With this quarantine extending we all are trying to be productive and indulge in new activities. Workout and exercise are definitely one of the most favorites and most done activity during this period of social distancing and self-isolation. The fact that physical exercise is a great helper in dealing with stress contributes to the point that people are understanding the importance of workout and exercise. People are now finding new ways to exercise and keep them fit, both mentally and physically.

However, have you wondered about sweating during a workout, and what amount of it actually hygienic? According to the researchers’ workout, sweat tells you a lot about your body. Excess of sweat can be the indicator of something serious. This article will give you a quick tour of workout sweat.

Why We Sweat While Working Out?

Sweating is one of the important functions that our body does. By this function, the body tries to cool down itself. By sweating body maintains its regular temperature. Whenever body temperatures rise it produces sweat with the help of sweat glands and cools it down. Thus, sweating is one of the essential functions of our body.

During any kind of physical activity or workout our body exerts itself, this results in the rise of temperature in our body, thus our body produces sweat. Sweat is usually odorless, however, due to the bacteria accumulated on your skin sweat can have a distinct odor. However, you can make your sweat odorless.

Is the amount of Sweat Produced During a Workout is a sign of calorie burned?

Everyone’s body functions differently, thus everyone sweats differently at different rates in different amounts.

Sweat A Lot While Working Out
Sweat A Lot While Working Out

Remember the amount of sweating during an exercise is not an indicator of calorie burned and this fact is scientifically proven. It is just a bodily function. By the virtue of this function, some produce more sweat than others which is absolutely normal. 

Ideally, the amount of sweat your body produces depends upon your weight and body’s ability to absorb heat. Therefore, no need to worry if you sweat less than otters fo the same workout routine, you still burning calories so chill!

On the contrary, which is usually presumed, you sweating less during a workout is a sign of a healthy body. This happens due to the fact that when your body becomes fitter it itself cools down and sweat less. In such a case, your body is easily able to regulate the heat that allows you to work out more intensely.

Is It Normal To Sweat A Lot While Working Out?

We may find that usually, men sweat more during a workout than women. This can be due to the fact that men have larger bodies thus they generate more heat resulting in more production of sweat.

Sweat A Lot While Working Out
Sweat A Lot While Working Out

As mentioned earlier, the difference in the amount of sweating between two individuals is absolutely normal, however what about more than normal, excessive sweating? Sweating during a workout depends on many things such as, routine or what type of physical activity you do, your own body type, place of exercise, clothes you wear during a workout, your own genetics, how your body functions, your age, your gender, weather conditions, and your physical health. 

Surprisingly, the amount of sweat produced also depends upon your emotional health, usually when you are nervous you sweat more than usual. Thus, one has to be sure why he or she is sweating excessively during exercise. For instance, if you exercise in the air-conditioned room you will naturally sweat less or if you wear cotton you will sweat less as it absorbs sweat. Thus excessive sweating can be due to above-mentioned things and some of which can be controlled easily like clothes, working place, routine, etc.

However, if you still sweat excessively you may be suffering from Hyperhidrosis disorder. Hyperhidrosis means sweating more than the normal amount. The exact cause of this condition is still not exactly known. If you think you sweat excessively all the time and during the workout, you should seek medical help for it. Apart from all this excessive sweat during a workout is quite harmless. If you feel irritated with sweat you can always exercise in a cool environment. But if your sweat causes infection then you must go to the doctor.

Some Hacks to Avoid Sweating During A Workout

  • Wear comfortable clothes, preferably cotton
  • Practice in soothing temperature
  • Follow the routine which suits you and your body
  • Use deodorant or talcum powder and apply them to the area which sweats more than others such as underarm, hairlines, etc., you can also get them prescribed from your doctor a
  • Use highly moisture absorbent towel
  • Stay hydrated, drink an ample amount of water before working out
  • Avoid humidly temperatures
  • If you are working out outside do it in the morning and evening, this avoids high temperatures during the daytime
  • Be confident while working out
Workout Sweat
Workout Sweat

Is Sweating While Working out a Beneficiary?

As mentioned earlier, “amount of sweat is not the count of calorie burned”. Busting this myth, sweating during a workout represents a mere body function and also the fact that your body cooling down system is in good condition. Sweating during a workout also has other benefits such as good sleep, boost in energy, maintaining a healthy weight, acts as a mood lifter, helps in defending from diseases and health issues.

Sweating also indicates the detoxication of heavy metals from the body and cleansing of bacteria. However, sweating less during the workout can be a sign of dehydration or skin disorders. Dehydration points out that your body lacks some liquids and fluids. Therefore, make sure you keep yourself hydrated and drink a lot of liquid before and after the workout.

In the case of excessive dehydration, you must seek medical help. If you need suggestions on some drink you can have before and after a workout which will keep you hydrated, the link is here. The bottom line is your sweating during a workout is not an indicator of the good workout. So don’t be tensed and have a happy and peaceful workout!

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