Massage, something that relaxes you a lot. But when you are undergoing this relaxing therapy, have you ever thought about other benefits of massage??? Ever tried knowing if massage has some other scientific facts??? No, because generally massage is associated with feeling relaxed. “What many people do not know is the unique facts about massage keeps the body running and working at its optimum best”- quotes C.G Funk, VP, Industry Relations, Massage Envy. “It works on mental, and emotional well-being of an individual. “

5 Benefits Of Massage For Women

So, here we enlist 5 amazing benefits of massage for your body:

1. Fibromyalgia Issues

It is a life long chronic problem due to which muscle pain, tenderness occurs. Also, it is responsible for fatigue related problems. Further American College of Rheumatology explains that these symptoms can reoccur if there’s a lack of sleep. If you are undergoing stress, then also there’s a fair chance of it returning back. If fibromyalgia massage is done on a regular basis, then it helps a lot with numerous things. One it relieves muscle pain, secondly it relieves the patients of spasms. Thirdly, it is a great stress buster. According to a survey conducted by National Fibromyalgia Association, THIS treatment is opted by 40% of people having fibromyalgia. As a complimentary treatment it is considered as one of the best. 

2. Surgical Effects

Post surgery treatment is one of the most important parts of any surgery. If your body is not taken care of post surgery then the ailment goes on forever. It may not be recoverable after a certain point of time. Massage helps a lot in stimulating your blood circulation. It is a great way of muscle relaxation. Joint motion and flexibility is well taken care of by this too. Also, what is utmost astonishing about it is the fact that it can help you with tissue regeneration! Ahead of that it is quite helpful in reducing swelling, and after surgery scars. So, when it’s about surgical issues, or the post surgical ones; all that you have to do is rely on a regular massage. 

3. Mood Improvement

It is not a new theory that massaging helps you rejuvenate your body and mind both. But what most of us are unaware of is the fact that massaging can be a great anxiety and depression reliever. Cortisol is a stress hormone and by massage it’s presence in the body can be depleted. Also, it is an active agent in the increment of serotonin as well as dopamine. 

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4. Carpal Tunnel

It is an excruciating condition. In this, the median nerve which acts as a bridge between forearm and hand, feels like being pinched right at the wrist. The symptoms of the same are burning, tingling and senselessness in palm and thumb. Also, one suffering from it may not even feel like folding a fist properly. Even when you try to hold little things, it will ache you a lot. Generally it is treated with medicines and by using wrist braces. But what most of us are unaware of is the fact that a lot of pain is relieved and treatment results fasten when massage therapy is used. 

advantages of massage
Benefits Of Massage

5. Flexibility Increment

Being a lady, flexibility is something where you face utmost issues. Whether it is about being an athlete or a mother, post surgery you feel like giving up on everything. But if you undergo regular massage therapy then you are sure to regain the lost flexibility of your body. When muscles and tendons are worked out well during massage, it eases out all the body parts. The natural lubricants are secreted by way of massage. By generation of the same between the connective tissues and  fibres, it helps a lot. 

So, these are some of the unique facts and benefits of massage very less number of people are aware of. Also, being a woman your body undergoes immense issues which are mostly unnoticed. And one can’t get back due to that. Right from pregnancy to stepping out for being a sportsperson; everything needs strength. And alongside it, a lot of wear and tear happens. Such things cannot be faced much by a female body owing to biological conditions. But the thing is that we women cannot choose to hold back! Why not go forth with massage then? It has all the necessary things that your body needs to function well. 

So, there you go on your massaging regimen! 

Stay healthy, stay happy! 💚

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