Motherhood is a place where you experience heaven and hell at the same time. It has already been 29 weeks to your pregnancy and very soon you would step into your journey of motherhood. You know that the baby you are carrying would be there for only 9 months but you will hold it in your heart for the rest of your life. 

Anyhow, you have very bravely and successfully made it to the final trimester, the third trimester. Now, being 29 weeks pregnant, your baby would show marvelous growth. It is the right time to plan your maternity shoot. Start finding pretty maternity outfits and amazing maternity photoshoot locations.

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Pregnancy Week: 29

Your honeymoon period of pregnancy is officially over and you have crossed the milestone of the third trimester of your pregnancy. The size of the baby at 29 weeks is similar to that of butternut squash. It is now 37.5 centimeters tall and weighs 1350 grams approximately. 

Your little munchkin is getting ready to meet you. Until now, you had some skin in the game, but now onwards your baby’s skin is also getting thicker and stronger. The growth of fine hair called lanugo would also peak this week. It would start shredding them in a few days.

During the last two and a half months of your pregnancy, your baby would continuously gain weight and put on more padding to her skeleton. Very soon, it would be double its current weight. It means muscle formation and fat tissue development are on full fledge. Although most of the organs of the baby have nearly completed its progress and are fully formed the lungs are yet to mature to survive the outside world.

The kicks and punches of your baby have become stronger now. The little Mary Kom growing inside you is constantly changing its positions and straining your 29-week baby bump. The doctor may even ask you to count your baby’s number of movements in a day.

The highlight of being 29 weeks pregnant? Your baby is smiling in its slumber! Your baby would begin smiling this week. It will learn the cutest and always working tactic- that puppy face smile. This smile would make you feel content and wash away all your worries at just one glance of it. 

29 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

The third trimester comes with a bag full of new problems. You are likely to experience some of these new and very unwelcoming pregnancy symptoms now that you are already in your third trimester. Besides, some of the earlier pregnancy discomforts, from the second trimester, like nasal congestion, heartburn, indigestion, leg cramps, and Braxton Hick’s contractions are likely to linger around this week as well. 

1. Return of fatigue

You must have already experienced this in your first trimester. Those energy-draining days, exhaustion, and always feeling tired times are making a comeback in your third trimester. The second trimester was filled with exuberance and ebullience but this one would be quite the opposite. 

2. Foot changes 

You must have heard that the foot size stops growing after a certain age. Apparently, that is not quite true. Pregnant women often have swollen and wider feet and ankles that may make them wear slightly bigger shoes for the while. Although, this is one of those pregnancy symptoms that may affect you even after you birth your baby. The foot size would become longer and wider and you might have to switch to a new foot size permanently, for the rest of your life. 

3. Migraines

Migraines are not your regular typical headaches. They are rather more painful and lasts for over a long period of time. It gives you an incessant throbbing, severe pain on either side of your brain. You become sensitive to light and sound. They are worse than your morning sickness and can make you feel extremely nauseated. You would feel exhausted, dizzy, and sick. These migraine headaches can even last for days sometimes.

In some cases, migraines are preceded or come along with its sidekick, scientifically termed as auras by the doctors. Auras are neurological symptoms that include blurred vision, flashes of light or numbness, or tingling in your arm, leg or face.

29 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound

At 29 weeks pregnant, you are likely to get an ultrasound scan in this stage of your pregnancy. Your baby is more alert than ever and gets startled by outside noise. It is curled up inside your womb and moves around quite a lot. Your baby would try to listen to the sounds outside your womb as well. Also, it has started developing muscles and can smile now.

Pregnancy Week 29
Pregnancy Week 29

If you are carrying a girl, her weight would be less than a boy would at birth. However, both of them would weigh between 7 and 7-1/2 pounds at birth. If you already have a child and have been pregnant before, the baby you are carrying now could weigh slightly more than your first one.

Some Self-Care Pregnancy Tips

Below are the self-care pregnancy tips:

Take calcium and iron supplements

Your baby is in its final stage of coming out. It has started working on its bones and muscles and would continue doing the same until your delivery. For this development, you and your baby both need an ample amount of iron and calcium to facilitate its smooth progression. Start eating food that has a rich quantity of calcium and iron in it.

These two are very crucial to ensure that both yours and your baby’s bones are strong and you do not become anemic during this pregnancy. Your doctor would also prescribe you some calcium and iron supplements for the same.

Buy breast pads

It is time to start stocking some nursing breast pads. Your breasts would produce a yellowish thin-consistency substance called colostrum. It is nothing to worry about though. Colostrum is a nutritious pre-milk that comes before you start breastfeeding your baby. Hence, your breasts might leak at times and you would find yourself in the need of a breast pad. 

We know you must be going through a lot in this third trimester of your pregnancy. But just think about that adorable smile that your baby has learned this week. We guarantee you that you will feel much better and all these trying times would feel nothing in comparison.

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