Most women get quite nervous and a lot of pregnancy questions visit their minds when they get pregnant for the first time. The nine months are a whirlwind of constant emotional and physical changes. However, all worry is put to rest when the mother hears the unborn child’s heartbeat for the first time. Pregnancy puts the body through numerous changes. Some things that were normal for your pre-pregnancy body is a big no-no during pregnancy. In this blog, we will answer some of the most common pregnancy questions that Every Pregnant Lady Think About.

Questions Every Pregnant Lady Thinks

Most common pregnancy questions that every woman thinks:

1. Can I have sex during pregnancy?

This is one of the most common pregnancy questions that pregnant ladies ask. The answer is YES! Unless your doctor has advised you to refrain from sex or you are experiencing vaginal bleeding or discomfort, you can have sex. Typically, having sex until your water breaks is fine. 

2. Can I have caffeine when I am pregnant?

Many people opined that caffeine is not allowed during pregnancy. Thankfully, that is a myth that we are here to bust! You can have up to 2 small cups of caffeine (200milligrams) in a day. This equals to four cans of soda. However, if you are experiencing physical discomfort or have trouble falling asleep, it is best to stay away. 

3. Can I have alcohol when I am pregnant?

While there is some wiggle room in other types of drink, alcohol is not one of them. If you are pregnant, you are not to have any kind of alcohol until the baby is born. Drinking alcohol can cause serious damage to the growth of the baby. It can also cause issues like premature birth etc. 

4. Can I travel when I am pregnant?

Traveling while being pregnant is perfectly okay up to 28 weeks of pregnancy. But make sure to clear it up with your doctor before you travel. If you are planning on taking the plane, read up a little on the blood clot risk. It happens when you sit in one place for a long time, which is just the case when you travel. Just make sure you get up and move around from time to time and you should be fine. 

5. Can I spray tan when I am pregnant?

There is not enough research to show whether the chemical is safe for inhalation or not. So it is better to stay away from stuff that exists in a grey area like a spray tan, especially when you are pregnant. 

6. Can I get in a hot tub when I am pregnant?

It is recommended that you avoid hot tubs, hot baths, electric blanket, before 20 weeks of pregnancy. Elevated core temperature in pregnancy has often been associated with Spina Bifida. It is a condition where the skin does not form properly over the spine. So it is better to stay away from hot tubs when you are pregnant. 

7. Can I get a bikini wax when I am pregnant?

Waxing is considered to be safe during pregnancy. However, it could be more painful if you have sensitive skin. If you are doing it for your OB/GYN, then know that they could not care less. Just try to trim the area, just enough to get the job done and you are good to go. 

8. Can I swim when I am pregnant?

Swimming is a great physical activity that is also safe for your joints etc. Just make sure that the body of water is safe for swimming. So, yes, swimming for pregnant women is perfectly alright. 

9. Can I get botox when I am pregnant?

There is not enough research to show whether botox is safe during pregnancy or not. However, it does show that the botox does not cross the placenta. If you want to get botox for cosmetic reasons only, it is better to wait. However, if your reason is for something like migraines then consult your doctors before you go ahead. 

Pregnant Lady
Pregnant Lady

The questions that a pregnant lady has are endless! Right when you will think you have asked it all, there will be an influx of more pregnancy questions. It is perfectly fine and a good thing on your part to make sure whether something would be safe for the baby or not. Your doctor is used to being asked all sorts of pregnancy questions. Do not feel hesitant or embarrassed about anything that you may want to know. It is good to learn from the internet but always cross-check it with your doctor. As time passes by, you will learn things and your motherly instincts will guide you as well.  

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