We walk, our legs ache

We sit, our bump flattens 

We jump, it is our toes getting red

We load books, our hands get tortured

We go to school with that heavy bag, our backs!!! You must have known how it feels

When we sleep we get relieved!!!

But we cannot sleep for the whole day and night, or can we? Moreover, if we are asleep with a bad posture then there is pain everywhere.

Well, we all stay tired with our lower as well as our upper body. Be it your lassy legs, sexy ass, those long toes, your neck, back, hands everything has got senses and so it does ache at times!

Ways To Give Yourself A Massage At Home

Let me help you deal with these pains by sharing with you the 8 ways in which you can get a mind-blowing self-massage right now.

1. If you sit at a desk for your whole damn day

This is ubiquitous to every person, a kid going to 6 hours of school, an employee, or even an age-old person would come across this situation. You don’t have to do anything to cause your body pain. Sitting idle is capable of adding a lot of pain to your body. When you constantly sit at a place for a long day, you are likely to suffer lower back pain. To treat this, you can do the following massage

Massage At Home
Massage At Home

2. Hip-Flexor Stretches

Lie on your back. Use a foam roller that is perpendicular to your body. Roll it all over your hip, from the top of your hip to the lower rib cage. Do this for at least 2 minutes. Now start rolling your glutes. Sit on the foam roller and put your right ankle over your left knee. Bend to the right glute and roll back and forth. Do this for the other side too. Next roll your hamstrings. Place the roller under your legs above your knees. Roll them back and forth. Finally, lie down with your face towards the ground. Place the roller under your hips and with the help of your arms, move the roller to the top and then back to your hips.

Hip-Flexor Stretches
Hip-Flexor Stretches

3. If your posture is questionable

Foam roll your serratus. Lie on your side with your bottom arm extended and a foam roller beneath your ribs. Now roll starting from your armpit to the bottom of your ribs for a minute or two. To loosen your chest muscles, take a massage ball or a tennis ball can be used. Go near a wall and hold the ball between your chest and the wall. Now rotate your chest around the ball and repeat the same on the other side.

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4. If you had a weird sleep last and now your neck is aching

Still point inducer. Rest your head over a still point inducer for a few minutes. You can use a heating pad to the areas where you feel the pain. This will comfort you.

5. If you feel stressed AF

The very first thing to do is, close your mind and take a long, slow breath. Use a foam roller and roll it all over your back, from your upper shoulder to your lower ribs. While doing so, practice diaphragmatic breathing

6. If you are PMS-ing

Holding a hot water bag or a bottle between your legs for 20 minutes will keep you at ease. You can also use a foam roller to massage your lower back. Roll to the top and bottom of your ribs. Doing this will circulate blood to your lower abdomen, which will ease your pain.

7. If your workout left you unable to sit without collapsing

Start by rolling your hamstrings and glutes, then move to your quadriceps. Lie with your face down and a roller between your thighs and the floor. Roll from just below your hips to just above your knees. Next foam roll your hip adductor muscles. It sounds awkward but it works. End by rolling out your IT bands, a tendon that runs from the outside of your hip down to your knee.

Massage At Home
Massage At Home

8. If your face is puffy

If your face looks swollen, a gentle massage with your hands and fingers will do the work. You can simply rub your cheeks upwards. Gently stroke your fingers from beneath your jaw down to your collarbone. You can move your hands from your cheeks to your ear. Massage under your eyes, nose, and ears. Continue this for some time.

Massage At Home
Massage At Home

9. If you wear heels, literally all the time

Use a double massage ball. Sit on the ground with your legs straightened. Keep the massage ball just below your ankle. Then roll the ball just below your knees. Repeat this process to all the sides of your leg.

Now don’t worry if you have body pain. You have your treatment right here. Go on and stay healthy.

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