Swimming vs running? are they both great exercises for the body? Indeed yes they are!. These workouts tone the whole body and strengthen the joints. It also helps you to get control over your body weight. To maintain a balance of fat and muscle in your body, you need to burn out the calories you consume every day. 

Doing so will keep your body in perfect shape and active. Regular exercise also reduces the risk of heart diseases. Swimming vs running both keeps the heart healthy and strong. they improve the performance of the pumping and circulation of blood in the body. There are endless benefits of exercise but here, I am going to tell you which exercise is best for you among swimming vs running. 

Swimming Vs Running: Pros and Cons

Here the pros and cons of Swimming and Running

Benefits Of Swimming

If you want to have an intense workout without sweat, swimming is the best choice for you. Swimming for 20 to 30 minutes is enough for a full-body cardio workout. But if you are a beginner, start swimming for a short period of time. 

Take multiple small intervals and stay consistent. Gradually as you become a pro, you can increase the swimming time and decrease the number of intervals. The intensity of swimming is medium. It does not give any special pressure to a specific part of your body, it tones the whole body.   Let’s discuss some of the benefits below:

Body flexibility

The flexibility of your body will increase during the course of swimming. It targets the core areas of your body. It gives you a balanced workout for the arms. Arms are the most used part while swimming as well as your legs. The legs are used as a propeller to move ahead through the water. Swimming helps your back to workout too. The flexibility of the spinal cord increases. 


Swimming increases the rate of the heartbeat which is good for your health. The heart pumps at a fast rate to move the body through the water. The water keeps the body cool and makes it possible to work out for a longer time than compared to running. 

Full body workout

Swimming gives pressure to both the upper and lower part of your body. Swimming is a great aerobic and is a complete body-strengthening exercise. If you can manage to swim in warm waters it will be more soothing and also good for your joints. This cardio workout gently massages the body muscles as well as the muscles of arms and legs.

Disadvantages of Swimming


There is a chance of spreading contagious disease through the water. The water in the pool should be clean and tested. Especially in this time of COVID-19, one should be extra cautious. Even though provided precautionary measures are taken, every person should take individual care and always stay alert. Apart from this deadly disease, if the water is not clean enough, it may cause some skin disease. So, take a bath after every time you swim and stay careful. 


If you are a beginner, please take the proper course of swimming or learn to swim from an expert. Never swim alone. There are chances of drowning. And if you have passed the stage of a beginner, then you should be careful if you swim outside the pool. The water force in lakes and rivers are different. The water currents are very powerful and may drag a person down. One should be very careful while swimming in the open areas. 


Running is as good as swimming. It is one of those exercises which you can do anytime anywhere. All you need is a good pair of shoes and socks. Morning run will give you fresh air and vitamin D. Running and jogging are almost similar but running requires more speed than the other. This exercise is very effective and increases metabolism. 

Swimming Vs Running
Swimming Vs Running

Benefits of Running

Simple exercise 

Running does not require some expert’s advice nor does it require any instrument or special place. You can start running any of our favorite places like gardens, parks, or pavements (exclude the heavy traffic area) and at any time. You can also get a running partner and start working out. If you are looking for an easy body stretch and full-body workout, you can choose running or jogging as a good exercise for you. 

Strong bones

Since our feet carry the whole body weight, the bones of our leg gain more and more strength while running. Running is basically a cardio exercise that focuses mainly on the lower part of the body. 

Knee health

You may sometimes suffer knee pain or see some aged people suffering it. There can be various reasons for knee pain but running and jogging will surely cure it. Try to run slowly and take small steps. It will open up the blocks in the knee joints. 

Impact on sleep

Running is an exercise that makes your lifestyle healthy. It improves the quality of your sleep. Running is a great exercise for people suffering from insomnia. Doing so also helps you to stay focused on your goal. 

Improves mental health

Running is actually very helpful for the improvement of your emotions. Even running for half an hour in the entire day is enough to lift up your mood and help you recover from depression. Running has a great impact on the psychological functions of a human being. 

Disadvantages of Running

Running does not result in a full-body workout. It basically focuses on the lower part of the body. If you are injured in the lower part, do not run or jog. This may lead to more injury. 

Over weighted people. It is better not to run if you are over weighted. Too much weight may give more pressure and tension to your ankles. It may also lead to joint pains at a very age. 

Above mentioned swimming vs running points will answer your question. Swimming vs Running? which one is better? Overall, both exercises are great for your body and effective.

Both running and swimming burn the extra calories in your body and keeps them well-toned, fit, and healthy. It all comes down to one’s personal preference. Choose whichever is convenient for you. 

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