Thai Massage

Is all the hard work and stress making you sore and tired? Do you want someone to massage your whole body while you lie down and relax? Well, Thai massage is the one-stop solution for you and your sore muscles! Although Thailand is the home to Thai massages, you can find it in different cities and countries due to its popularity. The massage therapy might be popular now, but it sure is ancient. It is as old as 2, 500 years or maybe more. It is said that the personal physician to Buddha created the Thai massage. As Buddhism made its way through Thailand, so did the massage technique. If you have never been for a Thai massage before, you might be a little hesitant. Let us clear all your doubts by explaining some factors below.

Thai Massage is Different

Thai massage is unlike the usual Western massages. The former is more intense, while the later massage is gentler. In most of the massages, you lay naked covered by a sheet. However, in Thai massage, you are given a loose shirt and pants. You can choose to wear your clothes if you want to. 

During the Massage

The masseur may pull or twist you around to stretch you out. That is to be expected. Every part of your body, including the knees, elbows, and fingers, will be moved around. This might come as a shock to those who were expecting gentler kneading like in Western massages. The massage may be uncomfortable and a little painful at times. If you are hurting, you can tell them jep, which means hurt. 

All Thai Massages are Different

No two Thai massages will ever be the same. The massage therapists use different repertoires and stretches so that it can vary from one massage to the other. A lot of it depends on the weight of the therapist. You will notice how they use their weight to manipulate your muscles. 

It’s Okay to fall Asleep

Although the massage can be a little intense with all the pulling and tugging, it is also very relaxing. Do not be surprised if you fall asleep. It is quite common. The environment is so quiet and relaxing. Besides, it is a compliment to the masseur that you fell asleep. They won’t mind it at all. 

A Few Precautions to Take

Before you go for a Thai massage,  get all the information you can. It is good to know the good and the bad along with the precautions that one should take. This is important information that should be shared or it could cause your condition to worsen after the massage. 

  • People with heart issues, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, lose joint, lymphatic obstruction or diabetes should avoid Thai massages.
  • Cancer patients should also avoid getting this massage.
  • Do not get Thai massage if the temperature is below 38 degrees Celsius. It is easier to get muscle damage when the weather is cold.
  • People who have dermatitis should not get massages either. It increases the chances of the virus being spread from one area to another.
  • Pregnant ladies should not get the massage in the first three months of pregnancy. Make sure that the therapist knows that you are pregnant in case you decide to go for one.
  • Women on their periods should avoid these massages as well. Although that is the time when we are in need of a massage, it is not advisable to get one.
  • In case you traveled by air, wait 48 hours before going for a massage. It gives enough time for any kind of swelling to go away.
  • Wait at least 30 to 60 minutes after a meal to get a massage. Getting a massage with a full belly can make the whole experience awkward.
  • Avoid taking any kind of pain pills before the session. It can make your muscles numb and you will notice no difference afterward.
Thai Massage
Thai Massage

Thai massages are gaining popularity every day because they are suitable for people of all ages. Not only does the massage stretch your muscles, but it also releases tension, tones the internal organs, and balances the energy. When you get the chance, do give it a try and indulge in the experience, unlike any other. 

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