’re someone who doesn’t usually get the time to work out, try doing it with your kid, during the summers. You would have a better chance of maintaining consistency if you have to do it with your child and it’s a great bonding exercise as well. 

Exercising should be a vital part of our routine, more so, when it comes to children. Once you begin your workout routine for summer with your child, you would automatically have a better chance of finally being able to achieve your dream summer body. Are you excited to start your workout routines for a summer body? Read along to find out more! 

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Workout Routines For Summer

Below is a workout routine for summer: 

1. Jogging or Running 

Have you ever been to workout summer camps with your kid? If you haven’t, you should totally sign up for one, this summer. The importance of workout in summer, for kids, is extremely important because that’s how they would be able to channelize their energy and be more productive in whatever they do, throughout the day. 

Try waking up early and hop into your running shoes. Go out for a jog, followed by brisk running with your child. If you’ve just begun your workout routines for summer, don’t overdo it initially and take things slow. With time, increase your speed and your distance, according to your and your child’s preferences. 

Summer Workout Routines
Summer Workout Routines

More often than not, you’ll see that you’re having a hard time keeping up with their speed. But, you should keep going because that little push is going to go a long way in making your workout routines for a summer body successful. Don’t forget to carry healthy fluids and some snacks to munch on, for while you’re at it and need a break. 

2. Obstacle Workout 

Workout routines for summer can get really boring after a while because of the similar kind of exercises every day. This tends to lessen your interest and especially for kids who always seek variety. To make things more interesting and give your kids a fun workout partner, you have to think of variations. Creating obstacle courses is one of the best ways to keep the enthusiasm alive. You should always focus on movement, while you’re setting up or determining the obstacles.

 You can begin at the stairs, followed by a bench, you can even make use of cones and old car tires. You can take turns in jumping over the obstacles at your maximum speed and completing one whole round at a particular time. Such workout routines for summer are very effective for fitness and stamina. If your kid is too young for some of the obstacles, be creative and go for shorter ones, but this is a great way of developing their stamina at a young age. 

3. Swimming 

When it comes to workout routines for a summer body, can we miss out on swimming? Surely not. Swimming and water sports are quite common in the summers and many places offer workout summer camps focusing on these activities. You should totally join your kid for their swimming sessions, to make the most of the summers. 

However, if you’re someone who’s not too fond of the water or has chlorine-related allergies, you can try treading, while keeping an eye on your child. In this way, your muscles would go through a proper workout, instead of sitting idle. Being a smart mother involves making the most of your time with your kids while doing the best you can for your personal benefit. 

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4. Hiking 

If you’re in the mood for some adventure, you should surely try out hiking with your kid as a part of your workout routines for summer. Not only would it give a good workout to your body but it would also ensure some good family time, discovering and exploring new places. 

Summer Workout Routines
Summer Workout Routines

You could easily carry some food and other refreshments for ending your hike with a small picnic. Sometimes, it might get boring to work out at home. In such cases, you should definitely try out physical activities that involve going out in the fresh air. This could boost your stamina and your interest as well. 

5. Outdoor Games 

Workout summer camps always focus on outdoor games that are a part of the fitness routine. These could include volleyball, basketball, football, etc. What could be better than being able to play with your child, right? 

You should make the most of it and try to make the game exciting for your kid as well. In this way, you would get to brush up on your skills if you haven’t played for some time. Don’t forget to stretch it out before you begin to avoid muscle cramps and injuries and teach the same to your children as well. It is extremely important to inculcate the habit of stretching before going ahead with any kind of physical workout.


We have mentioned some of the most common and beneficial physical activities that should be incorporated into your workout routines for summer if you want to stay fit and healthy. Children learn good habits from their parents and elders around them and if you accompany them in developing good habits like working out, it would be way more effective and meaningful. If you’ve always wanted a certain kind of body but never really got the chance to work for it, this is your cue to start hustling and make the most of the summers. 

Are you motivated enough? We surely are! 

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